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(mortal with potential)
12/30/03 05:23 PM

OK here's a question for you all
Which tour would you most like to have been to see?
The ziggy Stardust tours
The Alladin sane tour
The Diamond dogs tour
The Philly dogs tour
The Station to staion tour
The Low/"heroes" tour
The Serious moonlight tour
The Glass Spider tour
The Sound and vision tour
Tin Machine tour
The outside tour
The Earthling tour
The Reality tour?

I personally would've loved to have seen the STATIONTOSTATION tour as I think the band was really good around that time from the concerts I've heard.

12/30/03 06:32 PM
Re: Tours new [re: pablopicasso]  

The Diamond Dogs Tour because from what I hear it must have been some amazing theatrical experience that I'm sure David or anyone else for that matter will never attempt to try again.


(mortal with potential)
12/30/03 06:37 PM
Re: Tours new [re: LittleOogie]  

Hooray someone is playing along, yeah i'd like to see that tour too, even though David wasn't too well at the time, quite a few set pieces were resurrected for Glass spider though, the ropes and the singing into a telephone.

(grinning soul)
12/30/03 10:06 PM
Re: Tours new [re: pablopicasso]  

Sorry, Gonna be boring and say Ziggy!!

12/30/03 11:52 PM
Re: Tours new [re: pablopicasso]  

The Buddha Of Suburbia tour.

Heroin, My Heroin

12/31/03 03:42 AM
Re: Tours new [re: poorsoul]  

I bet seeing the 74 Philly Dogs tour in the UK (rumoured but never happened) would have been Bowie at his surreal best. I bet the british would have trouble "getting it".


(thunder ocean)
12/31/03 04:58 AM
Re: Tours new [re: pablopicasso]  

This has been discussed before, but I'll play along.

I would have loved to see the Stage (Low/"Heroes") tour.

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12/31/03 07:20 AM
Re: Tours new [re: pablopicasso]  

Well im going to be greedy lol,And have to say of course...
The Diamond Dogs tour with the Philly Dogs tour( which merged into the greatest tour of all time for me).This was Bowie at his most imaginative self.BRILLIANT...

London Bye Ta-Ta...

12/31/03 07:33 AM
Re: Tours new [re: pablopicasso]  

You might want to check out my thread:

Bowie Tours: From Best to Worst.

So in answer to your question, it would be either Outside (1985) or White Light (1976).

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(mortal with potential)
12/31/03 09:44 AM
Re: Tours new [re: pablopicasso]  

of all the tours the most exciting must have been "the thin white duke tour" followed by the "low and heroes tour". would have loved to see one of the nin-bowie gigs in 1995, too.

my personal bowie highlights so far have been:

1. heathen tour paris 2nd show september 2002
2. reality tour vienna october 2003
3. outside tour prague february 1996
4. earthling tour vienna june 1997
5. tin machine munich october 1991

other gigs I attended (glass spider, sound & vision, more earthling, outside and heathen dates) were all good, too - little wonder, we're talking about BOWIE ...

12/31/03 12:53 PM
Re: Tours new [re: pablopicasso]  

I sort of saw Sound and Vision. I wish I could have seen Glass Spider in 1987, though, because I was 16 and madly in love with Bowie at the time. It would have been ecstasy.

All hail Casiodorus Rex, Dragonslayer!

(stardust savant)
12/31/03 03:34 PM
Re: Tours new [re: Sysiyo]  

In reply to:

I would have loved to see the Stage (Low/"Heroes") tour.


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12/31/03 03:35 PM
Re: Tours new [re: Adam]  

In reply to:

Outside (1985)

I do think that's a typo, Adam.

Since I've already seen the best *3* tours, Diamond Dogs, Outside and Earthling, the only tour I missed that I really would have liked to have attended would be a Tin Machine tour.

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(electric tomato)
12/31/03 06:58 PM
Re: Tours new [re: pablopicasso]  

I'm gonna say Diamond Dogs . . . Other than my EXTREME addiction to Orwell's 1984, I would have the chance to see Bowie finally let Ziggy go (not that I didn't love Ziggy - but he was quite a crutch). Besides, Diamond Dogs is one killer album, and . . . . for the Ziggy Adorer in me, he certainly would have played a number of hits from his earlier albums - the best of both worlds, really.

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(mortal with potential)
12/31/03 07:28 PM
Re: Tours new [re: AlysonSane]  

Thanks for everyone who posted a response, sorry this has been debated before, i'm kinda new on here. One thing i would like to say and it is reiterating a point made in a couple of posts. STOP SLAGGING OFF GLASS SPIDER TOUR. I saw Bowie in 87 in cardiff on my 21st birthday, the first concert i has ever been to, it was amazing, i was saddened the weather stopped him doing TIME, but apart from that i thought it was fantastic, for god sake he did Absolute beginners, All the Madmen, Sons of the silent age and Big brother!!!!!

who could ask for a better 21st birthday present?

It's sad this period has been so derided when there is a lot to be said for it. At the time NLMD was the best album he had released since scary monsters (OK I know they ALL are!) ;-)

Let's celebrate the past not deride it.

Day after day, they take my friends away, to a mansion cold and grey, to the far side of town.

Oh have a great 2004 (can we have a little less released this year though, it got very expensive lol)
All I want is a 30th anniversary diamond dogs and a new album (just one edition will suffice)

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(mortal with potential)
01/01/04 01:49 AM
Re: Tours new [re: pablopicasso]  

Oh and deluxe versions of David Live and Stage would be nice. With Stage let's go back to the mixing board and release the akbun in the correct order, without audience fades and with full setlist. With Live let's have Panic in detroit.

(grinning soul)
01/01/04 03:51 PM
Re: Tours new [re: pablopicasso]  

- "One thing i would like to say and it is reiterating a point made in a couple of posts. STOP SLAGGING OFF GLASS SPIDER TOUR."

Sorry but I agree with most other opinions, I've seen all shows which passed Sweden since 83, including Tin Machine, and Glass Spider is by far the worst. Ofcourse a poor Bowie show is still a great show...!

Would really have loved to have seen White Light tour or Alladin Sane tour.

(thunder ocean)
01/01/04 04:18 PM
Once upon a time there was a Glass Spider... new [re: Matzon2]  

I must say that I agree with Pablo here. Obviously the only show I've really seen myself was Reality in Helsinki 10/10/2003 but based on bootlegs as well as videoes I'd say Glass Spider stands head and shoulders above the tours before and after it. The band sounded better than the Serious Moonlight band, and on the visual side I liked the GS look more (probably for the lack of atrocious hats in the latter). Compared to later tours (I admit I haven't read any TM live material), the arrangements were much richer than on the S+V tour (which I admit was a pleasant surprise after hearing all that bashing here). I cannot comment on the visuals except based on photographs, and by those I think again GS, as overloaded as it was, was still better than S+V.

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(electric tomato)
01/01/04 09:46 PM
Re: Tours new [re: pablopicasso]  

Tough question, I think I would've liked to have seen the Earthling tour. That would've been good.

Inconsiderate and uncultured, that's an educated edge!

(mortal with potential)
01/02/04 05:37 AM
Re: Tours new [re: pablopicasso]  



01/02/04 11:07 AM
History new [re: pablopicasso]  

In reply to:

The Alladin sane tour

Especially a certain gig at Hammesmith odeon.

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