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(you will pay mr jones)
08/09/05 06:32 AM
War new [re: JollyGood]  

When they're training you to kill people, you'd think they try not to give you cause to use that training.


08/09/05 08:11 AM
Re: War new [re: poorsoul]  

They train you to want to kill yourself more then anything else.

stop that!
It started nicely with old women beating up young men
But now it just got
- Monty Python

08/09/05 10:08 AM
Re: Buddha of Suburbia riff new [re: FastChanges]  

the "offiially released version" of the accoustic DEAD MAN WALKING appears on the late night with conan o'brien cd if you can find it.

i also noticed recently that the CURE recycled the bassline from THE WEDDING as the basis for thier version of YOUNG AMERICANS

do youremember?

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