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(wild eyed peoploid)
02/14/03 05:31 AM
Pallas Athena  

God is on top of it all
That's all

We are we are we are

Even this little text can be interpreted, so here I go!

The Greek city of Athens was named after the goddess Pallas Athena (or Minerva in Latin). She was born out of the head of Zeus. He had quiet a headache, so he ordered that his head would be split in two with an axe. After this happened, Pallas Athena came out of the wound. Fully grown and in battledress. Because she's a product of Zeus' head, she is the goddess of wisdom. Her armor represents that wisdom should be used when making war.

The city Athens is build around a hill. The hill is named the Akropolis, which means 'high city'. On top of the Akropolis stands the temple of Pallas Athena, the personal guardian of Athens.

Now the song can be easily understood.
The god that's on top of it, is Pallas Athena who looks below from her high temple on the Akropolis. She took care of her city.

This image is reflected on our religion: God watches us from above, but "that's all', he doesn't care what happens anymore. He's notthe guardian Pallas Athena was to the civilians of ancient Athens.

The last words of the song "we are" reminded me of the saying "Je pense donc je suis" (Descartes) "I am for I think".
Especially In the context of this song, being about the goddess of wisdom. Thinking makes us what we are. We don't need a God for it anymore. We just are. That's all.

In a summary. Unlike Pallas Athena, God is still on top but not in charge and we, humans, just are, courtesy of our own mind.

02/14/03 05:39 AM
Re: Pallas Athena new [re: _7_]  

Don't forget the heavily altered line "praying" in the 'we are we are we are we are' -part. (they sound like "weeeieeeiii!" but he actually says praying). So what he actually ways is 'we are praying'.

(wild eyed peoploid)
02/17/03 02:42 AM
Re: Pallas Athena new [re: _7_]  

I've never heard this story about the birth of Pallas Athena although I've read some of this ancient Greek mythology stuff. Pretty weird way to be born...

I like your interpretation though, but not the result of it, since I believe in a God who does care about us.

(electric tomato)
02/17/03 09:14 AM
Re: Pallas Athena new [re: Blooby]  

Not only do I also believe in a God who intimately cares about us, but I believe the song portrays such a God as well.

Why else would the song give such care to the word "praying?"

The song says that wisdom belongs to those who pray, and realize God is in control.

(absolute beginner )
03/18/03 04:49 PM
Re: Pallas Athena new [re: _7_]  


greek mythology

its all too confusing!

please, my eyeshadow

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