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(crash course raver)
06/09/06 09:06 AM
1" thoughts new  

I don't recall this being asked before, and it is something that I've wondered about for a while. On the "Heroes" album Bowie mentions one inch thoughts in Sons of the Silent Age and Secret Life of Arabia.
In Sons of the Silent age they "Search through their One Inch Thoughts and decide it couldn't be done"
In Secret Life of Arabia he writes that he went "Through one inch thoughts and fantasies".

What do you think he means? Can you give an example of what you think a one inch thought is, and do you know if Bowie ever explained this lyric?

(two inch thoughts)
06/09/06 09:22 AM
Re: 1" thoughts new [re: kingsteved]  

I guess it means something that is only breifly thought about. So in this context they breifly though about it and then admitted defeat so diced it couldn't be done.

hence my title two inch thoughts. I atleast think about it a bit longer.

06/09/06 10:14 AM
Re: 1" thoughts new [re: kingsteved]  

I always thought that one inch thoughts meant them to be narrow minded?

Whereas with the two inch thoughts, you have both sides of the argument and hopefully an answer.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

06/09/06 03:04 PM
1" thoughts ??? new [re: kingsteved]  

Of course there is the fact that he doesn't sing one inch thoughts in "Secret life of Arabia"

London Bye Ta-Ta...

(crash course raver)
06/09/06 03:25 PM
Re: 1" thoughts ??? [re: diamondogz74]  

Well, I stand corrected- Just checked the lyrics. I always thought he said one inch thoughts and fantasies- it's MORNING thought. Thanks for pointing that out.

I still think it's a good interpretation question though and I wonder if there are any quotes from Bowie about the Sons of the silent age.

06/09/06 03:42 PM
Re: 1" thoughts ??? new [re: kingsteved]  

We all make mistakes, no worries

In reply to:

I still think it's a good interpretation question though

So do I, a good thread kingsteved.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

06/09/06 08:18 PM
Re: 1" thoughts new [re: kingsteved]  

you stupid asshole sun of a vbitch mother fucking pig fag

Here. That's a one inch thought

And I can do that without taking drugs but if I take drugs it sounds worse.

My ass belongs on your face.

06/09/06 08:24 PM
Re: 1" thoughts new [re: kingsteved]  

Or a one winch thought could be something you just type on your computer, while banging your fingers until the letters on the keyboard are washed away

Or it could be...

I'll give you an example but

you can'ty put a onev inch thought into words

its an impulse

And I just wrote thisd without looking at the previous things I wrote

and cleared the screen and sometimes

one inch thoughts are just made to be heard on

the computer screen

Some of the one inch thoughts may not be pleasant to hear

but young and old people don't like to objectified like that

Stupid technology

I wish I could be the Iman that you all want me to be

but I still haven't slept

I need drugs.

My ass belongs on your face.

(stardust savant)
07/07/06 06:40 PM
Re: 1" thoughts new [re: kingsteved]  

Maybe it's all to do with the size of someone's penis and how they feel inadequate about the whole thing...?

Hey I hardly ever post in here and now you know why...

"Life is as tedious as a twice-told tale
Vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man."

(crash course raver)
07/10/06 07:49 AM
Re: 1" thoughts new [re: Persilot]  

I knew someone would put a penis joke in this thread someday. . Are there any quotes from Bowie about this song?

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