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(grinning soul)
08/14/03 09:07 PM
Weeping Wall  

The Song Weeping Wall... I am totally lost here, but I love it. It just makes me feel like strange. Anyone dare to intrepret.. ?I haven't the slightest clue where to start. Does the title have anything to do with the song.. I imagine the 'moaning' is the weeping wall.. I don't know.. lost here.. help ?...

"But I'm always crashing in the same car....."

(crash course raver)
08/14/03 09:13 PM
Re: Weeping Wall new [re: vintagerock24]  

I have read somewhere that this instrumental and Art Decade and Subterraneans refer to parts of Berlin. I think Art Decade refers to West Berlin, Subterraneans to East Berlin and Weeping Wall to The Wall itself.

Wow get me on my feeeeet!
Ow wo wo!
While the streets block off
Getting some skin - a -
Exposure to the blackout!

08/15/03 01:33 PM
Re: Weeping Wall new [re: LaughingGnoome]  

I've read that, too, and I think the songs do capture Berlin beautifully. I was in Berlin in 1996 and was struck by how obvious the divide still was, even though the wall was down (although portions of it were still up and people were going at it with chisels to take a bit home with them). It was clear where East and West met.

It saddened me. There must have been such optimism on the East side when the Wall came down in '89, but it seemed that by '96 there was bitterness. Optimism gone sour can be pretty bitter. I have never seen so much graffitti as I did in Berlin, makes most American ghettos like prim and neat.

Listening to Bowie's songs about Berlin bring back all these feelings for me.


(crash course raver)
08/15/03 10:31 PM
watching all the world and war torn new [re: vintagerock24]  

During Storytellers (1999), Bowie mentions one of his distinct memories of Berlin. It was an incident in which skinheads at a party had erected a model of the Berlin wall then savagely smashed it to pieces with their fists. Later, they were seen huddled together pitifully crying. So in this incident, the wall caused both tension and sadness and perhaps that is what he was reflecting on when writing/naming this song.

At the same time, I am also wondering whether the "Weeping Wall" is a slight reference back to the "Wailing Wall" of Jersusalem.

The Wailing Wall is named as such because Jews go there to mourn the destruction of Solomon's Temple. They also pray there on the Sabbath.

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(crash course raver)
08/15/03 10:34 PM
weeping wall = wailing wall new [re: vintagerock24]  

Water on the Wailing Wall is said to be the sign of salvation before the coming of the Messiah.

In 2002, the Wailing Wall began weeping for some 96 hours.

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(grinning soul)
08/16/03 06:25 PM
Re: weeping wall = wailing wall new [re: Adam]  

ooo.. thanks for the great info.. quite amazing..

"But I'm always crashing in the same car....."

08/17/03 12:46 PM
Re: weeping wall = wailing wall new [re: Adam]  

the folks that go there are mostly religious jews. I for one have only been there only once or twice, didn't and i'm still fine... :)

Sordid details following...

(cracked actor)
08/17/03 11:55 PM
Beeping Wall new [re: ouria]  

Only if you're a man, though. Women aren't allowed to pray at it because it would be "distracting" or something. Orthodox Judaism is a very misogynistic religion.

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