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Earthling on Fire
(electric tomato)
01/04/04 09:07 AM
Poll: title of Bowie's next album  

A number of suggestions have been made already in a thread started by Adam.
I made a preselection, based on three conditions:
1-titles that fit in with Adam's description.
2-titles that seemed intere-sting to me.
3-titles that elicited responses from other people.
I selected titles that met BOTH condition 1 AND EITHER condition 2 OR 3.
If you think other titles should have made it, we'll set up another poll with those and then a final, right?

Bowie's next album should be titled

View the results for this poll

Wear your wound with honour.

(stardust savant)
01/04/04 09:11 AM
picking new [re: Earthling on Fire]  

Reading appears twice.

(thunder ocean)
01/04/04 10:34 AM
Re: Poll: title of Bowie's next album new [re: Earthling on Fire]  

In the end Meadows in probably the best of those...

KArt | Project Michelangelo | LiveJournal

(crash course raver)
01/04/04 11:46 AM
Re: picking new [re: Emil]  

In reply to:

Reading appears twice.

once as the verb associated with books (reed-ing)
and once for the town in Berkshire UK (red-ing)

I'm invisible and dumb,
no-one will recall me

01/04/04 05:24 PM
Re: Poll: title of Bowie's next album new [re: Earthling on Fire]  

i am for "FUP". it breaks all the rules. i like bowie breaking rules.

"Have you tried... not being a mutant?"

(grinning soul)
01/04/04 05:33 PM
Re: Poll: title of Bowie's next album new [re: th0mas]  

I think it will be Beagle (no S), and will not be a follow up to diamond dogs, but will instead will be going into detail about Major Tom's Space mission, which was a mission to mars where the exploratory vehicle (called beagle) gets lost in the craters on Mars. When Major Tom goes to try and retrieve beagle he gets bitten by a radioactive Spider on the martian surface, thus proving there was life on Mars too. The last transmission is printed below.
Ground control: Can you hear me Major Tom?

Major Tom: It ain't easy!

Day after day, they take my friends away,
to a mansion cold and grey,
on the far side of town.

01/04/04 11:08 PM
Proof-Reading new [re: Emil]  

I prefer Reading to Reading.

Heroin, My Heroin

(grinning soul)
01/05/04 01:06 AM
Re: Poll: title of Bowie's next album new [re: Earthling on Fire]  

I think it's going to be a phrase rather than a single word. But then Bowie is good at outfoxing us all.

Kristin Machina
(stardust savant)
01/05/04 01:18 AM
Re: Poll: title of Bowie's next album new [re: Earthling on Fire]  

I voted for Reactor. Bowie tends to write about the environment he lives in (New York, Berlin, etc.), therefore reacting to his surroundings.

Don't understand me, just love me

(stardust savant)
01/05/04 03:34 AM
Re: picking new [re: nigelp]  

Of course... a double live album from the secret gig at the 2003 Reading festival. Perfect!

01/05/04 06:39 AM
The new heathen reality: weapons! new [re: Earthling on Fire]  

If Adam's theory is correct, then I'll go with Weapons. The Heathen Reality Weapons trilogy has a nice ring to it, and should keep the Interpretation board going for years as to what it all means. I can already see in my mind a good dozen Pianocraft posts comparing musical instruments and lyrical ideas to weapons.

Slan libh,


"The two aims of the Party are to conquer the whole surface of the earth and to extinguish for once and for all the possibility of independent thought" - 1984 (George Orwell)

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