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(mortal with potential)
05/20/05 05:23 AM
"Loves Chimney Stacks"  

In 'The Jean Genie', Bowie says the Jean Genie "loves chimney stacks".

What does it mean???????

Chrissy Chris

(stardust savant)
05/20/05 06:44 AM
Re: "Loves Chimney Stacks" new [re: bemywife]  

There's the obvious freudian implications.
And since it's essentially an ode to Jean Genet it's most likely along these sleeze-symbolist lines you should be thinking...
But hey - maybe the cigar is just a cigar...

Still perfecting imperfection

05/21/05 02:12 PM
I turn my camera on new [re: bemywife]  

Plus according to the parenthetical note on the sleeve of the LP, the song is 'about' Detroit, home of many an industrial smoke stack. If, you know, you wanna get simplistic about it.

...then I rose, wipin' the blunt's ash from my clothes and froze only to blow the herb smoke through my nose....

(grinning soul)
06/15/05 00:59 AM
Re: "Loves Chimney Stacks" new [re: bemywife]  

It's actually "loves to eat snacks" but I regretted it later so changed the printed lyrics. The recording on Aladdin Sane has me singing "loves to eat snacks" but every recording and performance afterwards features the line about chimney stacks. What does it mean? It's a reference to Bert the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins. That's all.

Bye-bye, we love you

06/21/05 06:46 AM
Re: "Loves Chimney Stacks" new [re: bemywife]  

The Jean Genie is a modern person living in an industrial world. He loves chimney stacks as they are a sign for industrialization.

Don't you like chimney stacks? I like them. Especially the big ones, which you can see from far away. I like to look at them.

My favorite ones are those made of red bricks.

From the small window in my sleeping room, I look directly onto three red brick chimney stacks which are about 2 kms
away from my house. I like to look at them in the evening. There's also a big turning neon sign there. One side is blue, the other is white. A very nice sight in the dark.

The stacks are in an industrial area with some large supermarkets. I like to go shopping there. Often it smells of rubber there, as they're producing tires there. I like the smell.

I like vast industrial areas. They are the modern version of the desert. It's a thrill to stroll through them.
I bet the Jean Genie feels the same.

And if Jean Genie is a reference to Iggy (as some claim), then listen to "Mass Production", which reflects quite the atmosphere of industrial areas.

And then I also have this Mary Poppins trauma from my childhood. London and chimney stacks, that's where I would like to live.

- loves chimney stacks,
talks about Monroe, can smile like a reptile,
sleeps in a capsule but doesn't like underwear made from dead hair

(crash course raver)
07/09/05 05:13 PM
Re: "Loves Chimney Stacks" new [re: carsten]  

In reply to:

There's the obvious freudian implications

The only one which came to my mind...

There's this feeling that we're going to be living until the end of time

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