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(mortal with potential)
11/09/03 01:30 PM
The Days Boys - (?)  

As heard in "87 and Cry" as well as The Dreamers from Hours, Bowie mentions "Days Boys".

So I'll ask:

What in the hell are the "Days Boys"

(thunder ocean)
11/09/03 02:37 PM
Re: The Days Boys - (?) new [re: SVanHorne]  

If you ask me, there should be a comma between the words days and boys, aka:

'...the days were the days, boys'
'these are the days, boys'

And when sung, that is the way it sounds like to me.

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(stardust savant)
11/10/03 00:53 AM
These Were The Days Boys new [re: SVanHorne]  

The Days Boys were an underground group of anarchists, formed in the late 1960s with a mission to rid the world of designer wear by means of industrial sabotage, kidnapping, extortion and assassination.

Their name, a pun on the word "daze", came about from their highly distinctive uniform: shiny silver jumpsuits. They also maintained a membership base of exactly 364 members, with each assuming the leadership on an allocated day. An extra member was also admitted every four years, who would be sacrificed on the 29th of February to ensure the group's continued survival.

The group was quickly outlawed but it wasn't until 1988 that the group disbanded, when an annonymous tip-off led to a police raid just minutes before the ritual sacrifice was to be conducted. Although many of the members were charged, they were never brought to trial due to lack of evidence.

There is speculation that the group has been revived, fuelled by the recent murder of Gianni Versace, but such rumours remain unsubstantiated.

How the justice system really works.

11/15/03 07:01 AM
Re: These Were The Days Boys new [re: poorsoul]  

And I have a bridge to sell you on the moon...

"They beat on the outside
And I'll stand by you
Now. Not tomorrow"

(stardust savant)
11/16/03 00:23 AM
Re: These Were The Days Boys new [re: MichelleAlder]  

You do? How much for?

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11/16/03 02:48 AM
Re: These Were The Days Boys new [re: poorsoul]  

One gazillion dollars.

"They beat on the outside
And I'll stand by you
Now. Not tomorrow"

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