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(absolute beginner )
12/07/03 00:45 AM
Salvador Dali and "Heroes"  

Not sure if this has been discussed (I did, however, use the search function and found no reference to this topic), but has anyone noticed the eerie similarity between the positioning of David Bowie's hands on the album cover of "Heroes", and of Christ's in Salvador Dali's painting "The Last Supper"?

I've recently become more and more interested in Dali's work, and upon seeing this painting again, I was interested to see what others thought.

12/07/03 08:34 AM
Re: Salvador Dali and "Heroes" new [re: diamondcirce]  

I've read that the "Heroes" cover was inspired by Walter Gramatte's Selbstbildnis in Hiddensoe.

I've found the picture using google but I don't know how to post links...

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(absolute beginner )
12/07/03 01:31 PM
Re: Salvador Dali and "Heroes" new [re: Blooby]  

I wasn't able to find that piece, but I don't doubt your statement. (Perhaps you could just copy and paste the URL? If it's not too much trouble, I'd really like to see it) I was simply noticing an interesting similarity that may have been entirely unintentional.

(stardust savant)
12/07/03 01:37 PM
Re: Salvador Dali and "Heroes" new [re: Blooby]  

It is explained in the FAQ, which is linked to at the top of the page, how to post clickable URLS and how to make an image appear directly in the body of a post. I hope that helps.

And I'm interested to see both images. I will try to look for the Dali painting now.

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White Prism
(electric tomato)
12/07/03 01:57 PM
Salvador Dali's Garden Party new [re: strangeDivine]  

I think the key connection to be made here is that both Bowie and Christ have arms. I doubt it goes any further.

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(mortal with potential)
12/07/03 02:05 PM
Re: Salvador Dali's Garden Party new [re: White Prism]  

It was merely an observation. I wasn't stating that there had been an influence on "Heroes". However, that copy does not do the painting justice. The positioning of the hands is more similar than the fact that they "both have arms", even if it isn't identical.

(wild eyed peoploid)
12/07/03 03:35 PM
Re: Salvador Dali's Garden Party new [re: diamondcirce]  

Perhaps if you viewed the painting in profile?,It could help.

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(mortal with potential)
12/07/03 03:41 PM
Re: Salvador Dali's Garden Party new [re: diamondcirce]  

I know Eno met Dali while he was still in Roxy Music, Dali dabbled around with a few of them around that time, like amanda lear, etc. etc. Fascinating artist, used to worship him and gala at first.

Christ's hand in the above picture has a pointed finger, david's hand on the low cover is forming a inside hollow, a cup : ie imho Dali's making a metaphysical point and Bowie's honing in energy : slight difference, BUT got any opinions on who he's aping on the lodger cover? Now there's an interesting pose - dan dare lies down?

(mortal with potential)
12/07/03 03:50 PM
Re: Salvador Dali's Garden Party new [re: Shoes]  

This is the sort of reply I was hoping for. Thanks for looking past the immediate physical differences of the album cover and the painting, and into a more philosophical interpretation of my comment.

I like your metaphysical vs. gathering energy idea. Perhaps the metaphysical aspect in Dali's painting is representative of the ending of Christ's life, and the gathering of energy a symbol of a new beginning for Bowie.

No one needs to tell me I'm reading into this too much. I just enjoy intelligent discussion, even if it is hypothetical.

(electric tomato)
12/07/03 10:35 PM
Re: Salvador Dali and "Heroes" new [re: diamondcirce]  

In an interview from Uncut magazine (that you can read here

UNCUT: It is often said that the album sleeve was an allusion to Gramatte's self-portrait, or to Heckel's Roquairol - is either of these correct? And did the Heckel painting also inspire Iggy's 'The Idiot' cover?

DAVID BOWIE: Heckel's 'Roquairol' and also his print from 1910 or thereabouts called 'Young Man.'s was a major influence on me as a painter. I personally couldn't stand Gramatte. He was wishy washy imo. I have seen the Grammatte in question but no, it was Heckel.

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