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(cracked actor)
12/22/02 07:29 AM
john, please stop him! new [re: SuperCreepGrrl]  

Has anyone noticed how Bowie can't dance? Like, at all? God, just swaying and snapping his fingers is a nightmare.

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(mortal with potential)
12/22/02 11:50 AM
Re: john, please stop him! new [re: Glitterbot]  

In reply to:

Has anyone noticed how Bowie can't dance? Like, at all? God, just swaying and snapping his fingers is a nightmare.

He's a white Englishman, what do you expect? Actually, as a fellow white Englishman, I think he can dance! As evidence, just take a look at Bowie's dancing to "Stay" on The Dinah Shore Show, or the Serious Moonlight video for his OTT moves during the segue of "Fashion" and "Let's Dance", or even his quirky boogying to "You've Been Around" on the BTWN vid. I do admit, though, Bowie can look rather awkward when dancing along to some of his songs, but he's fighting a stiff battle against genetics!

(wild eyed peoploid)
12/23/02 11:49 PM
Re: I never did anything out of the blue new [re: strangeDivine]  

Loving The Alien. He does that move in LTA too.

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full of people you don't understand"-Highwire Days(Psychedelic Furs)

(grinning soul)
12/24/02 09:48 AM
Re: john, please stop him! new [re: Lord_Byron]  

.:. He does a number of cute little dance-type things in the Blue Jean video. Not all that remarkable, but at least there's a few spins and ...things. *blinks* And then there's that weird macarena-type dance in the Fame vid... Hehehehh... Don't forget Dancing in the Streets, throughout which Mick Jagger looks like a -complete- idiot. *laughs* I'm watching it right now... *snickers* If there's anyone who hasn't seen this, they need to download it off of Kazaa or something immediately, if only to get a good laugh. There's this one bit where Mick is doing this freaky Egyptian-looking thing, and David is behind him and I swear it looks like he's doing the Hokey Pokey... Jeez, it's hysterical. *L* Anyway, David can dnace, just not very well! ;)

~ Jelli thinks there WAS a point to this post.. oO;;

(grinning soul)
12/25/02 00:27 AM
Re: john, please stop him! new [re: JellicleCat]  

The "Dancing in the Street" video often gives me nightmares :)

12/25/02 11:42 AM
Caawwwliing out aroouuund the woorrlld! new [re: JellicleCat]  

That's my favourite video! It makes me ! Seriously, I have decided that my goal in life is to re-do it, right down to that crazy hip shake thing they do at the end

20th Century Toy

(grinning soul)
12/27/02 07:16 PM
Re: Dance move? new [re: SuperCreepGrrl]  

I actually remember reading about this...it doesn't mean much, it's like that other move he does: he wipes a hand across his mouth, and that's shown up in several videos too...

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(grinning soul)
12/28/02 11:51 PM
Re: Dance move? new [re: jareth13]  

dancing in the Streets video: The Silliest Dance Ever. Undeniably, this peice is one of the silliest dances to ever surface in our study of 20th century culture. Scientists here at the Historical society of Rock And Roll have determined that this dance rates as even sillier than that Michael Jackson video where they are all dressed as monsters. The total lack of coordination on the parts of Bowie and Jagger leads our research team to suspect the involvement of mind altering substances.

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(grinning soul)
12/30/02 09:46 PM
Re: he can dance....if he puts his mind to it... new [re: Glitterbot]  

ever seen him in Fame, he does that little dance thing...and blue jean :) he also has the ballroom dance in labyrinth, who knows, maybe its just bad choreographers?

In another dimension, with voyeuristic intention...

(grinning soul)
12/30/02 10:00 PM
Re: Bowie can't dance... new [re: Glitterbot]  

Yeah, I think that the "dance moves" what he makes on the blue jean video are just terrible ( I like the song though...)

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