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12/30/03 04:09 AM
The Man Who Fell to Earth  

This Bowie film has made CNN's top ten DVD's of 2003!

from the cnn article:

"The Man Who Fell to Earth": Nicolas Roeg's cynical and compelling cult film from 1976 returned to DVD in a THX-stamped restoration. David Bowie, in his film debut, was 100 percent credible as an alien on a desperate mission to save his planet. Director Roeg toys with time in the same way that "Memento" did years later. The film is, by turns, creepy and cheesy, literate and vapid. Anchor Bay bills the film as uncensored, and indeed it is sexually charged.

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(big brother)
12/30/03 03:43 PM
Re: The Man Who Fell to Earth [re: tonyinsf]  

I agree! It's a masterpiece!


(grinning soul)
12/30/03 04:06 PM
Re: The Man Who Fell to Earth [re: Claude]  

I had watched it when I was, say, 15 or so and thought it was God-awful. I thought it made no sense and was so boring. I don't even think I finished it. BUT, I bought it a couple of months ago and watched it again and thought it was an INCREDIBLE movie. So, now it's on my list of faves and I'm proud that it's a part of my collection!! It's a very thought-provoking, wonderful movie, with the added perk of seeing David naked. Sorry...I couldn't resist! LOL

Is misery made beautiful right before our eyes?

12/30/03 04:45 PM
Re: The Man Who Fell to Earth new [re: ThursdaysChild23]  

The book was better.

There is no sex on http://www.BowieLive.com

(mortal with potential)
12/30/03 05:08 PM
Re: The Man Who Fell to Earth [re: ThursdaysChild23]  

Why wasn't Just a Gigolo included?

(grinning soul)
12/30/03 05:29 PM
Re: The Man Who Fell to Earth new [re: ThursdaysChild23]  

that wasnt bowie naked. you miserable piece of gullible shit

(wild eyed peoploid)
12/30/03 06:06 PM
Re: The Man Who Fell to Earth new [re: duh37]  

O_O it looks like it's him alright...

Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest... Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... stupid. -Captain Jack Sparrow

12/30/03 07:29 PM
Re: The Man Who Fell to Earth new [re: duh37]  

I haven't seen the movie, but the book was VERY good, and if it isn't Bowie naked, who is it?

"You seem somewhat familiar...Have I threatened you before?"

12/30/03 08:28 PM
Re: The Man Who Fell to Earth new [re: ThomasJNewton6]  

I didn't like the book much, although it did explain some things. I did like the movie though... well accually I didn't like it till like the 3rd time I saw it and started to get the storyline. The first time I was only watching for one thing so I didn't get any of the story.


(electric tomato)
12/30/03 09:28 PM
Re: The Man Who Fell to Earth new [re: tonyinsf]  

I got the dvd for Christmas . . . guess I can replace that shoddy vhs with the cinimax opening - now, if I could only do the same for Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence.

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