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(grinning soul)
03/26/04 10:24 PM
Outside- Interpretation Award? new  

I am just now looking into 1.Outside. I have found this website to be most helpful in the matter of where to start to see what I think about things. It's really interesting, I must admit. I was looking through the archives to see if anything else couls sway my mind, and I found LOTS of posts about this one particular album. I don't know if any of it fits together correctly, or if someone got the right answer, but there sure is enough to go off of to make at least one judgement. Do you think this is the most interpretated album of Bowie's? I think it was meant for that, and I would beg him to give us 2. Contamination. I hope we see it soon.....

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(crash course raver)
03/28/04 03:36 AM
Re: Outside- Interpretation Award? new [re: hRtsfLtyleSn56]  

1. Outside has no one answer, I think. Unless Bowie gives us "THE answer," I will never be 100% convinced of any theory. I like it that way. I, too, would love to get 2. Contamination, as well as the third installment in the trilogy, but I'm fairly certain they will raise more QUESTIONS and not provide more ANSWERS. Which is, I think, as it should be. Answers are boring. Questions are fascinating.


03/28/04 09:32 AM
Re: Outside- Interpretation Award? new [re: hRtsfLtyleSn56]  

I swear, he should release this.

Buy something, dammit!

03/28/04 02:53 PM
Re: Outside- Interpretation Award? new [re: zigbot]  

I agree with you, Zigbot. I'd rather guess as to what the meaning of 1.Outside really is instead of knowing what it really is about. Although seeing 2.Contamination and 3.Afrikan would be great too!

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(crash course raver)
03/28/04 04:17 PM
Re: Outside- Interpretation Award? new [re: Lacrimans]  

Hmmm, David Bowie explains what the hell happened in 1. Outside--and it isn't only a CD, but rather a DVD.

Let's get a petition started for him to release this!


03/29/04 05:31 AM
Impersonate new [re: zigbot]  

I assume it would be a multivolume set. Although, he could keep things simple:

"Leon was just a guy, you know?"

"I must've been stoned or something when I wrote this."

"I don't even know who Algeria Touchshreik is, let alone what he was supposed to do."

"Stop asking all these questions, damn it. I just don't know what the hell I was going on about. Just listen to the new album, OK?"


(mortal with potential)
07/30/07 01:10 PM
Re: Outside- Interpretation Award? [re: zigbot]  

Honestly I don't know if this is the most interpretated album or not. I haven't finished reading all the posts about it here, but there should be an award for Adamīs interpretations!!

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