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(mortal with potential)
12/03/03 05:20 PM
TVC15 msgs.?  

one of my favorite song of bowies, by the way.

very empty atmosphere.. seems meticulously layered; i always find new parts playing when i listen closer..

about 00:13 1/2- 00:16
into the song, theres a low, sort of static, talking.. i can't make it out. it was probably meant to be there because its in rhythm with the song..

and then the same voice comes in at 00:31, but more noticeable and just an "ah" sort of sound..

the timbre (or vibrato or both?) of the voice is played by the bass and things through the whole song...

and in some parts, i think i can hear it by echo in the background while the music goes.

anyone know what it is?

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