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01/29/04 08:47 PM
A Reality tour: North American 2nd Leg new  

Due to ticket sales being phenomenal in light of DB performing virtually all of his hits instead of playing only a handful of them, as I originally though, here's where I think Bowie will be playing on the second North American leg of the A Reality tour this Spring (including capcities of each venue and the attendances of how many people in each market I think he'll draw), excluding the make up dates:

Winnipeg, MB Arena (cap. 10,500; att. 8,000)
Saskatoon, SK Saskatchewan Place (cap. 11,000; Sold Out)
Edmonton, AB Rexall Place (Concert Bowl) (cap. 9,600; att. 8,000)
Kelowna, BC Skyreach Center (cap. 6,000; Sold Out)
St. Louis, MO Savvis Center (Club Mode) (cap. 5,000; Sold Out)
Dallas, TX Smirnoff Music Center (cap. 20,000; att. 5,000)
The Woodlands, TX (Houston area) CW Mitchell Pavilion (cap. 16,000; att. 8,000)
New Orleans, LA Lakefront Arena (cap. 8,000; Sold Out)
West Palm Beach, FL (Miami area) Sound Advice Amphitheater (cap. 20,000; att. 8,000)
St. Petersburg, FL Times Forum (Concert Bowl) (cap.11,000; att. 7,000)
Halifax, NS Metro Centre (cap. 8,000; Sold Out)
Quebec City, QC Pepsi Colisee (cap. 11,000; att. 7,000)
London, ON John Labatt Centre (cap. 8,000; att. 6,000)
Burgettstown, PA (Pittsburgh area) Post Gazette-Pavilion (cap. 22,000; att. 6,000)
Milwaukee, WI Marcus Amphitheater (cap. 24,000; att. 8,000)
Noblesville, IN (Indianapolis area) Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (cap. 22,000; att. 8,000)
Bonner Springs, MO (Kansas City area) Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (cap. 18,000; att. 8,000)
Scranton, PA Ford Pavilion @ Montage Mountain (cap. 16,000; att. 5,000)
Atlanta, GA Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater (cap. 20,000; att. 6,000)
Darien Center, NY (Buffalo area) Six Flags Performing Arts Center (cap. 25,000; att. 5,000)
Ottawa, ON Corel Centre (Word Perfect Theatre) (cap. 7,500; att. 6,000)

If there are any return engagements, I think he'll play:

Denver, CO - Universal Lending Pavilion (cap. 5,500; att. 5,000)
Seattle, WA - Key Arena (Concert Bowl) (cap. 8,000; att. 5,000)
Irvine CA (Los Angeles area) - Verizon Wirless Amphitheater (cap. 15,000; att. 8,000)
Wantagh, NY (Long Island area) - Tommy Hilfiger Pavilion @ Jones Beach (cap. 14,000; att. 7,000)

...don't tell god your plans...

01/29/04 10:10 PM
Re: A Reality tour: North American 2nd Leg new [re: NoControl]  

London, ON John Labatt Centre in a great place to see a concert. David is going to end up like rolling stones he if keeps doing these hits tours.

"You'll have to take me just the way that you find me."

(grinning soul)
01/30/04 10:29 AM
Re: A Reality tour: North American 2nd Leg new [re: NoControl]  

I am interested in figures about the first leg (phenomenal sales...). Do you have them for those venues he already played?

(wild eyed peoploid)
01/30/04 11:16 AM
Re: A Reality tour: North American 2nd Leg new [re: NoControl]  

Hey No Control,

I actually have the dates and venues for much of the 2nd Leg of the tour, but am not willing to discuss at this time in this forum. I have a long time friend who is an excellent contact and do not want to jeopardise the relationship in any way. I was hoping to meet you in Seattle, I said hi to BFP and to Isabelle at the Paramount. I am sure we can hook up sometime during the 2nd leg. I am planning on 2-3 more shows.

(wild eyed peoploid)
01/30/04 11:24 AM
Re: A Reality tour: North American 2nd Leg new [re: arbee]  

Meant to add above that these dates should be announced some time next week. Check the Bowie websites and Pollstar etc

(electric tomato)
01/30/04 02:50 PM
Re: A Reality tour: North American 2nd Leg new [re: NoControl]  

In reply to:

Noblesville, IN (Indianapolis area) Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (cap. 22,000; att. 8,000)

Wow. You aren't giving us hoosiers much credit are you? I don't think his 1990 S&V tour stop was sold out there, but it sure looked fuller than that to me at the time! I don't know the exact figures on it, though. I had heard the Murat mentioned before on Bowie Net... do you know the seating capacity for it? I was under the impression that it was smaller, which might make more sense given your estimates.

"I've got a bad feeling about this..." - (from any given Star Wars movie)

01/30/04 05:06 PM
Re: A Reality tour: North American 2nd Leg new [re: NoControl]  

Although these are guesses of my own I'll add two more possibilities.

Victoria BC - Vicoria Arena 7K? sell out
Portland OR - Schwitzer(sp?) Hall or Rose Garden.

I simply think that Bowie would return to Portland rather than Seattle. It would be more of a fresh audience, with all the same familiar faces. It would also have better luck at filling an Arena there.


(wild eyed peoploid)
01/30/04 05:44 PM
Re: A Reality tour: North American 2nd Leg new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

Hey BFP,

The Victoria Arena was torn down. They are in the process of building a new one.Nice meeting you at The Paramount. The 2nd leg dates will be announced next week.

(electric tomato)
01/30/04 06:00 PM
Re: A Reality tour: North American 2nd Leg new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

Hello, BFP! I tend to agree with you on the Portland comment. I was actually surprised Bowie didn't go to Portland the first time around. That would be amazing.

On another note, my husband now tells me he regrets not having gone to the Seattle concert with me! Ha! He's even promised to go to a Bowie concert with me if Bowie comes 'round these here parts again. So, Portland would be fantastic. Great city, nice venue (from what I hear) and an esay drive from Seattle.

Oh, and last--but not least--I'll be in Las Vegas for work on Friday Feb. 6 (o.k., I had to be in LV for work on whatever day I could meet up with a witness in one of my cases in order to help prepare him for his upcoming deposition testimony--and I pushed for the meeting to occur on Feb. 6 because Bowie performs at The Joint that night. So, now I am going to Vegas--and I bought a ticket to the show (Row H ) from eBay at not much above face value.

Tannis was so right when she said, in response to one of my posts on BNet, that I am, as her husband says, "on the edge," "on the line," or "on the cusp" now. (Something like that--obviously, the clear implication is that I have one foot only slightly firmly planted in sanity, and am about to leap head-first into a serious Bowie abyss!) Man, after not having seen Bowie live all these years, I now know what I've been missing, and I'm willing to lie, cheat, steal, trip old ladies, and even rearrange work commitments in order to see him live again!

I can't wait! Hope to see you, Tannis, arbee, Isabelle Guns, NoControl (whom I didn't get to meet in Seattle or Van--), Gailfire, and others at any Reality Part II shows in our great Northwest.

Oh, and hey, arbee, every time you cryptically mention your "source" and how "reliable" he is, I grin from ear to ear. You look the honest sort, so I can actually believe you when you say you're privy to information about Bowie coming back here! You must be bursting with excitement that you can't share with us yet!


01/30/04 06:30 PM
Re: A Reality tour: North American 2nd Leg new [re: zigbot]  

zigbot: <<vegas tickets not much over face value>>

Would you take a truth syrum?

Since last weekend was my 5th and 6th Bowie show I can wait a couple months until I see him again. Zigbot's debut Bowie show was row 2, so she should be hooked for good couple years!!!

arbee: The Edmonton rumour has seen print in the local papers there. The Kelowna rumous have been printed in the Vancouver Sun. Is that it for western canadian dates? Are the "2 others" in the US or prairie canada?


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