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05/05/03 07:10 PM
Re: Bowie's Albums: Your Order Of Preference new [re: T.J. Newton]  

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In case you haven't noticed, I gave them the same note - 4 and 1/2

Yes, I noticed the 4 & 1/2 smilies. I also noticed Heathen was placed at # 5 and Diamond Dogs at # 6. I can't see anyone in their right mind putting Heathen ahead of Diamond Dogs.

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Gimme a break.


I don't force you to share my opinions, do I? So what's the big deal.

Maybe I should have said "you've got to be kidding" instead.
Yes, you're entitled to your opinions and I'm entitled to question them. This is a message board. That's the deal.

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T.J. Newton
(stardust savant)
05/06/03 10:40 AM
Re: Bowie's Albums: Your Order Of Preference new [re: Tristan]  

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Yes, I noticed the 4 & 1/2 smilies.

And you haven't realized that if two albums have the same note, they're equal or alomst equal?

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I also noticed Heathen was placed at # 5 and Diamond Dogs at # 6. I can't see anyone in their right mind putting Heathen ahead of Diamond Dogs.

I put it ahead of Diamond Dogs only because I've been listening to it more than to DD lately. Apart from this fact, I rate those two records very similarily.

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Maybe I should have said "you've got to be kidding" instead.

And then I would have said "No, dear Tristan, I kid you not!"

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Yes, you're entitled to your opinions and I'm entitled to question them.

You are, but I don't see the point in questioning other people's opinions. You cannot discuss taste and preferences, each man has got different views and opinions.

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(mortal with potential)
05/06/03 07:54 PM
Re: Bowie's Albums: Your Order Of Preference new [re: twister]  

I'll play this game!

1. 1. Outside (1995)
2. Ziggy Stardust (1972)
3. Low (1977)
4. Hunky Dory (1971)
5. Scary Monsters (1980)
6. Lodger (1979)
7. "Heroes" (1977)
8. Heathen (2002)
9. 'Hours...' (1999)
10. Earthling (1997)
11. Tin Machine II (1991)
12. Diamond Dogs (1974)
13. The Man Who Sold The World (1970)
14. Young Americans (1975)
15. Space Oddity (1969)
16. Station To Station (1976)
17. David Bowie (1967)
18. Aladdin Sane (1973)
19. Tin Machine (1989)
20. The Buddha Of Suburbia (1993)
21. Black Tie White Noise (1993)
22. Let's Dance (1983)
23. Pin Ups (1973)
24. Never Let Me Down (1987)
25. Tonight (1984)

Wow, "1. 1. Outside" looks funny :)

(stardust savant)
05/07/03 00:32 AM
Mixmaster Matt new [re: Marquis]  

You heard it here first: Let's Dance is better than Station to Station

1. Young Americans
2. Heroes
3. Low
4. Scary Monsters
5. Diamond Dogs
6. Ziggy Stardust
7. Aladdin Sane
8. Hunky Dory
9. Space Oddity
10. Let's Dance
11. Station to Station
12. Outside
13. Lodger
14. The Man Who Sold the World
15. Pinups
16. Earthling
17. Heathen
18. hours

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09/06/04 11:14 AM
Revisited new [re: Marquis]  

Here comes my updated list which includes "Reality" and reflects my current feel towards Bowie's back catalogue.

1. Ziggy Stardust
2. Hunky Dory

3. Low
4. Aladdin Sane
5. Heroes
6. Diamond Dogs
7. The Man Who Sold The World
8. Station To Station
9. Young Americans
10. Heathen
11. Lodger

12. Space Oddity
13. Earthling

14. Buddha Of Suburbia
15. Scary Monsters

16. Hours
17. Let`s Dance
18. Reality

19 .Pin Ups
20. David Bowie

21. NLMD
22. Tin Machine
23. BTWN
24 Tin Machine II
25 Outside

26. Tonight

And I want to believe
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(wild eyed peoploid)
09/06/04 12:56 PM
Re: Bowie's Albums: Your Order Of Preference new [re: twister]  

Holy fuck! i sooo totally wanted to make a thread like this! Im so happy someone braught it up again! Thanks

Station To Station
Aladdin Sane
Hunky Dory
Scary Monsters . . . . . And Super Creeps
Diamond Dogs
Ziggy Stardust
Space Oddity
1. Outside
Never Let Me Down
Let's Dance
The Man Who Sold The World
The Buddha Of Suburbia
Tin Machine 2
Young Americans
Pin Ups
Tin Machine
David Bowie
hours . . .
Black Tie White Noise

All Sliced Up And Sealed Tight In Baggies
Guess Love Makes You Do Funny Things

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09/06/04 07:26 PM
oh yeah, update! new [re: EJSunday]  

Albums frequently in my CD changer:
1. Diamond Dogs
2. Low
3. Outside
4. Heathen (SACD)
5. Earthling

Albums still listened to more often than to the average album.
6. Station To Station
7. Aladdin Sane
8. Scary Monsters
9. Ziggy Stardust

Average albums
10. The Man Who Sold The World
11. Lodger
12. Heroes
13. Hunky Dory
14. Buddha Of Suburbia
15. Reality

For Bowie sub-par, but still in my stereo from time to time.
16. Let`s Dance
17. Young Americans

Albums which need a special mood to be tried out once more.
18. Space Oddity
19. Hours
20. BTWN
21. Tin Machine II

Albums I avoid (this is more or less a random ranking between them, since it does not matter anyway).
22. NLMD
23. Tin Machine
24 .Pin Ups
25. David Bowie
26. Tonight

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White Prism
(crash course raver)
09/10/04 02:50 PM
It's come to this new [re: twister]  

Places 1-5 can vary; I guess I should get itunes to provide useage stats, huh? Places 19-25 are nigh unrankable because I hardly ever play them. All the others in between were ranked within their groups according to the length of the word based on my sloppy handwriting.

Near perfection:
1 - Low
2 - Young Americans
3 - The Man Who Sold the World
4 - Station to Station
5 - Diamond Dogs
6 - Lodger
7 - Scary Monsters
8 - Hunky Dory

Thoroughly enjoyable albums with the odd duff track:
9 - Outside
10 - Buddha
11 - Space Oddity
12 - Ziggy
13 - Aladdin
14 - Heroes

A few misfires but good just about outweighs the bad:
15 - BTWN
16 - Let's Dance
17 - Hours
18 - Earthling

19 - Heathen
20 - Reality
21 - S/t 1966
22 - Pinups
23 - Tonight
24 - TM 1
25 - NLMD

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(thunder ocean)
09/10/04 03:32 PM
Traditions. new [re: Sysiyo]  

I guess, in keeping with the tradition, this call for another update to my listing. I must admit that I have listened to hardly any Bowie albums of the late. Which might be good, as recent experiences cannot alter my rankings. For the sake of comparisons, I've followed each album's name with it's position in the last ranking (where applicable, there are three albums in this one I didn't list the last time).

1. Outside (1)
2. "Heroes" (2)
3. Stage (6)
4. Low (forgot to rank this the last time!)
5. Buddha Of Suburbia (10)
6. Station To Station (3)
7. Black Tie White Noise (16)
8. Lodger (7)
9. Earthling (13)
10. Scary Monsters (4)
11. The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust jadda jadda (14)
12. Heathen (12)
13. Aladdin Sane (5)
14. Never Let Me Down (15)
15. Tin Machine II (-)
16. Young Americans (9)
17. Hours (21)
18. Diamond Dogs (8)
19. David Live (11)
20. Tonight (18)
21. Tin Machine (20)
22. Space Oddity (17)
23. Let's Dance (19)
24. Reality (-)
25. Hunky Dory (23)
26. The Man Who Sold The World (24)
27. David Bowie (22)
28. PinUps (25)

The most alarming thing is of course the rise of Hunky Dory (now only fourth from the last). If it keeps this speed up, it will be in the top three around 2030. OK, it actually dropped two places because of the albums added to the list. But it also gained a place from the self-titeled.

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(crash course raver)
09/10/04 05:40 PM
Aloof is the new black new [re: twister]  

With due respect to those that have posted on this thread, I really don't give a monkey's toss as regard to who likes what. Similarly, I can't imagine that anybody would be remotely interested in my own Bowie favourite albums either. However, as I've got nothing else to do at the moment, I've decided to compile an updated list. But in an attempt to generate some modicum of excitement, mainly for myself, but also for those of you actually bothering to read this post, I've decided to present my list in a manner slightly outside the norm.

So, the tricky dilemma of how to spice up an extremely routine post. Taking inspiration from EJ's post, I've struck upon the idea of introducing each and every album by way of using TW's smilie faces (or whatever they're called) that bear a passing resemblence to certain Hollywood stars. For example, I was quite startled with the similarity between this little fella: and Robert De Niro and so I've earmarked him as announcing the winner of the number 6 slot. In a manner befiting a schizophrenic Oscar ceremony, we'd therefore have;

Number 6. "Laaadddiees and Gentlemen. Please give a great big round of applause to the star of Frankenstein, Robeeert De Niiiroooo." [De Niro enters stage left to tumultuous applause] "Thank you" [De Niro opens an empty packet of Gitanes and takes out a small piece of paper] "And the winner of EuropeanCanon's sixth favourite David Bowie album is.......Station To Station" [De Niro exits stage right to even more applause]

Etc, etc. However, after about 30 seconds deliberation in selecting further Hollywood lookalikes, things became rather problematical after Quentin Tarantino [] (just tilt your head slightly and squint quite a lot). I was desperately searching for a Sidney Poitier lookalike to play the crucial role of announcer for the No.12 position. I had toyed with the idea of giving the gig to this chap: . Although I detected a certain Mr Tibbs quality in his melancholic little face, I recognised that, ultimately, I was on to a loser with my ambitious plans in that I'd be unable and unwilling to find twentysomething authentic lookalikes from such a restricted gene pool.

After learning my lesson attempting the smart-arse approach, I have inevitably reverted to the lowest common denominator to satisfy my goal. In an effort to please the laydeez (and Strawman) I've decided to post my list of favourite Bowie albums..... naked. But wait! As my mother-in-law is visiting my house at this moment in time, I've decided to spare all our blushes by keeping my G-string leather posing pouch and socks on. Soooo, for the benefit of the laydeez (and Strawman), here is my favourite Bowie songs posted semi-naked. Oh yeah, before I do, I thought I'd introduce a little controversy into your meaningless and unfulfilled lives by posting my compilation in reverse order. And, after struggling rather pathetically, in a final desperate effort to achieve my ill-fated aim of sexing-up this post I've decided to post my list in blood red text (Elliot Gould?).

26. David Bowie
25. Never Let Me Down
24. Tonight
23. Tin Machine

Aw, fuck it. Nope, sorry, can't be arsed.

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