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(big brother)
01/14/04 05:35 PM
Re: NIN new [re: Nature_Boy]  

What a wonderful album!


(stardust savant)
01/14/04 06:00 PM
nin-com-poop new [re: jabow]  

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Also NIN is one of the greatest live acts

I think they're a bit shit live but excellent on record. The Downward Spiral is by far the best NIN record. Listen out for the "Crystal Japan" tune on "A Warm Place".

Silence Is The Voice Of Complicity

01/14/04 06:15 PM
Re: NIN new [re: ermacowns]  

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I know that Pretty Hate Machine is often cited as the band (guy?)'s best record

it used to be my favourite NIN record for some time simply because it is the one the easiest to access. which is probably the reason why it is not the best.

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01/14/04 07:05 PM
Re: NIN new [re: th0mas]  

I found on the 2000 tour, Trent seems to be more relaxed on stage, He doesn't trash the stage like he use to sadly.

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the ethereal dawn
01/18/04 01:38 PM
waxing ecstatic. new [re: Earthling7]  

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NIN fans seet to be a rather dim bunch

the sad truth to this is that yes, indeed, this statement is somewhat true. Nine Inch Nails appeals to many of the Manson-ite spooky kids, who shop mainly at hot topic and consider themselves goth, or at least individuals. Seems like another conformity parade to me...

However, Nine Inch Nails is truly a band worth celebration. They are indeed heavy and brutal atimes, but subtely beautiful, haunting, and ambient at others. Trent Reznor's got a unique blend of experimentation that takes all of his influences (Joy Division, Bowie, Gary Numan, the list goes on) and makes new combinations and brings something incredibly new and innovative to the table. The production of his records alone is astounding, method and sound (The Fragile alone is incredibly experimental, taking organic sounds such as boxes of nails and combining them with the latest synth and recording technology). Not to mention the songwriting. Oh the songwriting.

As far as albums go, if you're not so fond of the heavy, The Fragile and the companion piece to the live album, entitled Still are the places to start. Give them a shot, even if you dislike metal you may find something in them that you like, even love. If you're into downloading songs, try the following:

The Day the World Went Away
La Mer
Into the Void
The Becoming
Terrible Lie
Gave Up
And All That Could Have Been
Just Like You Imagined
I'm Looking Forward to Joining You Finally
Leaving Hope
The Great Below

"Existence-well what does it matter
I exist on the best terms I can
The past is now part of my future
The present is well out of hand

Heart and soul, one will burn..."

01/18/04 02:00 PM
Re: NIN new [re: Nature_Boy]  

Nine Inch Nails are good, but they are heavy music. While Trent will occasionally pen a pop hook as good as one of Bowie's, his main approaches are walls of heavy guitars or quietish bleeping noises. Good walls of heavy guitars or quietish bleeping noises, mind you.

Oh, the lyrics are variable. I quite like them. Others hate them. Suffice to say they walk the line between being interesting and being goth in the cliche sense.

Albums (Chronological)

Pretty Hate Machine - Very synthy and 80s, but got some great tunes. The early 'big hit' 'Head Like A Hole', 'Terrible Lie', a ballad called 'Something I Can Never Have' and 'The Only Time' being my favourites. I have quite a high tolerance for 80s synths, so I like this one. 7.5/10

Broken EP - Heaviest thing they've done. 'Wish' and 'Gave Up' on this one. Great one to dance to in metal clubs. Hilarious Adam Ant cover. Really energising. Grotesque film made to accompany this was banned for graphic imagery. But if you don't have any tolerance for metal, you'd hate it. 8.5/10

Fixed EP - Remixes of Broken material. Some are good, some are dreadful. I hardly ever listen to it. 5/10

The Downward Spiral - Probably his most consistent album. This has 'Closer', 'March Of The Pigs', 'Reptile' and 'Hurt' on it. Ranges from heavy guitar to soundscapes. Best starting point. 9/10

Further Down The Spiral - The one Claude's posted a picture of. The best of the remix EPs. The new tracks aren't just cast offs and most of the remixes actually do something interesting, if not improving. There are two versions of this (UK, US). I prefer the UK one, but neither is exactly essential. 6.5/10

The Fragile - Two discs. Long. Soundscapes. Repeated tracks. Sometimes great, sometimes not. The whole thing hangs together pretty well but it's not something to start with. Unless you really like long, complicated albums (believe most of the songs were recorded using about ninety tracks). Standouts: 'The Day The World Went Away', La Mer', 'Into The Void', 'Starfuckers Inc.', but it really works best as a long piece of music to play and tune in or out of. 7/10

Things Falling Apart - Lock two masturbating gibbons in a room for three minutes with a xylophone and a steam powered accordion made of glass and you'd get better music than's on most of this. If anyone wants to defend this, feel free. Probably the worst CD purchase I've ever made. 0.5/10

And All That Could Have Been (Live) - Possibly the best place to start, in lieu of any kind of Greatest Hits. Good live versions of a lot of the best songs. Not hugely different to the studio versions in most cases, although the arrangements are updated and slightly rawer. It's a bit more in your face, as well. Limited edition comes with a great companion disc called Still, with lots of quieter stuff, piano versions and so on - a bit like the B side of Low. Recently, I've listened to this set the most. 9/10

There are quite a lot of bootlegs of the Bowie tour. The sets are mostly pretty similar. The material with Bowie was what got me in to NIN and if you're already a Bowie fan may be a good place to start. The most common bootleg of an NIN Outside tour set is usually tagged 'Children of the Night', and is fine as far as sound quality and set goes.

Hope that's helpful.

(Wrote this as the boards were going down - thought I'd post it so as not to waste the effort now all's back to normal)

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01/18/04 02:13 PM
Re: NIN new [re: Nature_Boy]  

Cheers for your input everyone, It sounds like i'd be good to get Downward Spiral after all.

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(cracked actor)
01/18/04 02:17 PM
diversify! new [re: Nature_Boy]  

In reply to:

I'm not a big fan of heavy music, so maybe i might not like.

When I first bought The Downward Spiral (my personal favorite NIN album) I couldn't stop listening to it because
A) it kicks ass, and
B) it was unlike anything I'd heard, definitely the 'heaviest' album I've been listening to for 2-3(?) years now.

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01/18/04 02:23 PM
Re: diversify! new [re: Chichikov]  

I'm not put off by it my any means. I started off being a huge heavy rock fan and own a lot of 'heavy' cd's. Its just now-a-days i find it a bit primitive for my tastes. I think nu-metal has contaminated my perception of it somewhat(!)

Its about time I had a signature

the ethereal dawn
01/18/04 06:16 PM
Open floor [re: Tuesday]  

In reply to:

Things Falling Apart - If anyone wants to defend this, feel free.

I will, thanks dear sir...

Although some of the remixes of these tracks I do dislike (especially the first remix of Starfuckers, INC.), when this remix record is on, it's on. The Great Collapse is a fantastic new piece of music that has made even friends who dislike NIN shake their ass. I'm always quite fond of different interpretations of favourite songs, so it's no surprise that the remixes of Into the Void (Slipping Away), The Wretched, and Where is Everybody really grab me.

Things Falling Apart is by no means my favourite Nine Inch Nails disc, but I am grateful for it's place among all of the other halos. If I had to choose a worthless halo (what Trent Reznor refers to as his releases, for those who don't know), it would clearly be the Head Like a Hole remix single... talk about pointless...

By the way, well done with your album analysis, Tuesday... Though I may disagree with some of your reviews, I'm impressed by your patience to type that all out!

"Existence-well what does it matter
I exist on the best terms I can
The past is now part of my future
The present is well out of hand

Heart and soul, one will burn..."

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