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(wild eyed peoploid)
12/03/03 06:51 AM
Sound + Vision Out  

And it's lovely... a heavy duty box, big booklet (with MINIMAL mistakes! Hurrah!), reasonably priced ... though it says it was originally issued in 1983. Duh!

But now it means that three consecutive Bowie releases have had the three worst covers of his career: ClubBowie, Reality (tour edition cover is worse than normal issue) and now the S+V box cover, which was a bloody mistake 14 years ago too.

Oh, and Auntie Diamond David, taking exception with the quality of a release doesn't make me a closet queer.

(stardust savant)
12/04/03 03:54 AM
Re: Sound + Vision Out new [re: russellmael]  

In reply to:

But now it means that three consecutive Bowie releases have had the three worst covers of his career: ClubBowie

Yes, that does sound hideous. It must've taken all of two seconds to think up.

In reply to:

Reality (tour edition cover is worse than normal issue)

I wouldn't have thought that was possible.

In reply to:

and now the S+V box cover, which was a bloody mistake 14 years ago too.

I think the original was very well-conceived, certainly the best cover for a Bowie compilation to date (not that there's much competition).

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(crash course raver)
12/04/03 05:14 AM
Re: Sound + Vision Out [re: poorsoul]  

Is the new box set remastered? Has the sound been improved over the old Sound and Vision box set?

(wild eyed peoploid)
12/04/03 05:18 AM
Re: Sound + Vision Out [re: russellmael]  

Whats the new box for S+V like? I have the original which is in an LP sized plastic box. The picture of Bowie with his guitar on the front of the clear box which matched up with the same picture created by the four CDs. Pretty Funky monkey. I've stuck the new one on my chrimbo list seeings as I have the original and there's only a smattering of tracks that I don't already have.

(thunder ocean)
12/04/03 05:30 AM
Re: Sound + Vision Out [re: Nature_Boy]  

Bassman knows all things.

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trendy rechauffe
(stardust savant)
12/04/03 07:04 AM
Re: Sound + Vision Out [re: Sysiyo]  

I know they wanted to leave a lot of singles on the box set for the general public, but it would have been better to use alternative versions. That way if the person who bought the album likes a song, they may be tempted to buy the original album the song was on.

That's the view I have with greatest hits CDs. Why use album versions when single mixes or edits are available? If someone really likes one of the songs then they would but the album thus increasing sales.

Anyway, back to Sound + vision.

They should have used the alt version of The Bewlay Brothers;
The live version of Panic in Detroit
The really long version of Ashes to ashes (if it actually exists)
The really long version of Putting out fire
Some of the single mixes of the Tonight and Never let me down tracks
The demo of Loving the alien
More rarities generally.

I suppose the release of this box set means there won't be any collection of rarities comingout for a long time.

bye tr

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I'm with you so I can't go on"

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(wild eyed peoploid)
12/04/03 09:18 AM
Re: Sound + Vision Out [re: russellmael]  

Thank you my good man for the mention:-).
Actually what makes you a closet queen is simply your whole attitude to your posts(?),it's all very obvious,you really should'nt be sooooo touchy darling...
I am in total agreement with you RE: the cover (if cover is the term?) to those poor Bowie mixes( orrible vile orange YUK),I have to disagree with you on Reality,I think that is one of his best Album covers ever!,I have the lithograph framed in my study,it's beautiful art,I also adore the silver cover to the Tour edition( it gives it some tacky style).
Now to the Release of Sound&Vision the box set?,I really do adore the cover and colour of the box set( why should it resemble other box sets?),as i stated in another post,I actaully bought mine on Tuesday 2/12/03,It was priced at £34.99 in HMV,I had a voucher for £5.00 off every £35.00 i spent,I really did'nt think they would accept my voucher( being a penny difference)but they did YAY and so it only cost me in total £29.99,all tracks have been remastered,I must admit i hav'nt seen the error you speak of RE: 1983 released previously,If? it's there,I will be sure to reply...

London Bye Ta-Ta...

(wild eyed peoploid)
12/04/03 10:00 AM
Re: Sound + Vision Out [re: diamondogz74]  


I don't know what I've ever done, but I'm sorry if listening to what others say and giving well balanced arguements in return about what is wrong with Bowie isn't welcome to you. Maybe if everyone just slagged everyone else off this would be a really good forum, with no one learning anything?

I think you miss alot of irony in what I say (who could take Bowie seriously???). I can tell that as your posts are poorly written and humourless. And that isn't me getting angry, just as I see it. The Englishness of Bowie is lost on lots of people... especially the more Vaudeville element.

Anyway. It stops here. :o)

Putting Out Fire is original version.

1983 thing is in the small print at back of book.

Tin Machine selection is stupid too... re-writing a history that is fine how it was.

The Boxset concept does stand out, but the lettering + cover photo is bad, it would be magnificent if it was, say the Ziggy picture on the cover on the disc 1 of the original set instead.

But then we'd complain they changed it!

Well Ok... I would.

(wild eyed peoploid)
12/04/03 10:22 AM
Re: Sound + Vision Out [re: russellmael]  

I liked the Tin Machine selection, my favourite tracks from the two albums.

Oh and ignore Diamondogz, it seems to be the best way. Maybe he's 'playing' a deliberatly antogonistic character on these message boards, but I can't be arsed to find out.

(wild eyed peoploid)
12/04/03 10:58 AM
Re: Sound + Vision Out [re: russellmael]  

Now let me get this correct!,you mean to tell me that people actually learn from this site? LOL,do me a favour,get back into that dream car 20' long,you are insane and poorly educated to think that anyone on here takes notice of anyone else LOL,My good man this is a site for people like you to pretend you are clever-ish...
As for the vaudiville aspect of Mr Bowie ( good that means you have read some???),as for the Englishness of Bowie,you are out of your depth dear child,There is NO person more English than me on here,I am 100% loyal to Bowie,You and your sort continually pull everything he does to pieces...WHY???,It beggars beliefe you call yourself a Bowie fan( the word MOANER being more precise).
You cannot, nor could teach me anything of Bowie,I simply know the lot:-),ask me anything you like regards Bowie? and i will tell you all,the choice is yours.
Now put your headscarf and handbag away and STOP whingeing...

London Bye Ta-Ta...

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