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(electric tomato)
01/04/02 11:14 PM
Re: Hateable Bowie albums? new [re: ExquisiteCorpse]  

The 80s Crap Trilogy (Let's Dance, Tonight, NLMD)
Tin Machine I and II
Black Tie White Noise
The Buddha Of Suburbia
they all suck...

01/04/02 11:18 PM
Re: Hateable Bowie albums? new [re: Claude]  

First item I'd like to address- why on earth would anyone dislike 'Space Oddity'? This album is a panoply of excellence! Some of Bowie's best writing- not the best, but considerably some of the cream of the crop (though there is almost more cream than crop to pick from). There is not a single bad moment on the album, and it reaches an amazing end with MOAFF, which is a song that I prohibit myself to listen to, unless something strikingly wonderful has happened that would be worth playing it- in respect of savoring the song so that It will never be over played. 'Cygnet Committee' is arguably one of Bowie's finest works, in my humble opinion, and "Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed" never fails to bring a smile to my face. And of course, the title track is possibly Bowie's most recognized work, and is nevertheless, quite satisfactory. And even "Don't Sit Down" is a funny and lovable little selection, it's nice to hear Bowie laugh, as well. - I love this album!

Now, to address the actual matter of importance- I hate no Bowie albums, there are a few that are less pleasing, and they go in this order
1. Never Let Me Down
2. Tonight
3. 67 LP
4. Tin Machine
5. Tin Machine II

-I used to dislike BTWN, but with an eye specifically layed on the lyrics, and not the sound (which I also grew to like) I discovered a very good album, I still can't say I utterly dig the sound, but the brass sections are great, and the writing is on par with being essential Bowie work.

Anyhow, that is simply my opinion- I would very much like to see why the hell people don't like Space Oddity!

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(wild eyed peoploid)
01/05/02 00:42 AM
Re: Hateable Bowie albums? new [re: Zella]  

In reply to:

I'm surprised not more people listed Never Let Me Down. That was a pathetic album.

I listened to it on repeat last night for about 3 hours, it's one of my favorite albums of David Bowie's. Time Will Crawl, Makin' My Love, and Beat On Your Drum are brilliant. To me, it is the epitome of pop music. The lyrics are genius. [But I think that Davy was a little too dizzy when he wrote Too Dizzy, to this I will concede.] The songs are witty and upbeat, the entire album is a stimulant, and I think that if less people walked around dishing that it's sooo awful, a lot more people would love it.

post script: Zeroes is one of my favorite songs!

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(grinning soul)
01/05/02 09:11 AM
Re: Hateable Bowie albums? new [re: Nephthys]  

In reply to:

I really don't understand why everyone things S2S is so great. I like some of the tracks, but it seems so dull.

I completely agree. The song station to station does for me make up for the rest of the album; I think it's great, but the five tracks that aren't this song are dull. The album is probably very significant in Bowie's career etc. but musically I prefer the earlier 70's and 1. Outside.

you can't not like pink per se

(wild eyed peoploid)
01/05/02 09:27 AM
Re: Hateable Bowie albums? new [re: Tristan]  

In response to al your comments about "The Deram Anthology", I sat down last night and listened to the entire thing. I stand Corrected! A really impressive album, some of the songs are really good and underated (The Gospel According to Tony Day). I think its gonna grow on me.

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(wild eyed peoploid)
01/05/02 02:33 PM
Re: Hateable Bowie albums? new [re: Cisite]  

The Tony Day followers congratulate you...

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(stardust savant)
01/05/02 03:02 PM
Re: Hateable Bowie albums? new [re: ExquisiteCorpse]  

In reply to:

The Tony Day followers congratulate you...

Yes we do! I've been praising this song on this MB for years. I'm happy to see that someone else likes it as well.

Love And Anger ~ KB

(mortal with potential)
01/06/02 11:18 AM
Re: Hateable Bowie albums? new [re: ErichJohann]  

I think Paris hit the nail on the head saying that NLMD is the epitome of "pop" music. I don't much like pop music (whatever that means!). That's why I always liked Bowie because he was so anti-pop. But maybe he wasn't really. All I know is that not too many of my class mates could get into his music, while, in my view it was the only thing worth listening to. But I will give him points for the whole Glass Spider thing. It's not the song that's so great - but the concert was amazing. I still think the 1977 Stage tour was better (perhaps only because I was much younger and more impressionable). 1997 small club tour was the ultimate!! :-)

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tv eye
(crash course raver)
01/06/02 07:02 PM
Re: Hateable Bowie albums? new [re: Zella]  

In reply to:

liked Bowie because he was so anti-pop

rebel rebel
young americans
golden years
red sails
boys keep swinging
- no sense of pop whatsoever???

oh by jingo

(stardust savant)
01/07/02 07:56 AM
Re: Hateable Bowie albums? new [re: ExquisiteCorpse]  

I don't hate any of his albums... I dislike Earthling, but it makes good listening when you're angry, so I can't say I hate it. Thank you for your interest .

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