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(crash course raver)
03/22/03 03:07 AM
Hours: The 13th Station  

I realised today that if we count 13 solo albums from Station to Station, it leads us to HOURS.

Is it not a coincidence that on the 13th album, Bowie portrays the 13th station of the cross - the La Pieta - the dead christ cradled in the arms of the Virgin Mother?

From The Complete David Bowie:

"I was inspired by "La Pieta" David confirmed, "but since I didn't want to wear a dress anymore we made it a man. It can be visualised as life and death, past and present".

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(crash course raver)
03/22/03 03:16 AM
Re: Hours: The 13th Station new [re: Adam]  

On the ensuing tour, Bowie revived a number born from the spiritual despair / physchological terror of 1976.

"Lord I kneel and offer you, my word on a wing".

He considered this song "a protection".

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(crash course raver)
03/22/03 03:27 AM
5:15 new [re: Adam]  

If "stations" come to represent Bowie's spirtuality or faith, could this make sense of the Heathen lyric:

"Cold station all of my life.

Train overdue, angels have gone".

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(crash course raver)
03/22/03 07:43 AM
Re: Hours: The 13th Station new [re: Adam]  

Perhaps he likes to bring out subtle hints of his past and the significance of his past via these little messages.

It makes me wonder just what Bowie thinks of his past? He has been known to have distanced himself and closed the gaps only a few months later.

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(crash course raver)
03/22/03 08:20 AM
Re: 5:15 new [re: Adam]  

And it all began in 1966, with 'Can't Help Thinking About Me'

Now I leave them all in the never, never land,

The station seems so cold, the ticket's in my hand

03/22/03 04:00 PM
Re: Hours: The 13th Station new [re: Adam]  

In reply to:

He considered this song "a protection".

If he was dabbling with the occult, poisoning his body with cocaine and flirting with ahem...totalitarian politics, he probably felt he needed spiritual protection. But he was beginning to lose himself seriously about that time, and the nervous breakdown was already in the post. Maybe he was scared...

It's the theatre of Financiers count them fifty round the table, white and dressed to kill.

(cracked actor)
03/24/03 11:26 PM
Bowie - deeper than you think new [re: Adam]  

I'm fascinated by the fact that Bowie is making obscure references to "La Pieta", and yet he claims that he doesn't even know what "The Bewlay Brothers" is about.

See them as they really are!

(wild eyed peoploid)
03/27/03 07:37 AM
13 stations of the cross? new [re: Adam]  

Adam, could you explain what the 13 stations of the cross are? Is it a catholic kind of thing?
I don't know "La Pieta" either... Is it a picture?

(thunder ocean)
03/27/03 08:09 AM
Vatican. new [re: Blooby]  

La Pieta is, in it's best-know form, a statue by Michelangelo:

I am not entirely aware of all the religious meaning of La Pieta and the stations of the cross (ask Adam for those), butI would like to note that that particular take on La Pieta was carved by Michelangelo in his youth, and he later did many variations of the subject, often differing a great deal from the original.

(crash course raver)
03/27/03 08:53 AM
Re: 13 stations of the cross? new [re: Blooby]  

The Stations of the Cross mark fourteen stages in the death of Christ - from condemnation to crucifixtion to burial. Indeed, it has very strong usage among Catholics.

The Stations originated in Jeruslam. In the centuries that followed the death of Christ, pilgrams would walk the streets in which Jesus carried the cross.

These streets are known as Via Dolorosa - the way of pain.

As Christianity expanded, the fourteen stations were depicted around Churches and monasteries. Today they are depicted in almost every Catholic Church (I've seen the stations represented in both stain glass windows, and as plaques on the walls).

Catholics consider the stations a way to contemplate the life and suffering of Jesus. Typically, one would move from station to station and pray at each one.

For a detailed analysis and depiction of each station, check out this web site.

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(crash course raver)
03/27/03 09:21 AM
13 new [re: Sysiyo]  

The 13th station or La Pieta is where the dead Christ was taken from the cross and placed in the arms of his mother. Pieta is Italian for "pity", and thus she is mourning for her son.

By depicting a sorrowful mother with her dead, fully grown son on her lap, the Pieta heightened the tragedy of death by setting it against reminders of feminine fertility and birth. At the same time, the Pieta expressed a spiritual healing, transcending suffering and death in a soothing, maternal embrace. Enfolded in the “universal” experience of maternal love, human pain and suffering were consoled and in a spiritual sense, healed. At times, as in late medieval German sculptures, the Pieta displayed a brutal naturalism unsettling to modern sensibilities. Yet even images of a mutilated Christ should be understood historically as part of the new late Gothic, affective, carnal imagery highlighting the grief of a loving mother, the sacrifice of a loving God taking on a mortal body, and the popular devotions to the wounds and eucharistic blood of the suffering Christ.

The dead Bowie on the front of the 13th album corresponds with the guise of his 12th album: Earthling Bowie, as if to suggest that there was in fact a sequence from album to album, station to station.

Bowie as christ (complete with crown of thorns) was also portrayed on the subsequent album "All Saints".

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03/27/03 03:47 PM
Huh? new [re: Adam]  

I'm a Christian but a non conformist and all this stations of the cross stuff is confusing me. Can someone please explain it in laymans terms

They see void while I see solid holes

03/27/03 04:33 PM
Re: Hours: The 13th Station new [re: Adam]  

I dont think Bowie (although i know he likes hidden messages and things - just look at his Best Of DVD) would have been thinking of something like that when he designed the album cover. From what i can see it is just Bowie cradling himself in his arms, nice artsy - artwork (if you will pardon the pun), but not Bowie drawing upon religious or historical comparisons IMHO.

To me the picture always represented Bowie giving aid to a sick or dying Bowie, representing his own struggle back to acceptance as a musical artist. However it is an interesting suggestion and could (of course) be right.

Fall into a place, were Black is White and white is Black.

03/27/03 10:44 PM
Re: Hours: The 13th Station new [re: Adam]  

well, it's a really neato coincidence, anyway.... as a recovered catholic i felt the need to look for more threads tying it all together. Can't say i did.... but if it ended up saying "falls for the third time" on NLMD, i would've been REALLY creeped out... ;0)

Station to Station:
The First Station
Jesus is Condemned to Die.

The Second Station:
Jesus Carries His Cross.

The Third Station:
Jesus Falls the First Time.

The Fourth Station:
Jesus Meets His Mother.

Scary Monsters
The Fifth Station:
Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross.

Let's Dance
The Sixth Station:
Veronica Wipes Jesus' Face.

The Seventh Station:
Jesus Falls the Second Time.

Never Let Me Down
The Eighth Station:
Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem.

Black Tie White Noise
The Ninth Station:
Jesus Falls the Third Time.

Buddha of Suburbia:
The Tenth Station:
Jesus is Stripped.

1. Outside:
The Eleventh Station:
Jesus is Nailed to the Cross.

The Twelfth Station:
Jesus Dies on the Cross.

The Thirteenth Station:
Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross.

The Fourteenth Station:
Jesus is Laid in the Tomb.

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03/28/03 07:12 PM
Re: Hours: The 13th Station new [re: koolerthanjesus]  

I like the idea of the Outside album representing Jesus being nailed to the cross, very appropriate , didnt he tour briefly with Nine Inch Nails on the outside tour?

Another way of looking at the cover photo of Hours, would be to consider the song Thursdays child. In that song, Bowie's character reflects upon his failure in relationships in the past, that character has found a new rejuvenating love in the present, but in the song he is singing about the old version of himself.

On the cover of the album Bowie is sympathethically cradling a sick and sad version of himself. Look at their different haircuts, the haircut of the sick Bowie is different and similiar to 80's Bowie. Therefore it is possible the album cover is a visual representation of the song Thursdays child.

Fall into a place, were Black is White and white is Black.

(thunder ocean)
03/31/03 01:56 AM
Re: Hours: The 13th Station new [re: LaughingGnoome]  

In reply to:

didnt he tour briefly with Nine Inch Nails on the outside tour?

The entire US leg of the tour was with NIN.

(wild eyed peoploid)
03/31/03 03:27 AM
Re: 13 stations of the cross? new [re: Adam]  

Well, thank you very much for your explanations.

An interesting way to interpret Station To Station (beside the stations of the cabbalistic tree of life). So there is a heathen and a christian aspect I guess. Mmmhh...

(absolute beginner )
04/11/03 11:11 PM
Re: 13 stations of the cross? new [re: Blooby]  

So, in theory, Bowie's 15th album could represent some sort of resurrection? Sure would be nice... since there have been so many references to death in at least his last two albums. I'm not in any way knocking his last two... they have been absolutely beautiful. I guess only time will tell.

(mortal with potential)
04/14/03 03:58 AM
Hours new [re: goldenyear_2003]  

I always thought the cover was showing the death of the earthling era persona, considering the fact that Bowie's musical style and personal image changed between albums. Look at Bowie earthling era, then look at him hours era and you'll notice he looks different, so I always thought it depicted the death of that character. Sort of like the way he 'killed' Ziggy, here he is killing his earthling persona to reinvent himself as his hours persona.

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