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(electric tomato)
02/09/04 01:37 PM
Re: Unbelievable (grammys) new [re: ZiggyMercury]  

I watched the whole show last night. This was the first time since A-ha lost the best new artist award to Sade when I was a teenager. I'm still bitter over that, but I suppose she did deserve it. Sigh.

Anyway, I didn't even see David's nomination. It apparently wasn't for what I thought it was. Was it even shown on the air? I ask because it seemed like some of the categories might not have been presented during the show. I kept watching, but I didn't see his name mentioned once.

Yes, the show pretty much stunk, and so did many of the winners, at least in my opinion. I do, however, really like the song "Beautiful" and I was amazed to see Christina keep her clothes on for once while performing it! I think when she came out in a suit was the most shocking moment of the whole show!

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02/09/04 02:22 PM
Re: Unbelievable (grammys) new [re: ThursdaysChild23]  

In reply to:

Sting and Jean-Paul??

Yes I hear that the Pope was certainly off form.

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(electric tomato)
02/09/04 03:06 PM
Re: Unbelievable (grammys) new [re: prrrrr]  

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If you suck, you may get one. That, or once you die.

So true!

Am I the only one who thinks they should have a separate category for "posthumous grammy," so that the living need not compete against the dead? It is so fucking cliche to nominate people when they have died, after their work has been largely ignored in the nominations when they were alive.

And I'm sure David doesn't need one of those cheesy grammophones on his mantle anyway. Just musical bullshit bling-bling, if you ask me.


02/09/04 03:23 PM
Re: Unbelievable (grammys) new [re: zigbot]  

I would think hearing an auditorium full of fans singing along to All the young dudes means much more to David than the "musical bullshit bling bling?"

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(wild eyed peoploid)
02/09/04 04:25 PM
Re: Unbelievable (grammys) new [re: ZiggyMercury]  

yeah. see, I WAS really upset because Dave Mathews beat out all the legends, but then I found out that Justin Timberlake beat out George Harrison, Warren Zevon, and Sting for Best Male Pop Vocal Peformance, and I realized that complete idiots chose the winners.

02/09/04 04:37 PM
Re: Unbelievable (grammys) new [re: Myriada]  

No best male rock vocal isn't aired. When Mathews was on the newly green carpet he was told by Joan Rivers that he won and he said that he was amazed he won over other artists who he adores and then made the comment that they were insane to give him the award over Bowie.

Well ain't that poster love?

(mortal with potential)
02/09/04 07:17 PM
Re: Unbelievable (grammys) new [re: ThursdaysChild23]  

No way! The White Stripes performed? I can't believe I missed it. What song did they do?

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(wild eyed peoploid)
02/09/04 10:09 PM
Re: Unbelievable (grammys) new [re: sherrah85]  

They did a medley, starting off with Seven Nation Army and... doing some other songs I unfortunately can't identify. But it was awesome, no doubt about that.

(electric tomato)
02/09/04 10:57 PM
Re: Grammys blowout new [re: ThursdaysChild23]  

In reply to:

Oh, and Celine? I'm sorry, I don't want to offend anyone, but I just can't stand her. And seeing her sing live is just like nails on a chalk board for me.

I can't agree more! I just got back from seeing Bowie in Vegas and I'm still shaking from having to look at Celine's face on a billboard about ten stories tall outside Caesar's Palace. **shudder**

And I like listening to her about as much as I like looking at her. So, no, I'm not a fan. LOL


(grinning soul)
02/10/04 00:15 AM
Re: Unbelievable (grammys) new [re: Myriada]  

Prince and Beyonce ----> The performance completely sucked. Both great artists on their own but I am hoping that they never colaborate together ever again.

Christina A. ----> She surprised me vocally. It was nice to see her completely covered as well. Her hair was ugly but still great performance.

The funk party ---> Yeah that rocked.

C. Dion ---> Poor gal...that was funny with the technical issue.

Sting, Dave Matthews and some other dudes doing the Beatles tribute ----> Terrible! Great artists on their own but together, each artist's vocal range did not mix well together. This was almost as bad as last year's tribute to Joe Strummer.

Justin Timberlake's Grammy win ---> I love you Justin, you have proven your worth to me as a music critic with "Justified" but your reference to the Super Bowl incident was really cheesy. Nice touch though to bring your mother along as your date to show the public what a considerate gentleman you are. Just admit the situation and be over with it. Janet is hot and I would intentionally rip off her clothes as well AND ADMIT IT.

Beyonce ---> Great Performance...shit that gal can sing and the timing of the white dove was a great touch and looked great on television. That dove said so much about Beyonce and more. It was great to see her not sing her top 40 hit and sing something with real emotion.

Ozzy and Sharon ---> Never get bored of them..Ozzy your obliviousness cracks me up still.

Outkast --> I love those guys, they're original in dress and I know when Outkast come to town, they will appreciate a bunny rabbit (they had furries at last year's Grammy's). The vocals were off but the performance was very amusing. They won album of the year and it couldn't have happened to a better band. I love Bowie's Reality but Speakerboxx was truely a better album and a well deserved Grammy win.

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