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03/21/05 05:26 AM
Tarot Cards and Albums  

If anyone has any comments about these or how they work, please share.

This according to Peter R Koenig:

0 THE FOOL ------------ David Bowie (67) ...and/or the unreleased "Toy"
1 THE MAGICIAN -------- Space Oddity (69)
2 THE HIGH PRIESTESS -- The Man who sold the World (70)
3 THE EMPERATRICE ----- Hunky Dory (71)
4 THE EMPEROR --------- Ziggy Stardust (72)
5 THE HYEROPHANT ------ Aladdin Sane (73)
6 THE LOVERS ---------- Pinups (73)
7 THE CHARIOT --------- Diamond Dogs (74)
8 JUSTICE ------------- Young Americans (75)
9 THE HERMIT ---------- Station to Station (76)
10 FORTUNE ------------- Low (77)
11 STRENGTH ------------ Heroes (77)
12 THE HANGED MAN ------ Lodger (79)
13 DEATH --------------- Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) (80)
14 TEMPERANCE ---------- Letīs Dance (83)
15 THE DEVIL ----------- Tonight (84)
16 THE TOWER ----------- Never let me down (87)
17 THE STAR ------------ Black Tie White Noise (93)
18 THE MOON ------------ Buddha of Suburbia (93)
19 THE SUN ------------- 1.Outside (95)
20 THE JUDGEMENT ------- Earthling (97)
21 THE WORLD ----------- Hours (99)

Heathen (02): Tarot Card contribution according to Aleister Crowley who altered the traditional numbering starting with the card 0. Thus, the phrase on the track "Sunday" (on 'Heathen'): "for in truth, it's the beginning of an end... and nothing has changed, everything has changed".

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03/21/05 06:01 AM
Re: Tarot Cards and Albums new [re: Adam]  

Here is a list of tarot card readings. Some of these have excellent symmetry with Bowie albums (such as Scary Monsters = Death and Tonight = The Devil).

(mortal with potential)
03/26/05 01:54 PM
Re: Tarot Cards and Albums new [re: Adam]  

the link isn't workin =( very interesting though. is it went like that all over again his next album really would be 6ft tall lol amazing; the last, 'Reality', being much more a comtemplation of the of the next, maybe?

03/31/05 10:31 AM
Re: Tarot Cards and Albums new [re: gemorma]  

It should be working now, gemorma.

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04/01/05 08:18 AM
Re: Tarot Cards and Albums new [re: Adam]  


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04/06/05 06:10 AM
Re: Tarot Cards and Albums new [re: Adam]  

Oooooooooooooooh! What other topic could get me to stay online at 2 am when I meant to go to bed?

I'm going to give you my own correspondences:

0 Fool - Absolute Beginners (the song)
1 Magician - Ziggy Stardust
2 Priestess - Tonight
3 Empress - Aladdin Sane
4 Emperor - Let's Dance
5 Hierophant - Hours
6 Lovers - Tin Machine 1 or Heathen
7 Chariot - Young Americans
8 Justice - Scary Monsters
9 Hermit - Low
(This one is UNDENIABLE. I'm sorry, but this guy is a moron to miss this -- or else understands neither Low nor the Tarot.)
10 Wheel of Fortune - Never Let Me Down
11 Strength - Black Tie White Noise
12 Hanged Man - Lodger
(well, we agree on something.)
13 Death - Diamond Dogs
(as the last few corpses lay rotting on the shiny thoroughfare)
14 Temperance/Art - Earthling
15 Devil - Tin Machine 2
16 Tower - Outside
17 Star - Heroes
18 Moon - Man Who Sold the World
19 Sun - Hunky Dory
20 Judgment - Station to Station
21 World - Reality

A lot of these are debatable or depend on a personal meaning or thinking of a particular song. (And I'm making this up in the early am -- could change my mind on some after a night's sleep.) Still, I think several of mine stand the archetype test much better than his correspondences. Iíll grant him that Ziggy could also be Emperor, as he has it, or the Devil. Space Oddity could be the Hermit, if you think of the Space Oddity song, or the Star, if you think of Memory of a Free Festival, or other things, depending on the song.

Waite was the one who altered the traditional ordering. Crowley put it back the way it was, with Justice as 8, Strength as 11 (which he called Lust -- he was a lech), and the Fool back where it belonged at the beginning. I think he was the one to assign it the number 0, though, because it was unnumbered originally. There's this ambiguity of 0 or 22 for the Fool, but that's just a reflection of the major arcana being a numerological cycle. In base 10, there's a cycle of 0, 10, 20, etc. being equivalent, or higher orders of each other. In base 9 (used for numerology for the alphabet), there's a cycle of 0, 9, 18, 27, etc. being equivalent or subsequent levels of the same meaning. And so on.

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04/06/05 07:39 AM
Magician Dance new [re: Alice_Falls]  

In reply to:

0 Fool - Absolute Beginners (the song)

I thought his choice there was rather appropriate, considering how seemingly innocent and naÔve David Bowie was (both the album and the person at the time), although I can see where you're coming from.

In reply to:

9 Hermit - Low
(This one is UNDENIABLE. I'm sorry, but this guy is a moron to miss this - or else understands neither Low nor the Tarot.)

I think it's more likely a matter of "seemed like a good idea at the time". It certainly would've been helpful if he'd provided some justifications for those pairings. I certainly would've expected more considering the long-windedness of his article on Bowie's occult connections.

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04/06/05 12:05 PM
Re: Tarot Cards and Albums new [re: Adam]  

Does this mean that if I go to my shelf and randomly pull out some Bowie Albums I can find out what is going to happen to me in the coming week?

Other than bringing down an entire shelf of CD's crashing down onto my head?

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04/07/05 08:52 AM
Arcane old wardrobe new [re: Adam]  

Very interesting ideas! This guy always cracks me up - I'd almost forgotten about the article so thanks for the link (when is that book coming out?). I especially love this quote from the article where he's re-reading Bowie's Brel "My death waits there between your thighs [does "death" mean the 11th sephira "Da'ath"?]". I mean... that is the obvious association, right? Nothing to do with the french slang term for orgasm at all... (petit mort)

As for the Albums-Arcana associations - this is actually very interesting, and perhaps not as completely asinine as the Koenig-connection would indicate. It's a well-regarded theory that the characters of the major Arcana correspond with certain of the Jungian 'archtypes' of the collective unconscious. And they also represent stages of personal development, so why the heck not assume there's a correspondence? (I really hope there isn't though, because that can only mean that a) Bowie'll never making another album or b) he'll be starting on the minor arcana, in which case the next album will be The Ace of Spades

It's an interesting idea, but his chronological approach is clearly of the mark! Everyone knows the Tarot is about random factors... Here's my 'reading', including a definition of qualities generally ascribed to the cards (not the Golden Dawn's definitions!):

The Fool - Wisdom of Innocense, immaturity: David Bowie (or the London Boy Compilation - since the fool is '0', not counted, I feel intitled)
The Magician - Creativity, slight of hand: Heroes
The High Priestess - Intuition, serenity: Buddha of Suburbia
The Empress - Feminine influence, culture: Black Tie White Noise
The Emperor - Wordly power, stability: Never Let Me Down
The Hierophant - Initiation, servitude: Space Oddity
The Lovers - Optimism, blend of opposites: Lodger
The Chariot - Adversity, triumph: Ziggy Stardust
Justice - Law, stubbornness: Earthling
The Hermit - Withdrawal, discipline: Low
Wheel of Fortune - Destiny, constant changes(!): Hunky Dory
Strenght - Energy, zeal: The Man Who Sold The World
The Hanged Man - Life in suspension, devotion: Heathen
Death - Transformation, new era: Diamond Dogs
Temperance - Moderation, indecision: Tonight
The Devil - Malevolence, materialism: Young Americans
The Tower - Ruin, severing of a friendship: Hours
The Star - Hope, inspiration: Aladdin Sane
The Moon - The unconscious, deception: Scary Monsters
The Sun - Satisfaction, openness: Lets Dance
Judgement - Atonement, latent powers: Station to Station
The World - Synthesis, eternal life: Outside

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(cracked actor)
04/07/05 09:25 AM
Reeves comin' at ya! new [re: Persilot]  

I'm sure it would reveal interesting details on your psychology and present state of mind... For your own sake, please don't let it be Hours

Still perfecting imperfection

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