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(crash course raver)
07/11/03 09:34 PM
Il never touch you new [re: Queen_Bitch_101]  

Gee, maybe you could interpret his songs by pieceing together bits of his interviews. And you can be very "unpleasant" yourself, in fact this is the last time we may ever communicate. Im going to do myself a large favor, im going to relieve myself of the burden of listening to your ramblings. Not only are your interpretions of his lyrics skewed IMO, your interpretations of everything i say are too! I used to think this was my fault but you have a knack of being abbrasive and then pretending it was you who had been faulted. You can play wounded deer and strinking cobra with equal gusto, effortlessly jumping from one role to the next. However in the beginning, i take equal blame for feeding you.

Lets just say that these interviews havent changed anything in my interpretation. The Stations of the Cross suggest another angle worth exploring, but (unlike as you had hoped) they do not preclude the possibility of a train theme or even affect that idea.You have been trying to prove me wrong, this is the easier position to take, i have stated my ideas, all you have to do is come along and make long winded attempts (and you must be devoting a lot of time to this) to synthesise doubt regarding those ideas, sucking in interviews and details from his life, any old thing that you can use, and you have managed to turn this discussion from an interpretation discussion into some sort of surreal boxing match. I can only guess this is a toy for your ego. I chose to play these games no longer. I dont doubt that you are clever and resourceful, and that some of your points are good. But its giving me a headache, even in my post (Two up) i stated this was just my interpretation, and not to accept it as Law, and yet you came back in, let me save you some time, you cant prove my interpretation wrong, its a waste of time. Why dont you devote this time to writing your own interpretation, complete, of this song? That way we could know how you feel about it, without having to siphon through a zillion posts.

(wild eyed peoploid)
07/12/03 04:23 AM
Re: Il never touch you new [re: LaughingGnoome]  

You were offending towards me transforming my words, and using them claiming that I believed stupidely and blindly to everything that Bowie said. Someone else less calm than I am, and less used to your "I am right and you are wrong" tone would have certainly reacted much more unpleasantly that I did, especially on this site where it's usual to insult people for anything.

Oh really, in what did I interpret your words wrongly? I never meant to say that you had to take Bowie's words as law, by the way, just that what he has to say about his songs can help us understanding them. Then after, you became agressive and started claiming that I believed everything he would say, which is, you might admit it one day, is a curious interpretation of what I said. Say rather that you don't like me learning things that you obviously don't know about Bowie, at the way you say that he used to be unsensitive, then that today, he doesn't talk about sex and drugs, and other proofs of ignorance. It is not the 1st time that you answer angrily or don't answer at all when I tell you about a fact you didn't know yourself, as if I was insulting you or something. At least, you'd be hontest.

En rponse :

dont you devote this time to writing your own interpretation, complete, of this song?

I did, in 1st page. But this question proves that you didn't bother to read it. I didn't quote all the lyrics, of course, because you said everything I would have said myself about the others! I guess you admit, at least, that I would have been totally stupid to repeat what you stated yourself very well, with other words .

And now for the accusation: "you tried to prove I was wrong" or some bullshit like that: you are not the center of the world, Laughing. This thread has been seen 223 times before I answer now. So it means that we are far from being only the two persons to be interested by it, even if we were only 4 to take part in it. What I gave as informations was not to prove how wrong you were, but to inform other people who, unlike you, like to have an idea of what Bowie had in mind when he wrote his songs. So stop thinking that my thoughts revolve around you, you are nothing but a "piece of Teenage Wildlife's board", dear.

Oh and don't worry, it was already granted for me yesterday that we would never talk again. My message was only here to give you a chance to know what you're talking about, and not in being based on prejudices and on 1 or 2 interview that you finally bothered to read. I won't come back on this thread, so don't lose your time writing another "non-answer" like this one.

The advantage of being clever is that you can play the fool, while the contrary is impossible (Woody Allen)

(wild eyed peoploid)
07/14/03 12:58 PM
Re: Olive branch? new [re: Queen_Bitch_101]  

Truce, already. LaughingGnoome and QueenBitch--I really enjoy your posts on interpretation. When most of TW is filled with bullshit and drivel, you are among the few who post interesting, analytical and intellectual material on this website. I love ready both of your views, and I also enjoy it when disagree with one another--that's clearly part of the fun.

I hope neither of you takes this the wrong way, but you can still disagree--strongly--without making the arguments personal. I sincerely hope neither of you has an ego so fragile that you will honestly stop posting and/or responding to each other's posts.

I really, honestly enjoy reading both of you. Keep it up, but let's fight a bit more fairly next time.



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