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London boy
(wild eyed peoploid)
06/05/01 08:32 AM
whoops new [re: Remade/Remodeled]  

"there is no hell like an old hell... & it's like some voice"
"you're cold and had a gun, I really can't look at your little empty shell."
"joey's awful strong... bet your life is put in a song."

well that's what i thought he sang
but in some ways i prefer these lyrics to the actual ones

seek out ........... a STAR ......... to WALK ON ........ he walks on

(mortal with potential)
06/06/01 02:17 PM
Re: Intentionally misheard lyrics new [re: fiGgU_]  

I always think he sings "Want an axe to break the ikes" too...
And when he sings "Ain't there a woman I can sock..." I always think he sings "Ain't there a woman I can SUCK"!!!!!

Var är alla snygga tjejer när man behöver dem?

white rabbit
(electric tomato)
06/14/01 10:06 PM
Re: Intentionally misheard lyrics new [re: SofiaFartdust]  

I had a friend who really thought that "Don't fear the reaper" (Blue Oyster Cult) was "Don't fear the reefer". Yes, he smoked a lot of pot ... Now I always hear the song this way and laugh and think of my friend, Les.

Spring Summer whenever Winter through Fall ~ I'd do anything to turn you on

(cracked actor)
06/16/01 01:16 PM
And it should be... new [re: ScreamingByron]  

The only one I intentionally mishear is so simple and obvious I'm surprised no one has mentioned it yet:

From "The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell":

Life's a bitch and sometimes you die.


I have a headache. Please split my head open with an axe and see if a goddess pops out.

(mortal with potential)
06/19/01 01:32 PM
Re: And it should be... new [re: WildWind]  

I hear Life's a bitch... too.
In Big Brother I hear: these saviour saviour shores/ hear me I'm drasticly yours.
And I swear it's just got LAID in Cracked Actor!

Smooth -- like seven inches from the vintage sun
All Right Now (I think that's what its called) -- instead of "love, lord above/ now you're trying to trick me in love" I hear "love, love's a verb!" And I much prefer my version!

(crash course raver)
06/19/01 02:28 PM
Someone to eat cheese, someone to follow new [re: Earnest]  

Earnest, I think you are more or less right and the TW lyrics page is wrong about Big Brother. TW cites the line in question as:

Please savior, saviour, show us
Here me, I'm graphically yours

I agree with the second part except for the misspelling of hear, but I what I also hear in the first line is:

Hey Savior, save your shores

It is sort of a pun, and I think it is rather clearly sung. Will anyone confirm or deny my transcription?

The last time I pointed out what I thought was a misprint on a TW lyrics page [1984 - "I guess we enrolled" instead of "I guess we arrove"] it was sneakily corrected to the lyric I advocated with nary a "thank you, p2c". But doing thankless work is my hobby.

I strive to be brief, and I become obscure. ~Horace~

(wild eyed peoploid)
06/25/01 08:27 AM
I remember! new [re: power2charm]  

I remembered one of my sister's misheard lyrics. It was most of the song Five Years actually...

Fuck you, I've got dust in my eyes
Fuck you, winning the prize
Fuck you, my brain's on alarm
Fuck you, I'm singing my song!

And earlier:

A girl my age went operette, hit some tiny children
If the black hadn't a-pulled her off, I think she would have killed them
A soldier with a bro, ken harm, fixed his stairs to the wheels of a cattle hack
A cop melted and filled defeat of a priest, and a beer will cure it in spite of that


"All I have to give to you/ Is these five words tonight/ Thank you for loving me."

(electric tomato)
06/26/01 08:08 PM
Re: I remember! new [re: Coan_teen]  

Just remembered one :

In Ashes to Ashes: Of Laughter and Needed Love intstead of I've Loved all I've Needed Love

One sees great things from the valley,
only small things from the peak.

G.K. Chesterton

(absolute beginner )
06/28/01 04:50 PM
Re: Intentionally misheard lyrics new [re: ScreamingByron]  

I always hear:
"the BITTER comes out better on a stolen guitar"
as a pose to:
"The BEAT IT comes out better on a stolen guitar."
I think bitter sounds better, I also hear "please saviour save our shores" makes more sense.

alive and well and living in theory only

Scary Monsters
06/29/01 04:53 AM
D.J. new [re: ScreamingByron]  

"Humbled by a bit of fruit" instead of "Humble pie or bitter fruit."

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