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(absolute beginner )
02/09/04 10:12 PM
What was the *last* Bowie album you bought?  

I know most of you will say "Reality!", but that isn't what I am interested in :-)

I have been slowly catching up on Bowie's back catalogue, and after a long break, have finally got the last album to complete the "set"; Aladdin Sane.

What was the last album you got to complete the "set"? Any particular reason for that one being the last?


(stardust savant)
02/09/04 10:18 PM
Re: What was the *last* Bowie album you bought? [re: trevorgensch]  

Club Bowie. Because I didn't have it and I must have them all!!!!!!!!


02/09/04 10:36 PM
Re: What was the *last* Bowie album you bought? [re: trevorgensch]  

Two. Club Bowie and Black Tie White Noise Limited Edition 2CD + DVD purchased on 1/17/04 totaling $58.62.

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(grinning soul)
02/10/04 00:16 AM
Re: What was the *last* Bowie album you bought? [re: trevorgensch]  


(wild eyed peoploid)
02/10/04 01:31 AM
Re: What was the *last* Bowie album you bought? [re: trevorgensch]  

I still need Let's Dance, Tonight, and Never Let Me Down (and TM2...I bought TM for cheap at a used record store)

Can't say I'm too psyched to make those purchases, although I know that I will.

I make no apologies for being fabulous.

(grinning soul)
02/10/04 01:39 AM
Re: What was the *last* Bowie album you bought? [re: trevorgensch]  

um, of the back catalogue stuff, I think it was Lodger, purely for the fact that I didn't recognise many of the songs on there, and thus didn't buy it earlier.

VERY silly me.

(grinning soul)
02/10/04 01:49 AM
Re: What was the *last* Bowie album you bought? [re: BillHague]  

i recently picked up tonight on vinyl for $4 ... i thought that was reasonable considering it does have loving the alien, blue jean and neighborhood threat...plus decently cool album cover... on cd i picked up 30th anniversary aladdin even tho i already had the virgin remaster.... also i caved and bought NLMD on cd just to analyze the alleged Reality comparisons.... before that it was Heathen and Space Oddity... oh, recently i picked up a 2LP live bootleg-ish thing called Live Dance? has anyone heard this?

Chaos Mage
(wild eyed peoploid)
02/10/04 02:16 AM
Unfinished Collection [re: trevorgensch]  

I still don稚 have any of the following:

David Bowie
Space Oddity
The Man Who Sold the World
Let痴 Dance
Never Let Me Down
Tin Machine
Tin Machine 2
Black Tie, White Noise
The Buddha of Suburbia

I知 not sure which one of these I値l get next. I already bought the Bowie albums that I REALLY wanted, and I assume that I already have all of his best, so I知 in no hurry to fill in the remaining gaps right away. I知 sure I値l get to these eventually though.


(stardust savant)
02/10/04 02:23 AM
this week I got.... [re: trevorgensch]  

Well, this week I completed my Studio Album cd collection - I finally bought NLMD! I needed Zeroes for a compilation and it was only $8.99 (about US$5). It's been that price for ages, but I have it on tape already for my car, and on vinyl which I still listen to occasionally so I didn't need it on cd till now.
I dont' have Ziggy Motion Picture on cd, it's the only album (besides the Early Years and Labyrinth) that I don't own on cd now.

I love dance music but am a bit disappointed in Club Bowie, no really great remixes like the Brothers in Rythym mix of Without You I'm Nothing (that ROCKS!). But I'm still listening to it nonetheless, it's not that bad.

Bowie in AUSTRALIA at L-O-N-G last this month

02/10/04 02:51 AM
Re: What was the *last* Bowie album you bought? new [re: trevorgensch]  

My last purchase was David Live on ebay last week. Now got all studio and live albums.

Currently collecting the old Rykos. Need three more to complete the set (Station To Station, TMWSTW, Space Oddity).

Then I'll start hunting down the singles I haven't got. I don't collect vinyl, only CD, but at the stage where all my Bowie shopping has to be done on-line.

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