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(mortal with potential)
01/17/03 01:00 PM
Time will crawl  

Just today it occured to me that this song is about nuclear, chemical and biological warfare.

Am I influenced by the news or did I just miss the obvious all this time?

(crash course raver)
01/17/03 01:31 PM
The influence of news events new [re: _7_]  

David Bowie - 1987 EMI Electronic Press Kit:

Time Will Crawl is laden with image one over another of a somewhat apolacyptic nature.

It deals with the idea of somebody in ones own community could turn out to be the man who's responsible for blowing up the world. And it was just this kid on the block

With this in mind, read this interpretation, especially the passage by phoenix.

Waiting so long, ahhhh:
Get Bowie Downunder

(mortal with potential)
01/17/03 01:51 PM
Re: The influence of news events new [re: Adam]  

Well Adam, it's funny you mention this thread, because I started that a long time ago as the user Cryx.

Since I have a new computer, I didn't get automatically logged in. I didn't remember my password. And since I originally registered with my ex-girlfriends e-mailadres I couldn't just ask for a new password.

I decided to come back after all, with a new username. No-one would remember Cryx anyway after all these months.

To get back to the post: I was aware of Phoenix' interpretation and it is quite scary. But on another level it's very clearly about nuclear bombs (a warm breeze that melted metal and steel) and biochemical weapons (we only smelt the gas).

Once again NLMD contains signs for the future!! (add scary orchestral chord here)

(grinning soul)
03/11/04 02:52 PM
Re: The influence of news events new [re: Adam]  

as I pointed out earlier I really believe that all connections between NLMD and 9/11 are pure coincedince. please stop talking about, because it would in that case more than logical that we would be filling these pages with our views on rock and roll suicide, cause everyday people commit suicide

03/11/04 03:51 PM
Re: The influence of news events new [re: thinwhiteme]  

It's a coincidence? NO WAY!

I'll be appearing LIVE in Toronto April 1st. Sure, it's a David Bowie show but you're all coming to see me. More importantly, you're coming to see me in my awesome new pants.

03/11/04 10:34 PM
Re: The influence of news events new [re: thinwhiteme]  

perhaps they have both the same roots - bowie's fear of that time and the incidents happening. it does not take much imagination to realize that a globalized world will face such problems.

"Have you tried... not being a mutant?"

(grinning soul)
03/14/04 04:10 PM
Re: The influence of news events new [re: th0mas]  

either way, one of the strongest tracks on never let me down
possibly THE strongest in my opinion

"Don't listen to the crowd, they say jump"

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