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02/17/04 02:38 AM
Aboriginal riots  

Those aboriginal riots going on in Australia comes right when Bowie is down there. He once wondered out loud if things were getting better for them. I guess not.

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02/17/04 06:11 AM
Re: Aboriginal riots new [re: tonyinsf]  

What happened in Redfern (an Aboriginal ghetto) on Sunday night was a culmination of a number of years of police antagonism and abuse. I don't blame the Koori (the propper term for Australian Aborigines) brothers for reacting the way they did.

They're a ghetto-ised, brutalised and subsequently very angry people.

Beware the wrath of the people risen.

Until mainstream Australia faces up to some hard to swallow facts and makes serious attempts at reconcilliation with its indigenous population, areas like Redfern will continue to erupt every few years.


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02/17/04 02:59 PM
Re: Aboriginal riots new [re: tonyinsf]  

My brother lives in a suburb of Sydney, and I think his view on the subject is pretty typical there. The impression I get is that he thinks, "Sure they were wronged to some degree long ago, but that is ancient history now and they should just get over it." He is pretty apathetic about most social issues, though. Drives me nuts most of the time.

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02/17/04 10:40 PM
Ting new [re: tonyinsf]  

Where there any Guevara lookalikes around?

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02/18/04 11:17 AM
White Riot new [re: Myriada]  

In reply to:

"Sure they were wronged to some degree long ago, but that is ancient history now and they should just get over it."

Problem with this wankstain of an argument is that it can only really be deployed when those who were formerly oppressed now enjoy the same social privelleges as anyone else. Anyone who thinks that former colonial subjects and native races around the world do enjoy equality in any country is crackers.

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02/18/04 04:05 PM
Re: White Riot new [re: JonnyManic]  

You should have seen the long list he put together refuting everything that was said in "Rabbit Proof Fence" just because I had mentioned to him that I had seen the movie and then asked if those things really went on. I'm not sure that he agreed with the policies himself, but he did seem to think that they were only logical at the time they were implemented. And he also seemed to be suggesting that things were never anywhere near as bad as they were being presented.

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02/18/04 06:56 PM
Re: White Riot new [re: Myriada]  

Sounds like he deserves a smack in the head.


The stench was just revolting

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02/18/04 07:17 PM
Re: White Riot new [re: JonnyManic]  

Why do you find it nessesary to be coarse in all your posts?.

Can you actually make a reply without using some type of foul word.

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02/19/04 00:54 AM
Re: White Riot new [re: diamondogz74]  


The stench was just revolting

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02/19/04 05:43 AM
Re: Aboriginal riots new [re: tonyinsf]  

Im not at all suprised that this has happened. The aboriginal population in sydney are very angrey people and terribly opressed. They have a hard time in trying to asimulate into white man society and dont get much understanding from the people whom have invaded there land and introdced them to lifestyles that are out of there control. Most of the aboriginals in redfern are somewhat lost and out of touch with there culture more than they would like to be and there for retaliate with anger and criminal acts, creating an even bigger seperation as the white man only see the actions and not the cause. Its a very messy situation australia is in with its tolerance and understanding of the indiginous cuture and for this they should be ashamed.

I do believe however that rioting is not the way to be heard and that its only going to make a lot of people even less tolerant of there situation.

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