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(mortal with potential)
06/29/03 06:30 PM
Re: Glass Spider (The Song) new [re: littlechinagirl]  

I don't listen to NLMD very often these days. I know a lot of people (even Bowie according to an interview with Jonathon Ross last year) don't dig this album. But it seems to have a lot more depth (at least lirically) than Let's Dance or Tonight.

Glass Spider is my second favourite track on that album after Day-In Day-out. But a lot of that album i am embarrassed to listen to when other people are in the house.

"God's all that and a bag of chips" David Bowie to Trent Rezner

(grinning soul)
07/03/03 04:37 PM
Re: Glass Spider (The Song) new [re: JaminVein]  

Honestly I never see why people don't like Never Let Me Down. I love nearly every track on it (Except Time Will Crawl gets a little dull to me) especially Never Let Me Down and Too Dizzy. It is my second favorite Bowie album with first being Outside.

"They beat on the outside
And I'll stand by you
Now. Not tomorrow"

(mortal with potential)
07/08/03 09:35 AM
Re: Glass Spider (The Song) new [re: MichelleAlder]  

I really like Shining Star at the moment, apart from the Mickey Rouke involvement.

I actually think that NLMD was good in that it seemed to go away from the commercialism of the previous two albums. Although, in fairness most of the results from those were far from bad.

But I think that he took more risks on that record than on
those, which is only a good thing.

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