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11/23/02 10:41 AM
From homosexuality to soul music new [re: Adam]  

You don't think "it" is an ambiguous word, Adam?

As for when his last "gay" song came, I'd say they dried up with Diamond Dogs. The only song since then that could vaguely be considered is Boys Keep Swinging with "other boys check you out" but that strikes me more as a knowing wink towards knowing it sounds naughty without being so - to consider it a 'gay' song would be like considering Dylan's '66 lyric "everybody must get stoned" to be a 'drugs' lyric.

Nothing on 1. Outside registers for me either. It's epitomised by Spaceboy's "do you like girls or boys?", and it's more self-referential "remember me? it's Ziggy!" than actually carrying either substance or subtext.

I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it.

(mortal with potential)
11/25/02 08:32 AM
Re: Bowie's Gay Songs new [re: Adam]  

I am pasting this from www.5years.com. It's a snippet from the Rolling Stone magazine Aladdin Sane review

" 'Let's Spend The Night Together' continues The Stones preoccupation. Here, one of the most ostensibly heterosexual calls in rock is made into a bi-anthem: The cover version is a means to an ultimate revisionism. The rendition here is campy, butch, brittle and unsatisfying. Bowie is asking us to re-perceive 'Let's Spend The Night Together' as a gay song, possibly from its inception. Sexual ambiguity in rock has existed long before any audience was attuned to it. However, though Bowie's point is well taken, his methods are not."
Ben Gerson (19 July 1973)

I never thought of this cover as a gay song until I read this review and I can't say I was convinced even after reading it.Should the
"They said we were too young
Our kind of love was no fun
But our love comes from above
Do it!
Let's make love" be interpreted as Bowie's gay accretion in this song? (I don't believe these lyrics recited by Bowie were in the original Stones song,were they?)

What are your thoughts?

(mortal with potential)
11/25/02 11:06 AM
Re: Bowie's Gay Songs new [re: Adam]  

I believe bowie sings gay songs for he is happy in his soul.

(mortal with potential)
11/30/02 11:04 AM
Re: Bowie's Gay Songs new [re: xun_zi]  

The Secret Life Of Arabia

Im probably wrong about this song, but here goes.

Consider the line
"I walk through a desert song when the heroine dies"

also consider that a non-specific reference to the film Lawrence Of Arabia exists in the song
"You must see the movie the sand in my eyes"
Lawrence Of Arabia himself was gay.

Finally there is the following

"The secret life of Arabia
Never here never seen
Secret life ever green"

What secret life? why must the behaviour be kept secret?

There are very few lyrics in this song, so i cannot know for sure.

(crash course raver)
05/12/03 08:34 AM
it new [re: twister]  

In reply to:

You don't think "it" is an ambiguous word, Adam?

The context of the sentence is important. The phrase "do you want it?" was, for some time, a popular reference to sex. For example, there's a scene in the movie Highlander where Wallace's wife says "do you want it"? and there's little doubt what she means. But yes, it's not without ambiguity.

In reply to:

Nothing on 1. Outside registers for me either. It's epitomised by Spaceboy's "do you like girls or boys?", and it's more self-referential "remember me? it's Ziggy!" than actually carrying either substance or subtext.

Which also raises the issue of character parts in Outside. When Bowie sings "I feel female", well, that's probably because he's singing Ramona's lines.

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05/23/03 12:39 PM
Re: clarification new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

You know I get tired of bowie doing gay content songs. Don't get me wrong I don't hate people if they are that way. Its just he has kind of worn out the subject if you ask me. I enjoy the songs that feature some of the subject for the music sake. Its just doesn't always go well with everyone. Here lately he has kind of dropped it until that song Hello Spaceboy. Its intresting but I think he was more infatuated with it then anything else.

(mortal with potential)
05/23/03 12:45 PM
Re: sell, sell, sell new [re: Adam]  

Boys Keep Swinging I feel was a protest song against the allegations that the Movie Saturday Night Fever said about him. It was said he swings both ways men and boys. As far as the lyric Other boys check you out , I took that as a teenager we seem to compete with each other egos. I didn't take that as homosexual at all. If it wasn't for that video I wouldn't have ever thought anything of it. Again I feel he did the video just to mess with people because he just didn't give a shit what people thought so he did to f*ck with them.

(mortal with potential)
05/23/03 12:52 PM
Re: Sweet Thing new [re: Adam]  

Hell that could mean he is posing as a pimp. why is everyone so anxious to make something out of nothing. this is my reply on Sweet thing where he sings "If you want it boys get it here then"

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05/23/03 12:57 PM
Re: clarification new [re: SenselessThing]  

It my opinion he is saying he needs the room and you got to party somewhere else so he can take the babe in for servicing.This is in reference to Suffergrette City when he says henry I can't take you this time.

Edited by dar on 05/23/03 02:25 PM (server time).

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05/23/03 01:00 PM
Re: I could be king, you would be queen. new [re: Strawman]  

Thats really reaching unless you want to use it for your imagination.

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