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04/05/03 01:51 PM
Re: Modern Love new [re: revidescent]  

Im glad you like Revidescent. I have to admit to liking the song a lot more now that in my mind i have a fuller idea of what the song is about, that is one of the reasons i like to try and interpret, i like the song more afterwards.

(thunder ocean)
04/07/03 02:37 AM
Hidden messages new [re: Angel Gone Heathen]  

In reply to:

If this song is about Bowie accepting his bisexuality, then why, during the Lets Dance era, did he so vehemently deny it?

Laughing Gnoome's post went just whee over my head, so let me try to offer another explanation: it's a hidden message. Just like Ricochet is considered by many to be Bowie's apology to his old fans for going so commercial (here), Modern Love could be a hidden message to his old fans, that he actually still is bisexual, though he denies it. Did I say that in the first post allready? I have a feeling I'm repeating myself here.

04/07/03 03:17 PM
Re: Hidden messages new [re: Sysiyo]  

In reply to:

it's a hidden message. Just like Ricochet is considered by many to be Bowie's apology to his old fans for going so commercial

I have suggested something similiar in my answer. Some things he cannot admit publically, but by putting it in his lyrics, he can say whatever he wants. After all if a newspaper published his lyrics (to show he is bisexual) they would be giving him even more publicity. So he couldnt lose by nesting the message in the words of a song.

It is a nice kind of gesture, Bowie saying he doesnt owe anything to the press hacks who just want to do dissect him for their own commercial interests. But trying to be truthful to his fans.

In reply to:

Laughing Gnoome's post went just whee over my head

You probably wont understand the last post i made in answer to Angel Gone Heathens question, unless you read all of what i wrote in the previous posts in the thread. I wasnt going to repeat myself all over again either :)

Yes i ignored your advice, i took too seriously. i guess:)

(thunder ocean)
01/13/11 04:37 PM
Modern Love - 8 years later new [re: K]  

Digging up this old thread, not to display to everyone what an idiot I was back in the day, but because for some reason I've been thinking a lot about this track recently and I'm convinced my original interpretation was wrong (well, no surprise there). The big problem of my original interpretation, I think, was the presumption that people's sexuality is unaltered though-out their lives. It has been quite well proven that this is not the case (and I certainly know this from personal experience). The fact that Bowie said in 1972 that he was bisexual, denied this in 1983 and later on went to say that maybe he was a bit bisexual doesn't mean that he was conciously lying at any point. It's highly likely that in each point of his personal development he said what he felt was true at the time. Hence his "denying" his bisexuality in 1983 might not have been the marketing ploy it's often portrayed but what he genuinely and personally thought.

How this relates to the interpretation of "Modern Love" the song is that if Bowie was conciously using a slang term for gay love in the lyrics, it was not to say he was still bisexual as I originally suggested. Indeed I would argue that the lyrics outright say as much. Modern Love "walks besides [Bowie]" hence not being a part of him, rather a flirtation. Modern Love "walks on by", away from Bowie (or perhaps he's talking about what he percieved as the stigma of his original coming out being continuously with him and out of his control). And of course most tellingly, Bowie outright says that he's "never gonna fall for for modern love" and that he doesn't "believe in modern love".

Now I admit that this interpretation only adresses select lines in the song and if we take Angel Gone Heathen's stance from above and think everything in the song must fit the interpretation this doesn't fly. However, looking at the lyrics of all the songs purposefully written for Let's Dance ("Modern Love", "Let's Dance", "Without You" "Ricochet" and "Shake It"), none of them have lyrics that seem to convey a story but are rather sets of largely disconnected lyrics. If this is indeed the case it's perfectly playsible Bowie put something of what he was thinking at the time into a song without making it fully about that subject.


(mortal with potential)
01/14/11 03:35 AM
Re: Modern Love - 8 years later new [re: K]  

For Bowie sex and religion are connected in an inseparable way. "sex and the church".
He is a religious and sexual guy. Almost all his songs are about religion, spiritiality and sex.
Sex is also used as a common metaphor in religion. The union of the male and female as in the "song of songs" from the Bible.

(mortal with potential)
01/14/11 04:36 AM
Re: Modern Love - 8 years later new [re: Pymander]  

To complete my message.
So anything that seems to be about sex could be a metaphor for something religious or visa versa and even have both meanings at the same time. How ingenious...

Auntie Prism
(stardust savant)
01/15/11 07:30 PM
This song was, uh, on one of those 80s albums? new [re: Cristian Valentino]  

In reply to:

"Its not really work, its just the power to charm" - Bowie is saying that his experimentations with both sexes were not part of his pop star career, he didnt just do those things to help his career, he is not a fake.

So we've agreed that p2c is someone who is half-closeted, attracts bi rentboys whom he refuses, and attempts to assert his heterosexuality without effect.

Sounds about right.

Oh, and the Gnoome was a douche.

(wild eyed peoploid)
01/17/11 01:44 AM
Re: This song was, uh, on one of those 80s albums? new [re: Auntie Prism]  

I've always thought the song was just Bowie reflecting on modern heterosexual relationships circa 1983 and the widespread breakdown of traditional marriage and lifelong relationships.

"There's no sign of life,
It's just the power to charm"

Referring to seduction and sex without any lasting commitment.

"I'm lying in the rain,
But I never wave bye-bye"

Addresses how Bowie continues to feel a connection even after a supposedly casual encounter.

"But I try,
I try"

He keeps having these casual encounters, but they're never really satisfying.

So he's never gonna fall for modern love, although "Church on Time" - traditional marriage - terrifies him, too.

That's how I saw it, anyhow.

(thunder ocean)
01/18/11 04:59 PM
Re: This song was, uh, on one of those 80s albums? new [re: Auntie Prism]  

In reply to:

Oh, and the Gnoome was a douche.

On that we are deinafely in agreeance.


(stardust savant)
01/18/11 11:40 PM
Re: This song was, uh, on one of those 80s albums? new [re: K]  

I thought Gnoome had some good insight and was really well thought in his interpretation of songs. I don't remember the douchiness as much as you all do but I remember him being driven away, unfortunately, for no real good reason.

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