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(grinning soul)
07/15/03 11:39 PM
Sails of Oblivion new  

It appears in more than one music....what does it means in each one of then....

<.:Será que alguem vai ser capaz de ler este texto?:.>

(crash course raver)
07/16/03 01:35 AM
Re: Sails Of Oblivion new [re: Siddhartha Gautama o]  

It would help if you mentioned the songs to which you are referring.

I would burn you if you should die

(wild eyed peoploid)
07/16/03 02:00 AM
Re: Sails of Oblivion new [re: Siddhartha Gautama o]  

I know it appears in My Death, which Bowie did not write (but sang beautifully), Jacques Brel wrote it. I don't recall another song with the same lyric, though? Do tell.


(wild eyed peoploid)
07/16/03 10:41 AM
Re: Sails of Oblivion new [re: Siddhartha Gautama o]  

the other one is :
sons of oblivion
(the bewley brothers)

(wild eyed peoploid)
07/16/03 12:46 PM
Re: Sails of Oblivion new [re: zimmo]  

Well, "sails of oblivion" and "sons of oblivion" aren't exactly the same thing, but I betcha David knew of Brel's My Death when he wrote The Bewley Brothers, and kinda cribbed that phrase.


(wild eyed peoploid)
07/16/03 12:49 PM
Re: Sails of Oblivion new [re: zigbot]  

Oh, and one more thing, it's "kings of oblivion" in Bewley Brothers, and I think it just means that the "brothers" felt all-powerful, invincible. Don't recall the My Death lyric well enough to comment on "sails of oblivion."


Vast Blue Sky
07/16/03 01:31 PM
Re: Sails of Oblivion [re: Siddhartha Gautama o]  

Just a small note to Liszt:
Eu sou capaz de ler esse texto...

Stand and Be True

(electric tomato)
07/16/03 08:35 PM
Re: Sails of Oblivion new [re: Vast Blue Sky]  

Brel's lyrics:
La mort m'attend dans un grand lit
Tendu aux toiles de l'oubli
Pour mieux fermer le temps qui passe

Bowie's lyrics are those of a very liberal translation

(mortal with potential)
07/16/03 09:13 PM
Re: Sails of Oblivion new [re: Siddhartha Gautama o]  

as a mast holds up sails his erection holding up the sheet?

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