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(crash course raver)
07/18/01 03:06 AM
Re: A Kick Inside the Head new [re: Tristan]  

Unfortunately my best ever misheard lyrics is in Finnish. Two of them, actually.
The other goes
Salaatti nukahtaa (The lettuce falls asleep)
and the other
ja lehmäs uskolliset (and your faithful cows)

To tell the truth I just had to post something, seeing that it'd be the 100th reply to this thread.

Recycle your sigs!
I'm the return of the Thin White Duck

(wild eyed peoploid)
07/26/01 06:41 PM
Re: A Kick Inside the Head new [re: Echoes Of A Fairy]  

I don't know if anyone's mentioned this one yet. But whenever I listen to DJ I hear:

"I'm home, lost my job, and incurable B.O."

Cracks me up everytime!!!!!! :)

Helen :)

"Post boom, second doom, stealing cake to eat the moon!"

(mortal with potential)
08/04/01 08:11 PM
Re: Oh, how I muse new [re: Echoes Of A Fairy]  

i always thought "sordid details far away"...

any way, i also thought in ziggy he sung " and played his stardust" in stead of "and lady stardust", and also apparently he doesnt sing "like a leather messiah" which is such a shame, cos i thought that was a great line.

to top it all though, my boyfirend and i had a huge row about "its a crash course for the ravers". he SWORE it was "rapers" even after i pointed out that "crash course raver" is a level on this message board "oh no" he said "theyre just trying to be politically correct, the word raver didnt exist then, and driveins were notorious for date rape". not wanting to believe him, i was of course proved right, and his theory of 20 years has now been destroyed ;)

"From caring comes courage" - Lao Tse

(mortal with potential)
09/02/01 08:47 AM
Re: Intentionally misheard lyrics new [re: ScreamingByron]  

Huh, I thought he does sing Lately, I've been...... Sounds like it to me

(cracked actor)
09/03/01 03:02 AM
Re: Intentionally mis-sung lyrics new [re: yoursnowstorm]  

Bowie seems to have a bad habit of intentionally mis-singing his lyrics. In the Glass Spider video (a live video from Melbourne concert), he sings just about every other line wrong, intentonally or not.

Dann sind wir Helden
Nur diesen Tag

(stardust savant)
09/04/01 03:22 AM
Cocaine memory new [re: Sysiyo]  

From 'Stage'

Pushing though the market square
So many mothers sighing
News had just come over
We had five years left to sigh in.

(cracked actor)
09/04/01 04:01 AM
More misheard in Finnish... new [re: Echoes Of A Fairy]  

Never forget the infamous
Mina suojelen sinua taiteelta (I'll protect you from art)

Dann sind wir Helden
Nur diesen Tag

(mortal with potential)
09/05/01 08:49 PM
Re: Intentionally misheard lyrics new [re: ScreamingByron]  

Station to Station

European canabis here...

Take it cheesy
V-2 Schwejlih

(stardust savant)
09/10/01 04:08 AM
How LOW can you go? new [re: cheesye]  

From Allways Crashing In The Same Car:

Mr. Boo-ta-chum goes to nineteenth floor (Must have been touching close to ninety-four)

Werden wir Helden
Für einen Tag

(mortal with potential)
10/04/01 03:38 AM
Re: Intentionally misheard lyrics new [re: cheesye]  

in Word on a Wing: "and I'm trying hard to feel around your scheme of things"...as opposed to the correct..."and i'm trying hard to fit among..."

and i'm almost embarrassed to admit...after following bowie closely for the past 30 years i just now found out i've been singing Hang On To Yourself wrong all this time..

personally i like my version better..
"well the BITTER comes out better on a stolen guitar...."

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