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Earthling on Fire
(crash course raver)
09/16/07 03:42 PM
Nathan Adler  

Has the issue of Nathan Adler's name been discussed before? I am thinking of the inspiration(s), associations and/or connotations implied by the name, which suggests an Ashkenazi Jewish extraction.
I have tried the search engine on different keywords but it din't yield anything. If the topic has already arisen I'll delete this post of course.

See the following for historic Nathan Adlers:

By the way, what about subdividing the Interpretation forum into albums and/or songs? Wouldn't it make it easier to search?

Wear your wound with honour.

(stardust savant)
09/17/07 05:13 AM
Re: Nathan Adler new [re: Earthling on Fire]  

I've considered it as a reference to Alfred Adler, Freud's contemporary and colleague. His approach to psychology (considering all aspects of personality to be interconnected, and to bear influence upon one another) has a lot in common with Nathan's approach to detective work.

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