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04/29/03 03:30 AM
My Thoughts new [re: Adam]  

Just came to me, while walking outside, listening to "I Have Not Been To Oxford Town."

Leon is framed for the murder, or is accused of acting alone when he may have been an accomplice. Some lines could mean:

Toll the bell - Death imagery, perhaps signalling that Leon's fate is sealed. Leon knows he won't be getting out, for there is apparently some evidence found that links him to the murder. He knows that he can't be saved.
Pay the private eye; All's well - This could mean that since the police have him and apparently some evidence, that this case is solved in their eyes. They have the killer, so case closed and no one needs to worry anymore. Good job, Adler. (But, I don't imply that Adler believes that Leon actually did it.)
Twentieth century dies - Could be representational of Leon's love of the millennium , for he did "jump up on the stage." Since the millennium has passed, Leon is satisfied.

So, who did this? Who framed Leon? I think it was Ramona. In the second Adler segue, it says:

Ramona is so cold
When she broke it off with Leon,
She said "The ring is enough,
I don't wanna see this face again"

Apparently, something happened between Leon and Ramona to make her end their relationship. Since she doesn't want to see him again, she frames him for the murder of Baby Grace, which sends him to prison to possibly be executed; thus she would never have to see him again. She was cold, maybe meaning "cold-hearted", for she was willing to go this far to rid herself of Leon.

Or perhaps I've been watching too many shows about homicide on Court TV.

Do NOT make me LAUGH!

(cracked actor)
04/30/03 00:08 AM
Re: Dreging up old dirt new [re: StrangeDrugs]  

I've had some thoughts about a few lines.

A blond belief beyond beyond beyond

Does this suggest some type of Aryan superiority concept held by one or more of the characters?? Maybe Ramona herself?? Or perhaps it is of a more harmless nature. "Blonde" traditionally associated with youth and innocence. It is an innocent, naive belief, on the part of someone.

I'm deranged
Deranged my love
I'm deranged down down down
So cruise me babe cruise me baby

To me this signifies some type of romantic/sexual relationship between Ramona and whoever the Artiste Minitaur is. The person (whom the archetype of the Minitaur is manifested in) is allowing Ramona to use it, or 'cruise' it (take the controls of the vehicle). Perhaps the Minitaur is being personified through Ramona herself. And she's 'using' it, or perhaps it is using her, as a conduit of sorts.

Big deal Salaam

If the Minituar and Ramona are separate people, this is another confirmation that she is decieving him/her to use for her purposes. She blesses this person, but it is not sincire. This person is only a tool for her, but she allows them to believe that they mean more. She's throwing around blessings, or her favour; big deal -Salaam! Note the irony/sarcasm in the phrase 'big deal.'

edit: perhaps this song is about the murderer giving up the fight to remain 'sane' and is essentially saying "all right Minitaur, I'm all your's. I can't fight you any more. Take my mind and body. 'Cruise' me.

I should have been a pair of ragged claws
Scuttling across the floors of silent seas

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04/30/03 04:24 PM
Labyrinth! new [re: Adam]  

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the labyrinth. No, I'm not going to explain to you all the connection between Jareth and the characters of 1.Outside. But, when I think of a Minitaur, I'm instantly reminded me of the Greek myth (I forget which) about a Minitaur in a giant under ground labyrinth. The story is a confusing labyrinth that brings you in many directions but always back to where you began, as you search for the Minitaur.

The Minitaur is also the dark, animalistic side of human nature striving to break free from the labyrinth of the human mind. The maze of modern technology and society makes this beast even more ferocious and dangerous while in it's entrapment, when it finally does assert itself, the result can be absolutely deadly. As Baby Grace would testify, if she only could.

I should have been a pair of ragged claws
Scuttling across the floors of silent seas

(thunder ocean)
05/05/03 02:31 AM
Re: Labyrinth! new [re: strangeDivine]  


(cracked actor)
05/05/03 06:41 PM
Being a word I use quite frequently in writing new [re: Sysiyo]  

In reply to:


Well I'd hate to make that embarassing mistake again!

I should have been a pair of ragged claws
Scuttling across the floors of silent seas

(electric tomato)
05/06/03 09:47 PM
Re: Labyrinth! new [re: Sysiyo]  

Kinda funny, English is not your native tongue (Finnish is - arent i a smart one), and you go around correcting the spelling mistakes of people born in english speaking countries, impressivvvve (oops).

(wild eyed peoploid)
08/30/04 09:41 AM
Re: The Motel - - Kreutzberg, Berlin, 1977 [re: Adam]  

In reply to:

Ramona - who is also Leon's lover - knows the identity, but keeps it a secret....

I've got a feeling Ramona found out by mistake and is feeling the pressure of such a secret. The Minotour is almost mocking her when he says "Funny how secrets travel", and now that she knows there is "No return, No return".

Ramona herself says that "I started with no enemies of my own" almost as if by discovering the trut., she's now acquired other people's enemies.

08/30/04 08:24 PM
Re: Being a word I use quite frequently in writing new [re: strangeDivine]  

what's wrong with Minitower?

"Have you tried... not being a mutant?"

(mortal with potential)
08/31/04 00:45 AM
Re: Being a word I use quite frequently in writing new [re: th0mas]  

What evidence exists to link Leon to the crime? I think it's something conclusive (like DNA evidence), which is why the justice has no doubt that he did it. How could there be conclusive evidence if Leon didn't do it? Well, the theory I just came up with while reading Adam's brilliant posts (a theory that, no doubt, I'll find stupid in twenty minutes) is that, when Leon cut a zero in the fabric of time, he created a temporal anomaly that not only made this a non-linear story, it sent him (or part of himself, or a temporal duplicate of himself) to the past, 1977, when he met Ramona for the second time (first time for her) and became the Minotaur who would murder Baby Grace decades later. So perhaps Leon IS guilty.

(cracked actor)
08/31/04 02:08 PM
Non-Linear new [re: Mxy]  

Interesting theory, Mxy, so Leon is guilty in the future? Or on some parallel universe where we are at a different point in time? I think of him in the jail demanding he has not been to Oxford Town, and seeing "your shadow on my wall." Is he seeing the shadow of his future self--or his self in the parallel universe he traversed when he cut a zero into the fabric of time?

All rhetorical questions I'm sure. The only true thing about the entire Outside saga is this: It IS non-linear indeed. It's a puzzle without a solution, but it's still fun to play, isn't it?


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