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(grinning soul)
07/04/03 12:07 PM
Reality - Title Interpretation new  

I have been trying to think of possible thematic elements to the upcoming album based on the title, and here is what I've come up with so far:

A loose commentary on the drab Reality of the U.S. post September 11th in which people are either so afraid of either incoming doom, or the affairs of their own government that they drown themselves in drab escapist 'Reality' TV shows in which they pretend they are watching other people live real lives. The first part would relate to some of the comments Bowie made around the time of the announcement of the album, and the latter half would be a continuation of his theme of the influence of art/entertainment on our daily lives and psyches.

Any suggestions? This was so much easier with 'Heathen'..

(wild eyed peoploid)
07/04/03 01:21 PM
Re: Reality - Title Interpretation new [re: ladronic]  

it will certainly be much easier when we know the whole album, don't you think?

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(electric tomato)
07/04/03 06:59 PM
Re: Reality - Title Interpretation new [re: Queen_Bitch_101]  

In reply to:

it will certainly be much easier when we know the whole album, don't you think?

Indeed. theres a lot you can do with a word, especially a word like "reality". I reckon the lyrics will be among his most interesting so far, and its really great that he's releasing albums more frequently (this is the first time since the seventies that hes done two studio albums only a year apart), which is exactly what he should be doing, he should also be experimenting more, hell hes loaded, but its a good sign.

We want to hear as much of that glorious voice as possible before he calls it a day.

(grinning soul)
07/07/03 00:26 AM
Re: Reality - Title Interpretation new [re: ladronic]  

Obviously, hearing the songs and seeing the cover art will help interpret the phrase, but I think the reality tv shows connection may be a valid one. Bowie did say recently that he thinks Americans feel powerless right now so they're tuning in to reality tv--especially shows that allow you to VOTE on something. Our votes may not count in politics, but they sure CAN make or break some reality tv contestant. Interesting idea. I can't wait for the lp. I agree with LaughingGnoome that David may be on a roll these days. I think he's inspired and I can't wait for the new album. My expectations are always so high before a new Bowie release (with the exception of the Tin Machine period--where he fell out of favor with me, and I still don't own any Tin Machine albums). I'm sure my first listen of "Reality" will probably leave me scratching my chin and saying "hmmmmm." But, then again, that's pretty much my first reaction to listening to any new Bowie album the first time. Then I roll up my sleeves, listen to every track endlessly until I can conceptualize it, and then declare the entire thing "brilliant."


(stardust savant)
07/07/03 05:13 PM
My most worthless post ever [re: ladronic]  

I had thought it is derived from the 'reality' TV craze as well. And then we have "A Reality." A reality isn't just any reality, it's David Bowie's reality.

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(wild eyed peoploid)
07/08/03 07:08 PM
Re: Reality - Title Interpretation new [re: ladronic]  

My guess: The choice of the title has to do with the role of the internet in society, ie the creation of a social space which is often treated and percieved as "outside" of reality.

Which doesn't mean he'll address it directly -- he's too smart for that (I hope). I have a feeling it will have more to do with the pathos which develops around a reality which has been cleaved in two (alter egos, secret lives, the feeling of anonymity and also the superficiality of modern identity -- all topics which he has quite a lot of experience with, perhaps more than anyone.)

(I can't stand my own mind.)

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