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(wild eyed peoploid)
02/18/03 01:27 PM
Lost in my circle  

In the "Fashion" video, what's up with all the bright circles put around everything? You know, when they jump to the shot with the lady and the tea, and she holds up a large pill and a cirlce is around it. There's another one where a couple is drinking something, and there's a cirlce around it. At first I thought this simply meant "DRUGS", but then there was a circle around the dog as well...?

Mick Jagger just ain't my bag.

(electric tomato)
02/18/03 05:04 PM
Re: Lost in my circle new [re: jareth13]  

Dog ate Bowie's stash.

~ Jelli

Jellicle cats have cheerful faces
Jellicle cats have bright black eyes
We like to practice our airs and graces
And wait for the Jellicle Moon to rise!

(cracked actor)
02/18/03 10:43 PM
Re: Lost in my circle new [re: jareth13]  

The circled items are products that are subtly integrated into every day life (presented not so subtly in the context of the song). The "fashion" of the song is a brand-name good (pills, well-bred dogs, and giant parfaits). The consumers betray what should be cherished experiences (a nice cup of tea, a heart-to-heart with one's grandons, a date) by being caught up in the mode. You can't enjoy a good old fashioned cup of tea these days, it has to be some brand name shite with all sorts of chemicals added to make it taste better.

So to answer your question: I don't know.

besides my vagina, i think the baby animals thing is the girliest thing about me

(wild eyed peoploid)
02/19/03 04:21 PM
Re: Lost in my circle new [re: Wraith2]  

I have been enlightened. Gracias.

Mick Jagger just ain't my bag.

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