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01/30/04 09:28 PM
Re: Hits schmits [re: Dara]  

Hardly. Bowie's only had 13 US Top 40 hits. Anyone else putting together a Greatest Hits tour would probably play all thirteen, and fill the rest of the setlist with the best known of the rest. In actual fact, Bowie's only performed 6 of his 13 US Top 40 hits, and filled out the setlists with over 20 "non hits". And it's not even as if he plays all six every night.

Wrong. Just because you don't have songs that don't make the top 40, it doesn't mean they're not hits. There are songs that are hits that don't even make the top 40. In the US, there's the Hot 100 chart on Billboard. And to make things even more confusing, it's the overall sales of a song, not necessarily the peak chart position that makes it a hit.

In the UK, where he's had about 60 Top 40 hit singles, he's played an even smaller fraction of them, and still found room for lots of non-hits.

We're only 1/3 of the way into the tour. You really don't think he'll add more songs to the set, especially since he's been recently doing Blue Jean? To me that says anything is possible. And of course he can't do all hits because there wouldn't be enough to fill up an entire show...in terms of setlists in North America that is...

The A Reality tour, truly is as several fans call it: the Sound & Vision 2 tour...

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01/30/04 09:41 PM
Re: More Statistics [re: bowiefanpeter]  

Yeah but the public's memory's are fickle. Only die-hard fans would research things like setlists. Casual Bowie fans wouldn't ever do that. This is how they would get their info:

DJ: And that was Modern Love by David Bowie - he plays GM Place on January 24th. There's still good seats left. Get 'em while they're hot!

Casual Bowie fan (who probably only owns Best Of Bowie or Let's Dance): "Oh Bowie's playing here! Cool! And he's playing the hits! Right on, let's go and see him.

I mean why else do you think radio jumped on the tour after tickets had went on sale in late September and then all of a sudden in early November, CC started pushing back almost all of the concert bowl configurations in arenas right after radio had done their thing?

Btw, after the Vancouver show, I heard a few people talking about how disappointed they were that he didn't play Modern Love or Let's Dance at the show....

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01/30/04 09:43 PM
Re: Hits schmits [re: Dara]  

Couple unrelated notes I wanna add.

When the rumoured dates surfaced back in september last year, Vancouver was in the concert Bowie and tickets for the 3 other dates had closed off balconies, but had full stage set-ups. I have attended shows with this set-up, so I do know that it is a practice that is put into use.

Western US dates, most around the LA area, have been added since the opening of the european tour. I'm sure this was due to positive response of ticket sales elsewhere.

The Seattle Bowie show was in a theater because the Gorge show in 2002 was just less than 30% capacity, even with a stacked festival lineup. Like Denver, the city's fandom needed a reminder of Bowie's full talents, and this was done by vastly underplaying the market. Bowie also played a small venue Seattle to encourage fans to flock to the Vancouver. The scheduled a perfect venue, with contrasting venues - one big and one small.

Though I will have a difficult time proving this, but the recnet Bowie tour had one advantage. NO COMPETITION. There is a dry spell in the concert scene over the winter and David's prescence satiated that thrist. The last big tour that hit cities in the US was Simon and Garfunkel back in october and November. And there's only a couple new exciting coming down the pike in upcoming months.

TM is top 5 selling Bowie albums. Maybe in the early 90's. NLMD was Bowie's 3rd best selling album in the late 80's so who can tell. I just wonder how Reeves would know. He's no longer involved in the Bowie camp and could only gauge by checks he receives in the mail. Remember that nobody knows Bowie's catalogue numbers, not even Dara!!! Bowie also put ous his catalogue once again in the past few years and the BOB cd/DVD package. I'm thinking a couple of his classic albums have added close to a million each. But that is only a guess.


02/01/04 01:14 AM
Can't Hit This [re: NoControl]  

In reply to:

There are songs that are hits that don't even make the top 40.

Not to mention the fact that a song can receive radio play and recognition without it being a hit.

I Forgot To Change It Before

02/05/04 06:51 AM
Re: Hits schmits [re: NoControl]  

In reply to:

Just because you don't have songs that don't make the top 40, it doesn't mean they're not hits.

Yeah, but if it does make the US top 40, then by any reasonable definition it's a hit. Fact is Bowie's played less than half his top 40 hits in the US on this tour. Given that he hasn't played Space Oddity, Young Americans, Golden Years, Sound And Vision, Fashion, Dancing In The Streets etc. etc., as well as a sizeable number of Classic Rock staples that never made the top 40 but kight qualify as hits under your looser definition, this makes your earlier statement:

"But what no one knew was the amount of hits he's be doing. I thought DB would be playing only a handful of them, like the past few years, but no, he's practically played all of them"

Wrong. He hasn't played "practically all of them".

Slan leat,


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02/05/04 07:19 AM
Re: Hits schmits [re: Dara]  

You're wrong. He has played practically all of his hits. And DB has played Sound & Vision, Space Oddity (snippet) & Fashion on this tour.

Songs / # times played since the beginning of the A Reality tour (as of February 3rd, 2004) :

NewKillerStar / 47 *
Cactus / 47
Hallo Spaceboy / 47 *
Under Pressure / 47 *
Ashes To Ashes / 47 *
I'm Afraid Of Americans / 47 *
Heroes / 47 *
Ziggy Stardust / 47 *
Sunday / 45
China Girl / 45 *
Fame / 44 *
Rebel Rebel / 40 *
Suffragette City / 39 *
Reality / 35
Changes / 30 *
Hang On To Yourself / 30
Afraid / 29
The Loneliest Guy / 29
Five Years / 29
The Motel / 27
Loving The Alien / 26 *
Never Get Old / 26
Life on Mars ? / 26 *
Heathen / 24
All the Young Dudes / 23 *
Fashion / 22 *
Bring Me The Disco King / 22
White Light, White Heat / 22
Let's Dance / 16 *
Fall Dog Bombs The Moon / 16
Slip Away / 15
Days / 15
Fantastic Voyage / 14
5:15 The Angels Have Gone / 13
Be My Wife / 13 *
She'll Drive The Big Car / 12
Battle For Britain / 11
Pablo Picasso / 10
Breaking Glass / 10
Panic in Detroit / 8
The Jean Genie / 7 *
Sound and Vision / 6 *
A New Career In A New Town / 6
I've Been Waiting For You / 6 *
Sister Midnight / 5
Blue Jean / 5 *
Starman / 3 *
Modern love / 2 *
Looking for Water / 2
Always Crashing In The Same Car / 2
Try Some Buy Some / 1

hit song = *

As you can see, half of the set every night contains Bowie's hits!

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02/05/04 01:31 PM
Re: Hits schmits [re: NoControl]  

basically all you did was label the songs he's released as singles as hits

in my mind, a "hit" should get some sort of radio play outside the promotional cycle of the single. many of the songs you call hits were quickly bounced from playlists

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02/05/04 02:40 PM
Re: Hits schmits [re: dice]  

I agree, dice. If "I've Been Waiting For You" was a "hit," I must have blinked and missed it.

As for defying expectations, Bowie blew me away. Although I've been a fan for many years, my first concert was the Vancouver show on 01/24. I then saw him in Seattle on 01/25, will see him tomorrow in Vegas, and recently purchased tickets to the Denver/Loveland show--even though I presently have work conflict on the day of the concert, and it is not yet certain that I can attend. Basically, I'm over the edge. So, clearly bowie has exceeded my expectations, even if he did not "defy" them.


(grinning soul)
02/05/04 04:38 PM
Re: Is Bowie defying expectations with A Reality Tour? [re: eraserhead]  

Well I would say Bowie defied my expectations with this tour, because previously I had only seen him on the Area 2 Tour in Detroit, which was a 15 song set now that I look back on it! Didn't seem like it at the time, probably because I was in such awe of seeing him live. Also at that time his voice wasn't in the greatest condition in my opinion, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear him sing so well. In reviews I had heard them talk about how his voice was in top form, but I didn't really believe it. But damn, Bowie sounded great. I guess I was a little shocked when I saw how simple the stage set was, simply because the way I had heard it described made it sound so elaborate. But in my opinion, I like the simple set better. It was just enough to make the stage interesting and unique, and it also meant that Bowie wouldn't be relying on a bunch of smoke and mirrors to put on a good show. It was just enough to be theatrical. And plus one of the catwalks ended directly in front of me, so Bowie was right in front of me during "Bring me the Disco King", which is my favorite Reality song.

But I can see why other people would be less impressed with the show, perhaps the only reason it "defied expectations" for me was because of the 31 song set, but maybe if I had seen one of the 25 song shows I would feel the same way and think it was just a Greatest Hits show. The way I see it though is that if this is going to be Bowie's last major tour as everyone on this board is predicting, then of course it's going to be mostly popular songs. But there were also quite a few songs for us hardcore Bowie fans on there too, because half of the time people around me were sitting because they didn't know the songs. I mean he has to include quite a few Reality and Heathen songs, so that takes up a lot of the set list. And I'm sure a lot of people who go to the concerts don't know those songs at all. If I could have my own private Bowie show (hehe..), then of course I would make the song list consist of songs like Sweet Thing/Candidate, Station to Station, Lady Stardust songs like that, but I know that's never going to happen.

Anyways, I was very satisfied with the Reality Tour, and all I can say is be patient and perhaps Bowie will dust off some of the hardcore fan favorites and do a tour just for us! It could happen..

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02/05/04 06:40 PM
Re: Hits schmits [re: zigbot]  

All the songs I listed with the asterick are hits. And I've Been Waiting For You for example, was a hit in our country of Canada a year or two ago.

...don't tell god your plans...

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