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(wild eyed peoploid)
07/11/03 10:59 PM
A New Career In A New Town new  

I dont know if this has ever been done before, but how do you interpret this song? there are no words, but i still think the music itself can give you a certian feeling. It makes me think of life alot, The first part is the begining of life, and then the first time it picks up is the time in life from like age 16- to about 30 or so, and then the part where it stops again is when things are getting dry maybe a mid life crisis of sorts, and then the ending when it picks up again is being at peace with yourself and what youve done in life and then just your life fading out basically. lol maybe i'm the only one who gets feelings but that instrumental in particular off Low really paints a picture of a begging, a part where things pick up, a part where things slow down, and a pleasant ending. it doesnt have to be life it could also apply to a relationship. well maybe you guys think my interpretation is absurd and nuts but i was wondering if anyone else has interpreted the mood in instrumentals, preferably this song.

Would you carry a razor, In a case just incase of depression?

(crash course raver)
07/25/03 01:30 AM
Re: A New Career In A New Town new [re: LemonInABag]  

I completely agree with you. I really feel alot of things when I listen to instrumentals, and I really love every instrumental Bowie has done. Low is one of my absolute favorite albums for that reason. I can also agree with you on your point of view for this song.
Perhaps Bowie would as well, because the title sort of forshadows a series of events such as this.
A beginning. A new career and a new town. Starting off with a clean slate. Getting used to things. Getting bored of things. Getting settled with things.
I can agree with that, and I do see where you're coming from and don't find it absurd.
If instrumentals weren't meant to portray feelings and stories, what would the point of classical music be?
I enjoy your interpretation.


(wild eyed peoploid)
07/25/03 12:50 PM
Re: A New Career In A New Town new [re: LemonInABag]  

Bowie's instrumentals are amazing, and as chock full of meaning and emotion as his lyrics. If I can shamelessly plug the interpretations skills of a fellow TWer, I'd say LaughingGnoome takes the cake. There's a thread somewhere where he interprets Speed of Life and I think it's just brilliant. (If I recall, his view is that the title, and the music, parallel David's coming off of cocaine and other speed drugs that speed life up, and his adjusting to the "normal" speed of life.) I love that song.

I also really like Warsawa--a piece that many people don't talk much about. Technically, it isn't 100% instrumental, because David does sing some "words" in it. They were meant to sound Polish, but they're really jibberish. Yet he sings them with such passion that the listener still gets the feeling of what he means. I like how this song shows the power and emotive force of music--even when the lyrics are absent or nonsensical.


andro genet
(stardust savant)
07/25/03 01:47 PM
Re: A New Career In A New Town new [re: LemonInABag]  

this is one of my all-time favorite bowie songs. his harmonica playing in this tune is some of the most emotive work i've ever heard on a harmonica; and i'll venture a guess that bowie's not even an expert player. what i also like about it is that this song combines eerie, electronic sounds with this very "organic," so to speak, harmonica sound.

the feeling this song gives me is one of nostalgia. it's almost as if he's lamenting over the life he left in another town. but at the same time, he's garnered some great memories from that life and there's hope of future great memories at his "new career in a new town."

your funeral...my trial

(wild eyed peoploid)
07/25/03 06:28 PM
Re: A New Career In A New Town new [re: andro genet]  

The harmonica is great on that one AndroGenet, and I hear Bowie plans to play harmonica on the upcoming tour (he's got this odd harmonica harness he will wear so that he can play guitar and harmonica at the same time). Maybe Reality has some emotive harmonica on it.

And you're right about David not being an "expert" harmonica player. The great thing about him is, in my view, that he's not really an "expert" at any one instrument--yet he plays so many of them. I think his lack of formal training, or his lack of extensive training is a good thing, because it stops him from getting all wrapped up in how a paricular instrument is "supposed" to sound. Instead, he just plays from the heart.

Reminds me of the tale relating to "Boys Keep Swinging," which Bowie and the band thought sounded "too polished" when they were playing/recording it, so they followed an old Brian Eno-style move to shake things up: they all swapped instruments, so that each instrument was played by a non-expert. Brilliant!


(crash course raver)
08/16/03 04:39 PM
Re: A New Career In A New Town new [re: LemonInABag]  

From Sound And Vision...

"blue blue electric blue thats the colour of my room where i will live"

A New Career In A New Town refers to Bowie abandoning his old career (Rock Star), for a New Career (Synthesiser Music), and he does it in a "New Town" too, ie Berlin. If you read my other interpretation (Bowie's Drug Adventure YA-SM) carefully, you will see that several times Bowie links a rock star lifestyle with drugs. Its no coincidence that he changed in multiple ways in 76/77, new type of music, new location, new lifestyle.

(grinning soul)
08/17/03 11:34 AM
Re: A New Career In A New Town [re: LemonInABag]  

I think I wrote a post like this 2 weeksago....

"I guess we could cruise down one more time .With you by my side, it should be fine .We'll buy some drugs and watch a band .Then jump in the river holding hands...."

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