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(stardust savant)
09/21/08 02:31 AM
David Bowie 1986/1995  


The Minotaur was the mysterious art-murderer persona on the album Outside. The Minotaur, in mythology, was a creature who lived at the center of a labyrinth. Bowie's film character, Jareth, also lived at the center of a labyrinth.

Both characters shared a particular fascination with tormenting teen-aged girls.

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(cracked actor)
09/21/08 05:00 PM
Re: David Bowie 1986/1995 new [re: guiltpuppy]  

That is an interesting point. I guess Bowie attracts or is attracted by certain kind of things in his life that he brings up over and over again in his work. I believe Adam has discussed this sort of thing with Outside and the time/space rip with the city names and dates being brought up in the song "Outside" among other things that cross historical lines in Bowie time.

(stardust savant)
09/22/08 00:10 AM
Re: David Bowie 1986/1995 new [re: ghostlove]  

I think Labyrinth is probably the 5th or 6th part in the Nathan Adler saga, although by that time he'd been transformed into that little Jew dude

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(incestuous and vain)
09/23/08 10:49 AM
Re: David Bowie 1986/1995 new [re: guiltpuppy]  

You think Daddy's a child molester?

I don't get along with myself
And I'm not too keen on anyone else

(cracked actor)
09/23/08 03:19 PM
Re: David Bowie 1986/1995 new [re: RabbitFighter]  

What's a pederast, Walter?

Oh, do what you want.

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