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02/11/04 04:28 PM
Battle Of The Album Sides - Let's Dance  

So here is a new round of the old vinyl game.
The winning sides from previous matches are:

- Side 2 from "David Bowie"
- Side 1 from "Space Oddity"
- Side 1 from "Aladdin Sane"

(I ignore the decider we already played between the first two in order to get a complete result. Play Offs to follow.)

This time let's take a look at an album which has been the focus of several discussions here on TW: "Let's Dance" from 1983. Commercial sell-out or fascinating move - in any case this album from the era just before the little silver discs took over was a landmark in Bowie's career.

Again here are the the guiding thoughts for our decisions:

"Back when two sided vinyl was the main way to hear Bowie, the album experience meant something quite different.

Not only were the quality of songs a vital issue (and less easy skip), but each side had a separate opening number and closing number to that of the album proper. Many of us have grown up in the CD age so these factors may well be foreign to us.....until now!

What you need to consider:

a) the quality of the overall songs, and

b) the general flow of the album side including the suitability of the opening and closing tracks."

Okay, then let's vote.

Let's Dance

Side 1
Modern Love (4:46)
China Girl (5:32)
Let's Dance (7:38)
Without You (3:08)

Side 2
Ricochet (5:14)
Criminal World (4:25)
Cat People (5:09)
Shake It (3:49)

View the results for this poll

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02/11/04 04:41 PM
Re: Battle Of The Album Sides - Let's Dance new [re: EJSunday]  

Side 1 - three very good songs, and a spectacular dud as the closer.

Side 2 - two mediocre songs, one good song and a spectacular dud as the closer.

Side one wins.

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02/11/04 06:14 PM
Re: Battle Of The Album Sides - Let's Dance new [re: Sysiyo]  

Side 1, although I personally think Criminal World is a bit under-rated.

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02/11/04 07:08 PM
Re: Battle Of The Album Sides - Let's Dance new [re: Max_M]  

I personally love 'Ricochet'


still not that easy though, because I far prefer the other version of Cat People.

02/11/04 10:57 PM
Re: Battle Of The Album Sides - Let's Dance [re: BillHague]  

Ricochet is easily the best original track on the album, though Criminal World comes fairly close as a cover. Cat People (Putting Out The Fire) might pale as compared with the original but isn't anywhere near as bad as the sap that makes up the rest of the album. Shake It is pure synthpop trash but acts to balance Without You. Therefore, side two is infinitely better than side one.

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02/12/04 09:40 AM
Re: Battle Of The Album Sides - Let's Dance new [re: EJSunday]  

Is this a joke? Side 2 is mostly utter rubbish (Cat People is magnificent though) while the first side has only one weak song. Besides, Modern Love is among the best songs that Bowie has ever written! Guess you didnīt see that coming...

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02/12/04 10:17 AM
Oh, how I hate that song! new [re: RabbitFighter]  

And that weak song is Modern Love.

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02/12/04 11:45 AM
Re: Battle Of The Album Sides - Let's Dance new [re: EJSunday]  

I voted for "Side 1", although I think Side 2 is a bit underrated.

The tracks that especially displease me are "Ricochet" (awful, awful, awful) and "Shake it" (ok, not that bad, but still): otherwise, Criminal World is a decent track and Cat People is great! (insert comment about how the original version is better here)

But still, it just can't compete with the 1-2 punch opener of Modern Love/China Girl, thus Side One wins this round.

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02/12/04 12:00 PM
Re: Battle Of The Album Sides - Let's Dance new [re: EJSunday]  

My vote goes to side one. Love "Modern Love", "China Girl" and "Let's Dance". And although some thought "Let's Dance" was too commerical, I still can't hear it without my feet breaking out into a happy dance. (However, I hated the video. It was too political and sad. I rather would have loved it if it were a happy, sexy video with Bowie romantically flirting and dancing with a beautiful girl with red shoes on... *oh well*).

02/12/04 12:08 PM
Re: Battle Of The Album Sides - Let's Dance new [re: EJSunday]  

side a seems to be the "hot" side.
Modern Love is brilliant album opener. it works as an overture, showing what the album will be like.
Without You is the weak song of side A but still an interesting way to finish the side without finishing the whole album. so i think it kind of works. the only thing i am missing a bit is the dynamic - there are three fast track on this site.

Result - Side A (0.8/1)
side b seems to be the "cool" side. its not as rythmic as the a-side. as the mid of the album but the beginning of a side Ricochet already shows the b-side character. then there are two interesting tracks which add some speed to the side without interrupting the aura of "coolness".
Shake It is a good way to end the album slowing it down a bit.

Result - Side B (0.8/1)

the overall quality of the first side is a bit better - 3 bowie classics while side b just can offer the more interesting but less popular Cat People and Criminal World. The albums overall character is better captured by side one i think. (A: 0.8/1, B: 0.6/1).
so my overall result is 0.8 : 0.7 with side A as a winner, much closer than i would have expected on first sight.

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