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(mortal with potential)
08/31/04 09:20 PM
Re: Non-Linear new [re: zigbot]  

Well, I think it's highly unlikely that I'm Right, but I came up with this because Leon cutting a Zero in Reality itself has always been my favorite mental image from 1. Outside, and I think it must be there for a reason. Besides, I Can't Help Think About this as the script of a movie with a relatively normal structure, so Adler's realization that Leon is guilty After All would be something like the twist ending.

(electric tomato)
09/23/04 03:00 AM
Re: Labyrinth! new [re: LaughingGnoome]  

Minotaur would be greek in origin wouldn't it? Mino as in Court of King MInos, Taur as in Bull
Besides, Minitaur sounds more like a very small version of a bull headed man.

You'd die for diamonds, but you won't live for love

(wild eyed peoploid)
09/24/04 04:24 AM
Re: Artiste in a Tunnel new [re: Adam]  

in regards to:Finally, in the scurry towards the end of the millenium, there's a link between modern day ritual and ancient pagan ritual. One trait is in the "The Hearts Filthy Lesson" video where people are emblazed with tatoo and piercings - very tribal yet at the same time typical of trends in the 1990s.

this was a quetion and answer from a 1997 radio interview...
(i'm guessing at a lot of names here, so be kind)

FEMALE QUESTIONER:"my question deals with your sort of narratives of fragmented bodies in OUTSIDE? and i'm wondering from what angles you approached that,from say, uh, you know, contempory philosophy like delouis leotard or maybe from science fiction, or from your interest in duchamps?

MALE HOST:i was going to ask that question, we had that on tap right?

BOWIE:certainly any basis on modern art, whether it's VISUAL or MUSICAL or THEATRICAL or whatever from people like millam,and james joyce and duchamps i think the main impetus has been THIS CENTURY, uhm, the IDEA of THE IDEA.that MUSIC,um,PICTURES aren't just feeble representations of REALITY, but they're a setting up of TRIGGERS that cause you to question LIFE (in a nutshell). uhm, and i think, because imformation comes at us at a so, (pause), VORACIOUSLY nowuhm, we seem to be overimbued with INFORMATION from the various MEDIUM FORMS. WE CAN"T ANALYZE ANYTHING ANYMORE. uhm the french school was saying in the '60's that we're getting to a point where there's only the ILLUSION of HISTORY, the ILLUSION of a FUTURE. those things are RAPIDly disappearing. WE DON"T HAVE A HISTORY ANYMORE.we can't anal..THERE'S NO TIME TO ANALYZE WHAT HAPPENED LAST WEEK.uh,and, once you have that situation where the past is becoming a GRAY AREA, uhm, by virtue of that fact, the FUTURE looks less like HAPPENING in a REAL SENSE. only 15 years ago PEOPLE HAD SOME KIND OF EXPECTATION THAT WE WERE GOING SOMEWHERE that had A POINT, and a REASON, and that the purpose was to make things better as we GO ON.that REASONING and that MAIN OBJECTIVE has VIRTUALLY DISAPPEARED. we feel that the only thing that we ACTUALLY KNOW ABOUT is LIVING NOW, in TODAY, and i think that's caused ART to TURN IN ON ITSELF, and THE BODY IS BECOMING A NEW KIND OF CANVAS, that's WHY you're WEARING what you're WEARING IN YOUR NOSE. there's uh,uh,uh...it's the ONE THING YOU HAVE POWER OVER, is YOUR BODY and HOW IT REACTS to this VERY COMPLEX and CHAOTIC SITUATION that IS OUR LIVES. we have NO POWER over the COMPLEXITIES of the FRAGMENTATION of LIFE, and so we more and more go into the ah,BODY. It kind of comes out of THERE!

MALE HOST:you're shaking! are you OK?


p.s you can take the personality test online-i too am an INTP who thinks OUTSIDE is BOWIES ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE!

it's happening NOW, not TOMMORROW

09/24/04 04:44 AM
QUIET new [re: ulfdub]  

Such a talented man - he can talk in all caps.

Ziggy Piggae

(wild eyed peoploid)
09/27/04 04:47 AM
Re: QUIET new [re: poorsoul]  

i am half spanish and half danish. the spanish half likes to talk with his hands (thus the caps)and is very proud and arrogant.the danish half is more considerate of others, and types lower case. you my friend appear to be a half breed yourself. only half the post is in caps, so you my friend are HALF BLIND.


(absolute beginner )
09/23/06 11:23 AM
Re: Dreging up old dirt new [re: strangeDivine]  

Hey, strangeDivine. I thought about your remark that Ramona or one of the other characters could have some Aryan pure-blood concept or something. That sounds convincing to me. In the Nathan Adler Diaries, Ramona is described as a "tyrannical futurist". Futurism was a movement in arts and music set in the 20ies and 30ies of the 20th Century, sometimes associated with early fascistic movements, especially in Italy. Calling her a "tyrannical futurist" could even more hint to a fascistic or semifascistic background of Ramona. Just a thought.

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