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(grinning soul)
12/21/03 09:47 PM
Problems with Pablo Picasso  

People have been saying that the reason Pablo Picasso hasn't been played in a while is because of contant problems with the performance. I've heard several problems. He forgets the lyrics in Frankfurt, can't hardly deliver the lyrics in Paris or Helsinki. I hope they worked these problems out because I really like this song.

(stardust savant)
12/22/03 00:15 AM
Re: Problems with Pablo Picasso [re: cmljr]  

Well that's sad news.....I've been hesitating about going to see David Bowie at all, as I'm afraid I might be embarassed for the man. Pablo Picasso is my favorite song from the new album (which is sad because it's a cover), so that would really suck if he's not even going to play it.

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12/22/03 00:28 AM
Re: Problems With Pablo Picasso [re: cmljr]  

I think all of the postimpressionists are overrated.

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12/22/03 03:09 AM
Re: Problems with Pablo Picasso [re: Sylvanelf]  

You're not going to be embarrassed! I saw him four times on the European tour and everyone (except a couple of teenage boys that dig the Stones) loved him. He consistently delivered a great performance.

If he's not doing Pablo, then at least you will get Cactus...

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12/22/03 03:40 AM
Re: Problems with Pablo Picasso [re: cmljr]  

I'd like to see Pablo Picasso remember ther words to "Bewley Brothers" or "Quicksand"!!!!!

DB made it work in the Riverside performance, but those with the DVD may double check. It reminds me of the "Spacecraft" song from last year that was only played 2-3 times. The song was carried by a one-off vocal performance that difficult to repeat multiple times.

Some songs tour better than others. Some songs get dropped and never appear again. Some good songs have never been played by Bowie live!! Now I forget the point I was trying to make...


(wild eyed peoploid)
12/22/03 05:09 AM
Re: Problems with Pablo Picasso [re: cmljr]  

I thought the riverside performance was great, although Gerry Leonard seems to abandon his acoustic intro to fiddle with some settings on his space station set up. Bowie delivers it with great tongue in cheek delivery. Shame he's dropped it.

12/22/03 06:00 AM
Re: Problems with Pablo Picasso [re: Sylvanelf]  

Technically Pablo is a cover, but anyone who has heard the original will attest, it's virtually a whole new song (just with the same lyrics).

Some songs are tough to pull off live, and I can definitely see Pablo being one, what with its breathless quickfire vocal delivery.

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(thunder ocean)
12/22/03 06:22 AM
Re: Problems with Pablo Picasso [re: cmljr]  

The performance in Helsinki was horrible. Bowie could not keep up with the band, he was out of breath and -key. I love the song as much as the next person, but after that performance I'm glad other people do not have to hear the embarrasing live version. Apparently, some tracks just aren't meant to be played live.

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12/22/03 06:51 AM
A Song for Future Generations [re: Sysiyo]  

My 16 yo nephew got into current Bowie through Pablo Picasso so although I agree it is tough to pull off live, I am still hoping he plays it at the Melbourne concert.

Perhaps Gail could help out more on this number....such as singing the verses?

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12/22/03 06:58 AM
Re: Problems with Pablo Picasso [re: Sylvanelf]  

I really do NOT understand your logic?,Why on earth would it embarass you?,He sings many great songs on this Reality tour,To let the version of one song put you off going to see him?,To me is crazy.
Concider yourself lucky you have the opportunity to go see him live.Let me assure you honey!,Theres a lot more in life to be embarassed about then one cover song.

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