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(cracked actor)
07/26/05 09:44 PM
Outside the Box  

I've recently been gorging my brain with Harry Potter. The other night, I was reading HP and the Order of the Phoenix (which I'm nearly finished with) and listening to some David Bowie, when a thought occured to me. The song "Teenage Wildlife" has all kinds of Harry Potter and Quidditch references. Got me to wondering. Are there any other Bowie songs that could be perceived a different way (than they are most commonly)?

Just to prove my claims have some validity...

(Harry Potter spoilers ahead)
Teenage Wildlife

Well, how come you only want tomorrow
With its promise of something hard to do (Harry's constantly getting into trouble)
A real life adventure worth more than pieces of gold (Triwizard tournament - Harry gives up his galleons to Fred and George)
Blue skies above and sun on your arms strength in your stride (I imagine Harry determinedly striding out onto the Quidditch field)
And hope in those squeaky clean eyes
You'll get chilly receptions everywhere you go
Blinded with desire - guess the season is on (Quidditch season)

So you train by shadow boxing
Search for the truth, but it's all, but it's all used up (In the fifth book, nobody will fill Harry in on Voldemort)
Break open your million dollar weapon (Firebolt)
And push your luck, still you push, still you push your luck
A broken nosed mogul are you (Ludo Bagman)
One of the new wave boys

Same old thing in brand new drag
Comes sweeping into view, oh-ooh (Draco, when he joins the Slytherin team)
As ugly as a teenage millionaire
Pretending it's a whizz kid world
You'll take me aside, and say
"Well, David, what shall I do?
They wait for me in the hallway"
I'll say "Don't ask me, I don't know any hallways" (This reminds me of the corridor Harry keeps seeing in his dreams in Order of the Phoenix)
But they move in numbers and they've got me in a corner (Death Eaters)
I feel like a group of one, no-no (Harry has no family)
They can't do this to me
I'm not some piece of teenage wildlife

Those midwives to history put on their bloody robes (Obvious)
The word is that the hunted one is out there on his own (Harry)
You're alone for maybe the last time
And you breathe for a long time
Then you howl like a wolf in a trap (Lupin)
And you daren't look behind

You fall to the ground like a leaf from the tree (When Harry falls from his broom in the third book)
And look up one time at that vast blue sky
Scream out aloud as they shoot you down
No no, I'm not a piece of teenage wildlife
I'm not a piece of teenage wildlife

And no one will have seen and no one will confess (Voldemort murders Cedric)
The fingerprints will prove that you couldn't pass the test
There'll be others on the line filing past, who'll whisper low
I miss you he really had to go (Harry decides he doesn't want to return to Hogwarts - and I only know this because my sister's already read them all)
Well each to his own, he was
Another piece of teenage wildlife, oh-oh-oh-ohh
Another piece of teenage wildlife, oh-oh-oh-ohh
Another piece of teenage wild...

P.S. There may be some references I've missed as I haven't made it to The Half Blood Prince quite yet.

But what do I care? I got a growth on my pecker..

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