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(stardust savant)
12/02/02 06:54 AM
Re: Best Bowie album cover? new [re: modernglamour]  

Aladdin Sane

And I want to believe
In the madness that calls 'now'

(mortal with potential)
12/02/02 08:05 AM
Re: Best Bowie album cover? new [re: modernglamour]  

This is HARD! umm... Earthling, closely followed by Aladin Sane, Lodger, Heroes ... I really like the forests in the background of Earthling's cover. They almost made me buy it before Low(-:

(wild eyed peoploid)
12/02/02 11:57 AM
Re: Best Bowie album cover? new [re: modernglamour]  

aladdin sane

followed by the colourful earthling

(crash course raver)
12/03/02 07:45 AM
Re: Best Bowie album cover? new [re: modernglamour]  

Ziggy Stardust - I love street scene covers. Also the wonderful K.West = Quest.

Earthling - This is what "Station to Station" could have been. The prophecy of the Duke fullfilled. Bowie taking control of Britain.

Heroes - Simply a great pose. Look at how many interpretations it has inspired.

get bowie downunder

the ethereal dawn
12/03/02 10:14 AM
Top 10 album covers new [re: modernglamour]  

1. Tonight (too bad its shite)
2. Heathen
3. Outside
4. Low
5. Diamond Dogs
6. "Heroes"
7. Aladdin Sane
8. Earthling
9. Scary Monsters
10. Hunky Dory

"How can I implore? For this is sex without touching..."

peace light and love

10/11/03 04:30 PM
Re: Best Bowie album cover? new [re: modernglamour]  

perhaps outside. though i like the cover of reality also very much. it fits to the music. i enjoy this messed up typo a lot.

"Have you tried... not being a mutant?"

01/02/04 00:19 AM
Reality, No, NLMD Has The Best Album Cover new [re: modernglamour]  

I'm not sure I'd say it's the absolute best but Earthling's is perhaps the coolest.

Heroin, My Heroin

(stardust savant)
01/02/04 06:48 PM
Outside Inside new [re: modernglamour]  

It is very hard to decide which cover it should be, because Bowie has a lot of good covers. On the other hand, he has just a few outstanding covers.

For the 70s it should be Aladdin Sane, that album cover is part of music history, just as much as Diamond Dogs is. The latter isn't my taste though.

I don't like the 80s album covers at all.

Earthling is one of my two favorites. Considering all albums with their full packages, I think this one is the best album artwork Bowie has ever had. The Union Jack jacket, the flying soucer, those weird shaped letters and the faces of the band members, yea', that's a fine piece of work.
hours... deserves a mention here.

Heathen is my other favorite cover. If I had to choose for the cover alone, this one would be it. Considering the full package, I think Heathen is rather poor then, and I go for Earthling.

A Look Back at A Legendary Event: Berlin 2003

01/02/04 07:29 PM
Re: Top 10 album covers new [re: the ethereal dawn]  

In reply to:

1. Tonight (too bad its shite)

Yes! I too think that cover is very cool.
But I think it's a bit crowded in that tiny CD size. It would look amazing in LP size.

(mortal with potential)
01/02/04 08:20 PM
Re: Best Bowie album cover? new [re: modernglamour]  

I like Young Americans and Man Who Sold The World...

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