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(absolute beginner )
02/06/03 04:25 AM
because youre young  

Since im in a scary monsters tangent, is there a proper interpretation of Because You're Young. If there isn't, what do you think it relates to.

(wild eyed peoploid)
02/06/03 02:36 PM
Re: because youre young new [re: crh4878]  

Basically i think it is similiar to kooks, an ode from father to son, wether it is specifically directed at Duncan Bowie i do not know for sure.

We live for just these twenty years
Do we have to die for the fifty more?

(mortal with potential)
02/06/03 02:45 PM
Re: because youre young new [re: LaughingGnoome]  

Hmm. That's interesting. The verses sound lofty, the intro to the chorus sounds almost militant (It's love back to front and no sides) and the end of the chorus almost sounds spiritual. A very great sounding yet complex song!

Don't ask me, I don't know any hallways

02/06/03 05:32 PM
Re: because youre young new [re: crh4878]  

Just a side note:

I was oddly surprised that the song Pete townshend played on SM was called "Because You're Young". Especially give his recent media profile.


(crash course raver)
02/08/03 00:20 AM
Re: because youre young new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

perverts! the whole lot of you! hehe freak coincidence, one must assume

In the original version of Space Oddity I sang "Ground Control, I miss my mum, Ground Control, I miss my mum". What can I say... I miss mum.

(grinning soul)
02/08/03 02:42 AM
Re: because youre young new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

He was on the last album too.... But I don't think Slow Burn could connotate anything deviant unless your talking about gonerreha or something (jokes)

Don't ask me, I don't know any hallways

02/08/03 03:42 PM
Re: because youre young new [re: iluv]  

I have an friend in a cover band that has had "the kids are alright" in their setlist for over a year. In recent weeks they changed it to "the kids are too tight" and see if any of the crowd notices.


02/18/03 08:23 PM
Re: because youre young new [re: crh4878]  

Ok reprise.

We are introduced to a young couple.

"Psychodelicate girl - come out to play
Little metal faced-boy - don't stay away"

"They're so war-torn and resigned she can't talk any more"

Their relationship is deteriorating.

Who was responsible for the breakdown in the relationship. Ill take a quantum leap here and assume it is Bowie's character talking to his son. The girl is weak of mind, and vulnerable and so withdraws her feelings when hurt."psychodelicate girl", the boy meanwhile suffers because of the hurtful things said. "he punishes hard, was loving her such a crime". She becomes spiteful and cruel. "Left him nearly out of his mind". "little metal faced boy" could suggest either stubborness or emotional devastation.

Then the voice of an advisor, to one of them, ruminating..

"What are they trying to prove?". Why are they torturing each other pretending the relationship is still alive. "What would they like to find?"
How can they expect anything worthy of finding to emerge from this mess?

"Because you're young - you'll meet a stranger some night. Because you're young - what could be nicer for you and it makes me sad So I'll dance my life away
A million dreams, a million scars"

Id have to think a bit further about this, is this Bowie revealing himself and his own personal pain? "It makes me sad" suggests a father who had "a million dreams" for his childs future. But suffered "a million scars" at the agony inflicted upon his child when he "meet a stranger some night". Who regrets the time spent away from his son while he was growing up, time spent entertaining others"so ill dance my life away". This also suggests a clear regret on the part of Bowie that he regrets his career, it was a waste "my life away", compared to time with his son.

"its love back to fromt and no sides"

what is love? a relationship based on selflessness, devotion, empathy. This love is broken, the love has become poisoned "back to front" and those sentiments have been reversed. But there is no way back "no sides".

Again im going to take a big risk and suggest Bowie could be referring to his son, with whom he admits he regrets not having spent more time with in his life.

"Love back to front and no sides" meaning Bowies love for his son, instead of Love being a generous positive thing, his love has been twisted by regret and worry over his sons broken heart."and no sides" is clearly every parents' love for their child, there is no way out of it, as a parent his love for his child is permanent.

"These pieces are broken"

"the pieces" symbolise that the relationship between the young couple has already been shattered. That the "pieces" themselves have been "broken", symbolises the second death of the relationship. The first time was when the good
feelings went away, and the second time was when they were replaced with feelings of mutual antipathy.

"like i say" is the wiser figure (perhaps a friend of the couple or more likely a father advising his child) telling one of them the obvious which they dont want to hear , so he has to repeat himself "like i say".

"hope im wrong but i know" - Clearly the "Advisor" means well, although he would like to wave a magic wand and fix the problem, the best he can offer is tough love.

If the song is semi-autobiographical that is at least three such songs from the same album.

We live for just these twenty years
Do we have to die for the fifty more?

02/18/03 10:55 PM
Even More Autobiographical. new [re: LaughingGnoome]  

It just struck me, what if the young couple in the song are David Bowie and Angie his first wife?

"They're people I know - people I love"
Im sure no one would disagree David loves himself.
This is an extremely sly pun, Bowie would never identify the couple directly even if it was him, that would be too easy.

the song was released in 1980, the pair divorced that year.

"she cant talk anymore"

What if this refers to the divorce agreement preventing Angie from talking about David for a while. I know she said somethings on a Joan Rivers show once and david shut her up "She took back everything she said
Left him nearly out of his mind"
, but im not sure of dates.

Then "A million scars" might refer to their son Duncans suffering as a result of the acrimonious split.

Most if not all of the parts of the above interpretation that deal with the lovers could be easily applied here as well.

The chorus could be advice from David to his innocent son about the poisonous nature of relationships.

Because you're young - you'll meet a stranger some night
Because you're young - what could be nicer for you and it makes me sad So I'll dance my life away A million dreams, a million scars

Would then be David talking to his young son, advising him bitterly about the negative consequences of falling in love. "what could be nicer for you." meaning it will start out nice, but he predicts it will only bring misery "it makes me sad" to him "a million scars".

The lines "you'll meet a stranger some night" hammers this idea home, he tells him that his future spouse will be a "stranger", meaning he will never really achieve intimacy in spousal love. Contrast this with his acknowledgement of the utter intimacy of the father-son blood ties. Love with"no sides", ie no way of escaping it.

Bowie once remarked that he was grateful he had never really been in love, that it was like a disease.

Then "they seem so unhappy dead or alive" refers to the media speculation about the happiness of the couple, David doesnt say "they are so unhappy" or "they act so unhappy" but they "seem" so unhappy. Lord you have got to admire the mans puns. "dead or alive" is the media speculating if the relationship is dead or alive.

I realised the chorus "because your young...million scars" couldnt be referring to Bowies son in the sense of the son suffering a broken heart as a result of a bad love affair, because the kid would only have been nine years old.

We live for just these twenty years
Do we have to die for the fifty more?

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(grinning soul)
02/19/03 01:00 AM
Re: Even More Autobiographical. new [re: LaughingGnoome]  

Laughing Gnome,
I commend you for an insightful and intriguing post. I had similar sentiments about the song relating to his relationship with his wife and son. Maybe the little metalfaced boy was a nickname for Joe? "Don't stay away " probably means since divorce with Angie is inevitable he doesn't want it to mean him not seeing his son. So maybe it is about those relationships deteoriating.
I think it's cool when he says "..and so I'll dance my life away" and three years later...."Let's Dance" and you could take lyrics from "Dead Man Walking" in reference to that also. Pretty neat I think. Thanks again for taking time for an interesting post!

Don't ask me, I don't know any hallways

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