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02/26/02 11:38 PM
Oh my... new [re: Adam]  

Uh...Adam...I just have to say that I have no clue how I missed this post all the time I've been here...but you are an absolute genius!!! My friend and i made a stage adaptation of 1.Outside abotu a year ago just for fun because we had to have something to turn in the next day in our playwriting/directing class....we wrote it in one night and had dozens of pages of notes and listened to the album countless times and just immersed ourselves in the music and we didn't come anywhere near the area you hit upon....you just seem to have had a complete understanding...I have to revise our play now because you've made me realize that we took the wrong approach...we got a lot of things right....but we lost the whole miranda..patty...art/murder ritual inspiration thing that nathan is searchng for.....I just have to say thank you for putting this up because you obviously went crazy getting in bowie's head. so...thank you.

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02/28/02 02:51 AM
MIRANDA new [re: Adam]  

"At the end of the diary, a celebrity-artist buys a diamond encrusted umbilical cord "to announce her pregnancy" to a being that would have been 14 years of age. It appears the Minotaur has visited one of Ramona's body-parts jewellery stores. The one of which Miranda is the store operator (Adler asks whose been wearing Miranda's clothes?)."

about who miranda is....miranda i think did not work at the gallstone(as a store operator)...it says in the diaries...."ocasionally, a customer would step into her shop and not come out again. the whistle blew after a much loved and highly respected celebrity(miranda), known for being known, failed to show for a gallery hanging of her mirrors...........she'd mentioned that she would be shopping for a diamond encrusted umbilical cord as a celebratory thing to announce her pregnancy....that pregnancy would have produced a being that would be around 14 years of age. if it was still alive."

this does not mean that miranda works there....miranda was baby grace's mother...and the gallstone was a jewlery store, not a clothing store, so the "who's been wearing miranda's clothes?" line I think means that Ramona takes baby grace and assumes the position of a mother...taking miranda's place....make sense?

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03/01/02 05:37 PM
Re: I'm Deranged - Kreutzberg, Berlin, 1977 new [re: Adam]  

I`ll admit this is all quite brilliant, but any concept that takes 4 pages to figure out probably isn`t worth it.


I admit I do enjoy Outside a lot, and this post is among the best I have ever read.
What I want to know is, where do THESE songs fit in?:
A Small Plot Of Land
Segue: Algeria Touchshriek
We Prick You.

Happy Hunting!

03/01/02 07:27 PM
Re: I'm Deranged - Kreutzberg, Berlin, 1977 new [re: schizophrenic]  

'Segue:Algeria Touchshriek'......Algeria Touchshriek is one of the three suspects for the murder of baby grace...he sold interests drugs(art drugs), i'm guessing, to Ramona A. Stone...he lives in Oxford Town, where Baby Grace's body was found..all set up, cut up and beautifully displayed...not too important, just a lonely old harmless man, you can tell by his monologue on the album...

'A Small Plot of Land'....
this song is sung by the inhabitants of Oxford Town...it's all of them basically accusing Leon of Baby Grace's murder....he's a suspect and now he's being arrested...

'We Prick You'...
this is sung by the members of the Oxford Town court...Leon's trial for Baby Grace's murder..."I wish you'd Tell"
They are basically pressing him for answers...pricking him...

that help? I'm sure these songs have been disected by Adam in this thread previously...

It is clear that I must find my other half.

03/02/02 12:18 PM
Re: Buddhism/The Tibetan Book Of The Dead new [re: WildWind]  

WW scripsit: "The post above says that "Salaam" is an "Eastern" greeting - does anyone know with which part of the East it's associated?"

In Arabic-speaking countries Salaam (properly as-salaam alaikum, changing the pronoun according to circunstances, of course) to the best of my knowledge is just like "good morning" or "how do you do" in the West. It merely means "peace be with you". However, Salaam used to have a derogatory meaning as well: it was the English name for a kind of greeting, typically associated with Turkish, Irani and arabic-speaking people, where the person bows or even prostrates himself before a civil o religious authority.
By the way, I very much fear Bowie is playing us for a fool over this one. Have you all reckoned with the use of the Verbasiser in this one?

It's not enough to say, `Go to hell.' Far better to say, `Go to hell, and here are the reasons, with bibliography and footnotes.' Never cross a philologist.
E.P. Menes

(crash course raver)
03/02/02 09:52 PM
Salaam new [re: Tyger_Lily]  

Dictionary.com says a salaam is "a respectful ceremonial greeting performed especially in Islamic countries", an act of bowing down low and placing a palm on the forehead. So in this repect, I considered it another perversion of religious/classic ritual. At one point in The Heart's Filthy Lesson video, you can see Bowie doing something like a salaam. But it's only for a couple of seconds.

The fact it is Islamic, I don't think has purpose to the song or concept. But I stand by the possibility it is the artiste greeting and paying respect to it's influences and the art gods (Minotaur).

The Music is Outside

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03/02/02 10:40 PM
Artiste in a Tunnel new [re: ExquisiteCorpse]  

In his 1994 hypothetical play We Saw a Minotaur, Bowie used his own computer and video material "to tell the story of a Modern Day Minotaur". So we could speculate on what of this filtered through to 1.Outside.

"I'm deranged" is sung by The Artiste / Minotaur. Going back to Greek mythology (Bowie said Outside was essentially driven from a pagan engine), the Minotaur was a violent monster that lived underground. For the Artiste, however, it is something to be appreciated - it's a composite being, and as Bowie mentioned, ancient rock paintings were discovered (the oldest known to man) with depictions of the Minotaur. (To Bowie's astonishment these were discovered after he had written the album).

The Minotaur was the offspring of PasiphaŽ, queen of Crete, and a snow-white bull the god Poseidon had sent to PasiphaŽ's husband, King Minos. Minos refused to sacrifice the beast, so Poseidon made PasiphaŽ fall in love with it and give birth to the Minotaur.

In "I'm Deranged", the artiste/minotaur sings "cruise me blonde, cruise me babe", an invitation to the white bull. Likewise in the Voyeur of Utter Destruction: "I shake and stare at the mother's little vermin", could be a reference to the beast child.

In Bowie's 1994 artwork, there is a charcoal and chalk drawing of what he describes as "the costume for an unborn MinotaurÖÖthose eggs signify it's birth". In the diary, "pregnancy" and "giving birth" was a key to the ritual.

After the birth of the Minotaur, comes the architect.

Minos ordered the architect and inventor Daedalus to build a labyrinth so intricate the Minotaur's escape from it without assistance would be impossible. Ramona A Stone says "I was an artiste in a tunnel". The mythology also says the Minotaur was confined in these tunnels and fed with young humans which Minos forced Athens to send him as tribute. So from this perspective, Baby Grace is sacrificed for the Minotaur.

Finally, in the scurry towards the end of the millenium, there's a link between modern day ritual and ancient pagan ritual. One trait is in the "The Hearts Filthy Lesson" video where people are emblazed with tatoo and piercings - very tribal yet at the same time typical of trends in the 1990s.

To some, these patterns appear as "chaos" or "premillenium tension", but Bowie suggests a bigger picture. Perhaps appeasing - or silencing - the Gods is becoming irreligious - peverting the modern catholic ritual. There is no hell - if you're already in it.

In A Small Plot of Land, the townspeople reflect on the pagan quest: "swings through the tunnels and claws his way, is small life so manic are these really the days?". The "tunnels" and "steaming caves" might be the commuter system, but at the same time it parallels the prison of the Minotaur. Is this the place where Leon says "It's difficult you see, to give up baby, to leave the job when you know the money's from day to day"? In this respect, we are all bound by similar prisons - the architecture is the physical space and the need for financial security and wealth bounds us to a certain course of action. As Bowie sings in Ricochet: "Early, before the sun, they struggle off to the gates.......In their secret fearful places they see their lives.......Unravelling before them.......March of flowers - march of dimes.......These are the prisons, these are the crimes".

(grinning soul)
03/23/02 06:09 PM
the architect new [re: Adam]  

I can't help but wonder what Bowie's personality type is. If it is indeed INTP (which is 1% of the world or something), then it would make sense that Leon would have the type of personality displayed in "Thru these Architect's Eyes" if Leon is reflected thru David's eyes.

The INTP personality is considered the "Architect"--- building things purely out of ideas to create an overall atmosphere.
The most interesting thing about INTP is that "Feelings"--aka LOVE, EMOTIONS; are the most inferior to all other aspects of the personality. Thus raising intellegence, intuition and thinking above all else. This would explain why Leon was involved in the art-crime ritual. If you want to believe that it was Ramona's brainwashing tequniques, then go ahead, but I believe that Leon was fully aware; then regretted it afterward. "Its difficult, you see, to give up baby.. to leave the job, when you, you know the money's from day to day."
Thats my interpretation anyway.

(electric tomato)
03/24/02 04:18 PM
Re: the architect new [re: nymphet]  

hey nymphet is there any way to take the personality test online? I think that I took it a few years ago in school but I don't remember what I got...

it's not happening. and if it should be happening it would be alright, so don't worry, Seymour. It'll all work out. You'll see already. In the end it's all nice.

09/20/02 01:33 PM
Dreging up old dirt new [re: ExquisiteCorpse]  

I never get tired of reading Outside interpretations. When I first came to TW I had just gotten a promo CD but hadn't listened to it all the way thru. I thought I was missing out on some big secret only hardcore Bowie fans knew...like somewhere there is a list of characters, motives, just little pieces of information. I always thought, and still think, that there should be a website devoted solely to 1. Outside, someone mentioned much earlier that there actually is one, where is it?
Trying to decipher a complex work like this is like trying to solve all great mysteries. Perhaps I should use the word paradox. The unsolvable problem that keeps you going. Is this making any sense? I guess the best example I could use is the film "Memento". About a man who needs to a mystery to solve in order to live -- it's his reason FOR living. I have a theory that I can solve the great mystery of life, but as soon as it is solved, life becomes pointless. The reason for living was to find the answer. So I think I really do know the answer, or I could find it, but the thing is, I'm not ready to stop playing the game. I will know the the answer and my life with end simotaneously, neither is possible without the other.
But the hardest thing to accept, the thing I can never convince myself of, even for a moment, because I would die, is what if there really is no mystery? What if everything really is random? I can't even fathom it.


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