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trendy rechauffe
(stardust savant)
02/10/04 06:17 AM
Re: this week I got.... [re: SoulLoveChild]  

In reply to:

I finally bought NLMD! I needed Zeroes for a compilation and it was only $8.99

And did you notice that most of the tracks feature different edits to the vinyl version of the album.

I wonder if the 30th anniversary CD will include a bonus disc with all the vinyl edits?

BTW my last Bowie album was Club Bowie. And it's the worst Bowie album I've got in my collection. I couldn't even listen to it all once it's so bad.

bye tr

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02/10/04 07:09 AM
Re: What was the *last* Bowie album you bought? [re: diamondogz74]  

David Live I got for 45 quid, which ranks third in my all time most barmiest Bowie purchases. (1sr=original Sound And Version CD set @50 imported from America, 2nd=Stage CD 50)

I've seen Space Oddity and TMWSTW Rykos on auction from the same seller which i may well bid on as well if i'm feeling flush.

Best of all I picked up five of the Ryko albums for 7 a piece last November down the market!

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02/10/04 07:50 AM
Re: The Final Straw [re: diamondogz74]  

I actually quite like the album, as the world falls down is so pretty, Magic dance is brilliant, the title track is ok, without you and chilly down aren't that great, but it's bowie, ya know. I bought it in '86 when it came out and lover some of trevor jones' work too. Got it on cd a few years ago, hardly play it but it's an integral part of my collection.

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02/10/04 11:07 AM
Re: What was the *last* Bowie album you bought? [re: trevorgensch]  

It was some years ago so I might be mistaken but I think it was Station to Station. Saving the best for last I suppose. When I started to buy Bowie albums I stayed well away from mbs and reviews so I wouldnt have any expectations. Worked like a charm...

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(crash course raver)
02/10/04 11:43 AM
Re: What was the *last* Bowie album you bought? [re: trevorgensch]  

The only album I need now is 'Oy vey baby' the last Bowie album I bought was the RCA cd version of Diamond dogs.

"The sex is in the rhythm"

(grinning soul)
02/10/04 12:06 PM
Re: The Final Straw [re: EJSunday]  

In reply to:

except "Labyrinth" which I never bought and will only accept as a present.

you can have mine

(wild eyed peoploid)
02/10/04 12:42 PM
Re: What was the *last* Bowie album you bought? [re: trevorgensch]  

I still don't think I have a complete set of anything... Last saturday I bought Never Let Me Down. I'm still looking for Labyrinth and I still don't know if Pin Ups and Tonight are worth getting. Or Tin Machine II.

I think I have most of his albums by now. I wish I knew which are still worth buying...

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(crash course raver)
02/10/04 03:04 PM
Re: What was the *last* Bowie album you bought? [re: Nature_Boy]  

Hey you did well to secure David Live for 45 quid ( it fetches much higher prices than that),I've still yet to purchase Stage( its so ruddy expensive),Guess i'll just have to fork out,As we've discussed before on here STS is brilliant live and so powerful. You most certainly got a real bargain on those Ryko CDs at that market.Tis a pity theres NO markets like that here in Norwich,Oh well back to ebay it is lol.
TMWSTW comes with a great cover insert,It allows you pick from several covers that album has had,I still think the best cover is the B/W one with Bowie doing that iconic Kick.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

(electric tomato)
02/10/04 03:04 PM
Re: What was the *last* Bowie album you bought? [re: trevorgensch]  

I think it was "Heroes" because I couldn't find it anywhere. lol I was just getting into Bowie when the most recent reissues came out, I actually numbered all the albums in the order I would buy them, I was always dissapointed didn't have the next album I was supposed to buy.

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(crash course raver)
02/10/04 03:12 PM
Re: The Final Straw [re: pablopicasso]  

Hi Pablo:-),Yeah i have to agree "As The World Falls Down" is very pretty,Its one of the bonus tracks on my virgin copy of "Tonight",Its time i got round to buying that album,You've convinced me,And it is as you say an integral part of any good Bowie collection,Im off now to buy it from the cheapest vendor lol.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

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