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(wild eyed peoploid)
03/04/04 03:56 PM
Re: Take that, Puff Daddy!!!!! new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

In reply to:

There would not be one aging rocker who is not completely jealous of Bowie's situation.(Prince, take note)

Or Jacko, he's running low at the moment.

At least I'm not a whore

(thunder ocean)
03/04/04 03:58 PM
Re: Lexi's Bling new [re: zigbot]  

Considering that Bowie was given custody of Zowie/Joe in the divorce, one get's the suspicion Angie wasn't the best possible mother.

And as for Emil's post... considering my own family backround, I cannot but agree.

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(crash course raver)
03/04/04 04:58 PM
Re: Lexi's Bling new [re: Sysiyo]  

Angie messed up by trying to commit suicide in 1977 when David spirted Zowie away to Berlin without her approval. Most domestic law courts would give custody of a child to an (allegedly) recovered drug addict before they gave the child over to someone (allegedly) suicidal.

But, according to Angie, David and his camp really hit her with a "low blow" when using picutres of her being intimate with another woman as evidence of her "bad moral character." Angie felt this was a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black. I have to say, if Bowie did in fact resort to that move, it was a low blow indeed. In any event, I think Zowie was better off in the long run being raised by his dad. Angela STILL strikes me as a bit of a flake, wheras David stopped being truly flakey long ago.


03/04/04 05:28 PM
Re: Lexi's Bling new [re: zigbot]  

Angie, in her book, said something along the lines that if DB was denied access to duncan it would be doubtful he would still be around now making music.

I think there is a lot of truth in the above statement.

That said, anybody else surprised by the fact there was virtually nothing in the book about Duncan? It may have been lack of remorse or it may have a been a divorce agreement stipulation. Anybody got the scoop?


(crash course raver)
03/05/04 12:39 PM
Re: Lexi's Bling new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

Hi, BFP--yeah, I think Angie said something along the lines of "I know I had to give him Zowie" (total paraphrase, not a quote, by the way). She made it sound like she cared so much about David that she knew she "had" to give up her son to him so that he (that is, David) could remain sane and grounded. I don't buy that for a NY minute.

When people are divorcing, I doubt there is much "I care about you" sentiment going on between them. Also, I don't know any woman with a young child who would give up custody of him or her in order to ensure that her ex-husband remains happy and grounded. B.S., I say.

My suspicion is that Angie never completely bonded with Zowie in order to ensure the full array of maternal feelings for him. He was just wee sprog when she left him with a nanny to go on holiday (a move that many believe really irked Bowie and recalled to mind his own mother's distancing maneauvers--especially with respect to poor Terry, whom his mother basically disowned and sent to live with relatives). Bowie said Zowie was basically raised by the nanny until Bowie took over in 1977. Angie was only 21 when Zowie was born. I don't think she was ready for motherhood and did not take it very seriously.

Not sure why she didn't talk about Zowie/Duncan in her books, though. If it WAS a condition of the divorce, then "way to go, David!" Nice condition.


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