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01/14/04 06:19 AM
NIN new  

Does anyone rate Nine Inch Nails? I have been curious for a while. I've heard comparisons of 1.Outside to NIN, so obviously intrigued. Any recommended albums? I was thinking of Downward Spiral for Bowie related reasons (Adrian Belew / Reptile, Hurt). Also i've got Johhny Cash's reading of Hurt, which (along with the video) is one of the most affecting songs i've ever heard, and am now eager to hear the original.

At the record shops NIN has always been in the 'Metal' section. I'm not a big fan of heavy music, so maybe i might not like. Any advice welcome.

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01/14/04 07:02 AM
Re: NIN new [re: Nature_Boy]  

On the Live Hate bootleg from 95 Bowie and NIN play some songs together and they sound superb Hurt and Reptile especially. However the boot also containd the whole NIN set wich is not very impressive really.

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01/14/04 07:32 AM
Re: NIN new [re: Nature_Boy]  

If you're not into heavy music it would be better to try The Fragile or better yet, the bonus acoustic cd Still for the live cd And All That Could Have Been. The Downward Spiral is pretty heavy save for one or two songs.

NIN's albums are just as diverse as Bowie's albums though, so there's bound to be something you like.

01/14/04 07:32 AM
Re: NIN [re: martyn]  

There is also an excellent boot from 95, Live.Inside. Bowie+NIN.

Dunno much about NIN though. Judging from the I'm Afraid Of Americans single, I wouldn't like it much. NIN fans seet to be a rather dim bunch, cuz they seemed to leave in large numbers when NIN left the stage for Bowie.

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01/14/04 08:26 AM
Re: NIN new [re: Nature_Boy]  

nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin
Don't know much about them, I just like say nin nin. I've seen a few of their videos and they seem pretty dated to me.

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01/14/04 09:19 AM
Re: NIN new [re: Nature_Boy]  

...We are the Knights Who Say "NIN"!
Sorry, couldn't resist.

But yeah, I'm a Nine Inch Nails fan, and it would be Bowie who turned me on to the wonderful world of Reznor.
There are similarities to "1.Outside", especially with "The Hearts Filthy Lesson" in most of NIN's work. I'd recommend "Pretty Hate Machine" and "The Downward Spiral" as must-haves for anyone who wants to get into NIN.

As for the original version of "Hurt", it's an average NIN tune, but a spectacular Johnny Cash tune. According to Mark Romanek, who directed the music video for "Hurt", as well as the videos for Bowie's own "Jump They Say" and NIN's "Closer", Cash's version of "Hurt" moved Reznor to tears.
Not suprising, really. That song gets to me every time...
Cash's is definately the superior version. NIN's is slower, and in a completely different key. Even though Reznor wrote it, the emotion is much less powerful, ironic because Cash really sings it like he wrote it, meaning every word. Also, there's a slight tweaking of the lyrics, since Cash didn't want to say "shit". The song doesn't really pick up until around the chorus or so, and then it sounds like something out of a modern-day Western soundtrack. I don't like how the song ends though, when Reznor gets to the line "I would find a way", but that's just my own personal taste.

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01/14/04 09:39 AM
Re: NIN new [re: Raiden]  

I love NIN, they are highly experimental, rather than compare anything they do to Outside I would compare them more to a far, far grumpier version of Low and "Heroes" and in a sense Gary Numan. I strongly recommend "And all they could have been", which is outstandingly good. Then get The Fragile, Broken and Pretty Hate Machine. Stay well away from any remix CDs (Things Falling Apart, Futher Down the Spiral and Fixed) and The Downward Spiral (althought being critically loved) is a heavy CD.

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01/14/04 10:07 AM
Re: NIN new [re: Soulman]  

I have to agree with you there,I know zilch about them,But i figure if Bowie likes them?,Then a listen must be in order.

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01/14/04 10:27 AM
Re: NIN new [re: Nature_Boy]  

I believe your first (and perhaps only) stop in the NIN catalog should be The Downward Spiral. A true masterpiece, even if you're not a fan of heavy/industrial music (I know I'm not).

If you like Spiral and want more, you should also check the Broken EP, which has a similar sound. The Fragile is also nice, a compromise between heavy, industrial poundings, ambient textures and electronic beats.

I know that Pretty Hate Machine is often cited as the band (guy?)'s best record, but to me it sounds dated as hell...cheap 80's synths-a-gogo, sounds more like Depeche Mode's ugly cousin.

Have fun!

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01/14/04 11:29 AM
Re: NIN [re: ermacowns]  

NIN's fragile is a great album, Mike Garson plays on a song or two, Also NIN is one of the greatest live acts, shame they don't tour much.

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