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(wild eyed peoploid)
03/14/04 10:49 AM
Final countdown...  

So, JoeTheLion has already showed some links between Space Oddity and Never Get Old. But I was just listening to Tin Machine, and listened to I Can't Read really carefully. And there he sings I don't know a book from countdown. What's the meaning of that?

I remember David Buckley writing in his book about Bowie, that in that song when he sings I can't read shit anymore it sounds like I can't reach it anymore (which it actually sounds like). And that it could have something to do with how Bowie feels like he's somehow lost his ability to do the kind of songs (good songs) he did before, or something like that. So, is it way too obvious to everyone else, that this I don't know a book from countdown also has something to do with how he feels like he's traveled way too far from where he started from (countdown => Space Oddity).

Does that make any sense? What do you people think? Could we still somehow link Never Get Old with it's "countdown" to this?

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White Prism
(electric tomato)
03/14/04 01:52 PM
An inverted T please new [re: LadyGravedigger]  

Countdown is a very, very bad quiz show in the UK in which contestants are forced to endure a number of disciplines involving anagrams and arithmetic.

Its host does very, very bad jokes, though to relieve his burden, there is usually a guest who does very, very bad stand-up during the intermission. In short, the show’s about as entertaining a Frank Solo post, hence Bowie’s negative take of it in the song.

Here's a site, of which the galleries are potentially the most informative, if not a little repugnant.

Fifteen jugglers, Fifteen jugglers
Five believers, Five believers
All dressed like men

(wild eyed peoploid)
03/16/04 12:16 PM
Re: An inverted T please new [re: White Prism]  

So, you mean the countdown in I Can't Read is a quiz show? Well, I guess you can't expect too much depth from the songs on Tin Machine...

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(mortal with potential)
03/19/04 04:42 AM
Re: An inverted T please new [re: LadyGravedigger]  

It just rhymed.

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