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(grinning soul)
01/21/04 00:17 AM
The Chicago Shows  

So, did anyone go to all 3 Chicago shows? A friend and I did, and the nights got better and better. He pulled some sick moves from Station to Station (putting one hand behind his back and one up in the air, back to the audience), and threw in some great suprises, cresting with Sound and Vision and a nasty version of Blue Jean on Friday. I managed to sneak my friend Miguel into the show sans ticket, and he was blown away. Totally converted. Anyone who went to the shows, any words on Bowie's tri-umph in the Windy City?

It's too late...

(grinning soul)
01/21/04 12:01 PM
Re: The Chicago Shows new [re: dropdeaded209]  

well i gotta admit i didn't see all three shows so i don't have anything to compare the show i attended with. none the less i did go to the final and longest show on the 16th. it was a dream come true. i was a little disappointed that the video equipment fritzed out until the second half of the show but seeing how the video effects turned out when it did work i don't think it was a big loss. i found it distracting. too bad that the stage was so small. it seemed that the cat walks and branches had to be scaled down a bit compared to the photos i've seen at other concerts but i think it suited the needs. it was brilliant seeing him up there. as far as seeing david's charisma on stage it was so refreshing to see for my self. however i wished he could have conversed with the audience more with that infamous wit. when garson would start his piano intro to 'life on mars?' and david twice would walk up to the mic and say no i don't feel like doing this one :) kinda cute. guess he didn't have the time since the set list was quite a bit longer on this show. he sort of made up for it by shaking and grabbing a lot of hands. never was so envious of people in the front of the orchestra seating. good lord though he's got the moves. the occasional hip swaying, the poses he struck and the erotic pelvic thrusts and crotch grabbing on 'i'm afraid of americans' very well blew me away. it's gotta be a sin to be so sexy. i loved seeing the personality of the rest of the band members on stage. you can definitely tell that slick was having fun and gail's vocals were marvelous. i had no idea that she had such a range. the rest did their thing and did it well. personally i thought blue jean was greatly done. but then it's not my place to say cause i was close enough to wear the music was so loud i couldn't understand what he was saying anyway. but then again the man did warn us that he may need help on the lyrics. but anyway i consider myself lucky that i got to experience that kind of show in the midwest. he definitely made a good first impression on me.

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